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Leveraging Google Plus for Local Professionals - Presentation

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The accompanying report is here: http://lkld.co/GPlus

Google Plus is more than a social network. And, if used correctly, and consistently, it could make a big difference in the way Google (The Search Engine) views your website's content.

Consult with a local SEO and/or Social Media Consultant to map out a strategy. Find someone you can trust and who will be available as you need him/her. Don't throw money at someone to "do it for you." Become familiar with the basics, and start looking internally (or create a new position) for someone who can focus their attention on your Social Media visibility.

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Leveraging Google Plus for Local Professionals - Presentation

  1. 1. Leveraging Google+ Making the Most of this Powerful Resource
  2. 2. The Google Family Google is still a search engine, but it's using all their products such as Google+ to return better, more relevant and personalized search results. Once you learn how everything is interrelated you can begin to leverage Google+.
  3. 3. Major Benefits Google Plus is more than social networking. It's a way to communicate, organize, and personalize your web experience.
  4. 4. Organize Your Connections Google Plus can organize your audience by creating what is called a "circle" which is simply a way to segment contacts. When you share a post on Google Plus you can choose to share it with one or more circles or the general public.
  5. 5. Improve Search Engine Results Google Search adds weight to its Author Rank and authorship tag in search results. Adding the Google +1 Button to your content will increase SEO dramatically.
  6. 6. Updates Indexed Immediately By including important keywords within your status update, as well as optimizing them with awesome headlines, will create better and targeted search results.
  7. 7. Understanding Google Integration Google has done a great job integrating the rest of its products with Google+. These Google products work together to create a very powerful interconnected way to do just about anything you want to do on the Internet.
  8. 8. Who Should Use Google+ Anyone who wants to continue to return a high page rank on Google Search needs to be active with Google +. By getting active now, you'll have a big opportunity to become a major influencer and force within the Google+ community.
  9. 9. Getting Started If you use Gmail or any Google products you're basically already using Google+. Sign in to Gmail, and look at the black bar above the Google logo, search window, and your name. Click the + symbol beside your name.
  10. 10. Managing and Adding to Circles Several people may have already added you. You can choose to add them back or not. Think of circles as a way to segment your audience. You can add as many circles as you want so you can hyper segment your audience.
  11. 11. Participating Create targeted content that is unique and not the same thing you're putting everywhere else. You don't want to put off participating until you have a huge audience. Get in the habit of participating now, and spend some time each day building your audience.
  12. 12. Growing Your Contacts Interact With Others Share Other People's Content Give Away Knowledge Promote Your Content Create a Business Page Personalize Your URL (when available)
  13. 13. More Ways to Grow Your Contacts Mix Up The Content Build Your Authority Cross Link From Your Google+ Page to All Your Websites and Blogs Create a Link from Your Sites to Your Google Profile Page Don't Forget Local Search
  14. 14. Add the +1 Button to Your Website When your visitors +1's you, your search engine results page ranking immediately goes up to every one of their friends and their friends. Since Google adds people to Google+ the minute they sign up for an email account, that's a lot of people that could see your website.
  15. 15. Use #Hashtags Consistently The hashtag (#) is an excellent way to help others find the content that is relevant to them – across all social networks. Create a list of hashtags to use around your keywords and test them. Don’t spam or overuse them, as people will likely ignore your message and eventually you completely.