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SW Drupal Summit - Upgrading 6 to 7

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SW Drupal Summit - Upgrading 6 to 7

  1. 1. Upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7: The Client Edition
  2. 2. As you'll notice, this is a presentation from a speaker who doesn't have a voice today.
  3. 3. Hullo! So this is me – Amye Scavarda @msamye Chief Gardener at Function [email_address]
  4. 4. So everything that I would have said.. will be up here. We'll see about Q+A.
  5. 5. First off, Houston is awesome. This has been a fantastic Southwest Drupal Summit.
  6. 6. Applause
  7. 7. I'm totally going back to Portland and telling them all to come next year.
  8. 8. Portland is hosting the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit this year.
  9. 9. So y'all can come north later this year as that gets rolling.
  10. 10. Enough preamble.
  11. 11. It's time to talk a little bit about upgrading your Drupal 4/5/6 sites to Drupal 7.
  12. 12. So that's what we're going to do.
  13. 13. A note on 'upgrades': I use the terms “upgrades” and “projects” interchangeably.
  14. 14. Terrible habit, that.
  15. 15. I do this because I consider every upgrade to be a project.
  16. 16. It has a timeline, it has a budget and it has requirements.
  17. 17. It's like taking any legacy site and moving it to Drupal.
  18. 18. This applies to sites that you may or may not have built, can't remember if you built, are pretty sure you didn't build... etc.
  19. 19. You just have the benefit of it already being in Drupal.
  20. 20. Here's who I'm expecting you all are
  21. 21. http://www.flickr.com/photos/gusset/3723961589/ You're a Drupal professional, and/or you play with the web for a living. You get the tensions between making timelines happen and making clients happy. We're not going to talk about database layer abstraction and assorted other 'word salad' phrases. We're going to talk in plain english.
  22. 22. Special Note:
  23. 23. Thank you Lullabot! The latest Drupal podcast from Lullabot covers all of this in great detail. I borrowed heavily. Open source++
  24. 24. Go have a listen at http://lullabot.com/podcasts . They talk better than I do right now.
  25. 25. Disclaimer: I'm not a developer.
  26. 26. I'm a project manager.
  27. 27. I'm here to help implementing these really cool ideas go smooth.
  28. 28. I've been doing it a little while, so I have a good idea of what a client's going to ask for. But not always.
  29. 29. I get unhappy when I see Drupal projects fail because of lack of planning, knowledge, or both.
  30. 30. Upgrading sites is coming right up. It will require both planning and knowledge.
  31. 31. Here's a big scary flowchart that describes the upgrade paths.
  32. 32. Thank you, Jeff Eaton (@eaton)
  33. 33. Yeah, it's kindof like that
  34. 34. There's a lot to think about. Complexity ++
  35. 35. That flowchart takes into account other versions of Drupal.
  36. 36. Drupal 4: You should migrate and not try to upgrade.
  37. 37. Drupal 5: You should migrate and not try to upgrade.
  38. 38. Drupal 6 is where most people will be at. So let's start there.
  39. 39. Let's play a game.
  40. 40. Do you have no site?
  41. 41. Sure don't.
  42. 42. Are there Drupal 7 modules for everything you want to do?
  43. 43. Yep.
  44. 44. YES! Drupal 7 is for you!
  45. 45. What are some other easy wins for Drupal 7?
  46. 46. theherpingderp.blogspot.com
  47. 47. Sites with little/no dynamic content
  48. 48. And then I ask.. why are you using Drupal for that?
  49. 49. Oh. Right. You wanted a great user experience.
  50. 50. YES! Drupal 7 is for you!
  51. 51. You might also want to think about using some hosted Drupal 7 solutions.
  52. 54. Both of these services make me look very smart when someone tells me that they want to start a website.
  53. 55. I like looking smart.
  54. 56. I like how they make it easy.
  55. 57. Mostly I like how someone non-technical can make their vision happen without any coding at all.
  56. 58. And I never have to let them into the Permission Matrix of Doom.
  57. 59. I digress, but both of those are great ways to play with Drupal 7's potential without installing it.
  58. 60. Anything that doesn't have a budget, like your mom wanting an e-commerce site... is a great candidate for using a hosted Drupal solution.
  59. 61. So you can get back to the things that have budgets.
  60. 62. And the people who want to know when their Drupal 6 site will be upgraded. They want to take advantage of the great Drupal 7 features that the core community worked so hard on.
  61. 63. Back to that.
  62. 64. Let's say that you didn't answer yes to either of those questions. You already have a site.
  63. 65. Let's say that the modules you're using aren't available for Drupal 7 yet.
  64. 66. Which is to say, they didn't get added into core. More on that later.
  65. 67. Thusly, you don't have an upgrade path.
  66. 68. http://www.flickr.com/photos/phobus/3176604156/ Oh no! Mr. Bill!
  67. 69. All is not lost.
  68. 70. It's time to start coding patches to help those modules get an upgrade path.
  69. 71. Sorry.
  70. 72. The ecosystem needs time to grow into this new space.
  71. 73. Yeah, you can tell a client that.
  72. 74. You can also tell them that if they want this car to go faster, they should put some gas in it. Like paying for your coding time that will go back to make Drupal better. This sounds snarkier than I mean it, but it's true.
  73. 75. However that goes for you...
  74. 76. The upgrade paths aren't there yet.
  75. 77. So for the sites that are currently working in D6 and won't work in D7 (and you know this ahead of time) – don't try to upgrade those sites right now. (Duh.)
  76. 78. If you're using CCK or Features..
  77. 79. Start coding or testing patches.
  78. 80. Be prepared to spend a lot of time figuring out how your current fields match up with how you're going to move them into core.
  79. 81. If you're using custom modules on your site?
  80. 82. Start coding or testing patches.
  81. 83. Are you using a custom theme?
  82. 84. Start working on upgrading your theme. It's a good thing.
  83. 85. Alternatively, take advantage of new things.
  84. 86. Like Bartik.
  85. 87. What about this?
  86. 88. A project under $3k – should work just fine in D7.
  87. 89. A project between $5-$10k of work – will be really hard right now. Because they'll want so much, and you can't provide this easily right now. Stick with D6 for these projects.
  88. 90. A project that's over $50k, and I'll assume that you're working with a client who has a developer in house, and everyone will work together.
  89. 91. At least right now, that's my rough 'guestimating' for new projects, or upgrade phase projects. Because you're very rarely starting from scratch.
  90. 92. A note on hosting
  91. 93. Any sites that you have on shared hosting? Drupal 7 will not do well on shared hosting.
  92. 94. Drupal 7 needs PHP 5.3 Well, technically, it needs PHP 5.2.5, but 5.3 is recommended.
  93. 95. You'll need a PHP memory limit of 32mb. Preferably more.
  94. 96. MySQL needs to be 5.0 or newer.
  95. 97. Can you edit the php.ini file?
  96. 98. Can you set the MySQL system variables? ( max_allowed_packet needs to be at least 16MB)
  97. 99. You do have mod_rewrite enabled, right?
  98. 100. The point being: Does your shared hosting have all of that?
  99. 101. The Shrimp Dinner Rule of Hosting - If you would be concerned about consuming a shrimp dinner for what you pay in hosting, you might think about upgrading. No one likes food poisoning. – mark jaquith, WordPress lead developer
  100. 102. After all that? Go play with it anyways. Go see what happens when you peek under the hood. There's a lot of great stuff that's happening that webchick's talked about.
  101. 103. See if you can figure out the use cases you'd need it for.
  102. 104. Plan carefully. Write it down, and be willing to kick it back out to some of the people you've met here for a sanity check.
  103. 105. Don't rush it.
  104. 106. Give yourself the space to learn.
  105. 107. On that note, I'm lucky enough to have a book to give away today.
  106. 109. Audience participation time! If you want to play, stand up.
  107. 110. If you've been working in Drupal for over a year, sit down.
  108. 111. If you've been working with Drupal for over six months, sit down.
  109. 112. If you've been working with Drupal for over three months, sit down.
  110. 113. If you've been working with Drupal for over a month, sit down.
  111. 114. I'm hoping that there's only one person standing now.
  112. 115. Whups.
  113. 116. Thank you all for being so patient. I really hope that you learned something. Even if it's just how a presenter can speak without a voice.