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AIL Reporter 31 March 2011

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Ail reporter 310311

  1. 1. AIL Buzz 2,3 AIL Reporter 31 March 2011│VOL 3, ISSUE 02Cover Story 4Faculty Opinion 5On the campus 6,7Your Space 8 ARMY INSTITUTE OF LAW, MOHALILeisure 9 A Fortnightly Newsletter V i b r a n t ● Y o u n g ● Y o u EDITORIAL BOARD OPINION QUOTABLE QUOTE I’ve always made a total effort, even A Kaleidoscope of World Cup Cricket 2011 when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I Playing the most popular sport of India and that too in our own didn’t have a chance to win. Arnold Palmer nation with thousands of spectators and the whole nation cheering and supporting the team; expectations are obviously very high. When a team is chosen out of millions, it is very obvious thatAll the world is birthday cake, so takea piece, but not too much. expectations are more from them and this in turn may put a lot ofThe entire team of ‘AIL Reporter’ wishes pressure on Team India.a very Happy Birthday to its certain The most important for a player is to give his best performancestudents. even under pressure. Defeat or victory is secondary. If one has played well, the embarrassment of defeat is less as compared to the charm of victory which gets lost if one played badly. Pressure of any kind can be beneficial as well as harmful and it is upto the player how he handles and tackles it. A player must learn toSee Page- 3 perform to the best of his ability inspite of the stress and pressure LEGAL SCANNER of winning upon him. Good Luck India! LAW LEXICONIn pari material- upon the same matter The AIL Reporter Visit of Major General B S Daulta MD, AWESor subjectReddendo singula singulis - refers Team wishes its readers a Major General B S Daulta, AVSM,only to the last VSM who recently took over as the very happy Baisakhi and new Managing Director of Army LEGAL MAXIMDebita sequuntur personam debitoria - Ram Navmi Welfare Education Society visited the institute on 9th March, 2011Debts follow the person of the debtor and had a lively interaction with Calendar - 1 to 15 APRIL 2011 the faculty and other staff IMPORTANT JUDGEMENT | _Gurbani, II yrThe Supreme Court allowed brain dead members of the institute.patients in a permanent vegetative state DATE And DAY EVENT 3rd April Sunday Motheringto die by withdrawing the life support Sunday 4th April Monday Gudi Padva Dear AILians,system with the consent of the High & Bikrami This issue of AIL ReporterCourt concerned. Samvat revolves around world cup 12th April Tuesday Ram Navmi cricket 2011. Scroll through, (Source: The Tribune, March 08, 2011) 14th April Thursday Baisakhi read and enjoy….. The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before - Steve Young │ Page 1
  2. 2. AIL Buzz │ what’s up ● new● happening PLACEMENT INFORMATION NATIONAL SEMINAR │Gurbani II Yr STUDENT COMPANY PACKAGE The NATIONAL SEMINAR 2011 on the theme CHANGING FACETS OF CRIMINAL LAW- AN INTERFACE was held in our PLACED WITH institute on 12th and 13th March 2011. The inaugural function wasAnkush INFOSYS 8 lakhs held on 12th March 2011. The Chief Guest for the same was Mr.Chowdhary Ram Jethmalani, Member of Parliament; Guests of Honour were Mr.Deepika INFOSYS 8 lakhs K T S Tulsi, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and ProfessorBhadwal P S Jaswal, Vice Chancellor, RGNUL. The function embarked on with the welcome speech of our dear and charming Principal, Dr. Source: Placement Cell Geeta Joshi. Hon’ble Mr. Ram Jethmalani spoke a few words aboutCONGRATUALTIONS!! his life and career in the field of law. Mr. Tulsi gave his share ofBEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE!! experience in the same field. Professor P S Jaswal edified the students on taking up law as career and also discussed few current Students Shortlisted for Interview issues prevailing in India. There was also an open forum where theFollowing students of Vth year have been students were given an opportunity to ask questions from ourshortlisted by UNO recognized NGO Rural esteemed guests. The inaugural function concluded with grand success. Delegates from all over the country were invited and givenLitigation Entitlement Kendra at Dehradun: an opportunity to present their papers on different topics relating to1. Mamta the theme of the seminar. The seminar showed utmost alignment and2. Nishtha concluded with a lot of ebullience and success. We look forward to more such events in the institute in future!3. Akanksha CLUB ACTIVITIES │Navjyot II yr4. Vikram Saini FINE ARTS CLUB Source: Placement Cell The club named “Fluxus” (to change) is presently engaged in clay modeling classes being conducted by an esteemed artist Mr. ShyamlalBest of Luck! Mehta. The students have made various decorative items like pen stands, small showpieces, fruits, flowers etc and beautiful pots on the electronicTHURSDAY ACTIVITIES │Navjyot II yr potter’s wheel. The ultimate aim is to have an exhibition cum sale, the proceeds of which shall be donated to some charitable organization. DEBATE CLUB Held On Activity Winner The club members are actively engaged in honing their oratory skills. A mock Parliamentary Debate was organized apart from various extempore17th March Cricket Match 2nd yr Vs 5th yr 5th yr sessions. Very soon the club is going to hold a Turn Coat competition and Congratulations!! the winners will be duly awarded. DRAMATICS CLUB The club is preparing a street play on socio-legal subject to spread24th March IPL match of India Vs Australia shown awareness among the common masses regarding their day to day in the MPH. problems. The students will showcase their talent through this play at various locations in Mohali and Chandigarh. EDITORIAL BOARD MUSIC CLUB Students are enthusiastically learning Western and Indian (Vocal & Instrumental). The club helps to channelize students’ energy in a AIL Reporter Incharge productive manner and is continuously fulfilling its objectives. Ms. Sunaina SPORTS CLUB An inter batch Sports Fest was organized on 17th and 18th March. Cricket, (Assistant Professor of Law) Volleyball, Basketball and Table-Tennis Matches were organized between teams of all the years. 5th year reached the Cricket Finals after defeating Editors 2nd year, 3rd year beat 1st year in cricket match held on 18th March. 1st year Vikram Saini, Vyr, Deblina, IVyr defeated 2nd year in Volleyball. BOOKS AND MOVIE CLUB The latest movie seen in the club was Malgudi Days by R K Narayanan, a Assistant Editors depiction of rural India in the early 20th century. The movie emphasizedNavjyot II yr, Mannat II yr, Saloni II yr, Gurbani, II yr, on the freedom struggle of the people of India against the British and how these social agitations affected them. Indhu II yr, Parvinder II yr, Deeksha II yr ARTICLES INVITEDDear Readers,Articles are invited for the next issue of AIL Reporter. Write in your best poetry or cool random writing. Mailyour articles to sunaina.email@gmail.com Page 2 │ S p o r t s d o n o t b u i l d c h a r a c t e r. T h e y r e v e a l I t - John Wooden
  3. 3. AIL Buzz │ what’s up ● new● happening Debate Competitions Held BIRTH DAY WISHES {16-31 March} NAME OF THE DATE NAME OF THE EVENT PARTICIPANTS Symbiosis 17th to 19th Shivika ChoudharyName Year Date of International Model January, And Birth United Nations 2011 Prerak Nayar Conference BITS Model United 4th to 6th Shivika Choudhary Nations 2011 February,Shagufa Benipal 1st year 25 March 2011 Moot Court Competition HeldParikshit Chandel 1st year 16 March Our college students were Semi Finalists in 10th AmitySukham Buttar 1 year st 29 March National Moot Court Competition held from 11th to 13th March in Noida. Irshan Kakkar(4th yr), Pavit(2nd yr) andRishi Pandey 1st year 20 March Karan Sarin(4th yr) have been selected to represent the college at NFCG Moot Court Competition, Nalsar to be held from 7th to 9th April.Lakshay angra 1st year 19 MarchChamanpreet Kaur 2nd year 19 March Shivika │IV yrArjun GAdhoke 2 year nd 20 MarchSaloni Khera 2nd year 25 MarchShankar Choudhary 2nd year 31 MarchAmAn Virk 3rd year 23 MarchVinay Kumar Pandey 3rd year 31 MarchIrshaan sIngh KaKar 4th year 24 MarchSriShti Saxena 5th year 25 March Happy BirtH day to you all Give us a slice tooChampions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep insidethem- a desire, a dream and a vision Mohammad Ali │ Page 3
  4. 4. COVER STORY │ NATIONAL SEMINAR ON CHANGING FACETS OF CRIMINAL LAW: AN INTERFACE 2011Interview of Maj Gen B S Daulta, MD AWES│ Messages from the Dignitaries│Deblina IV yr Deblina IV yr and Navjyot II yrQues 1- How do you feel after joining AIL? Mr Ram JethmalaniAns- I am happy to join AIL. A Member of Parliament and a seniorQues 2- What are your plans for AIL? Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, Mr Ram Jethmalani gave a special message forAns- I have just taken over. the AIL students. He said “While fightingQues 3- Which is your favourite sport/game? the case one should always think about the client, court and his conscience and shouldAns- My favourite sport is golf but I also like cricket. never lose his hope.”Ques 4- In your opinion, whether the pressure mounted Professor P S Jaswalon team India during the World Cup Cricket-2011 will Professor P S Jaswal Vice-Chancellor,lead them to victory or not? RGNUL, gave a special message for theAns- Team India is confident and this should lead to students saying “One should be innovative and hard working.”their victory.Interview of Mr V.K Kapoor (Ex-DGP Haryana) │ Navjyot II yrOur Chief Guest for the National Seminar on the 13th March, 2011 was interviewed specificallyregarding the theme of the AIL Reporter “World Cup 2011”.Ques: Whether the pressure mounted on the Indian Cricket team will lead to their victory or not?Ans: The pressure on our Indian Cricket team is always there. So, it does not matter whether theylose or win because of that pressure.Ques: Which is your favourite sport?Ans: I used to play cricket but, now I like Golf.Ques: Any message for AIL students?Ans: To achieve something, excellence should be the moving target. One should strive towardsexcellence and excel in whatever one does.Page 4 │ The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point ofexhaustion when no one else is watching - Anson Dorrance
  5. 5. ~} Faculty view {~ WHETHER THE PRESSURE MOUNTED ON INDIAN CRICKET TEAM WILL LEAD THEM TO VICTORY? Dr. Rajinder Kaur ____ Dr. Tejinder Kaur Soni “Pressure of expectations will be very The ICC Cricket World Cup is the premier international championship of men’s One Day high and it would depend on the International (ODI) cricket. The event is organized players and management how they by the sport’s governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), with preliminary deal with it. If the Indians just focus qualification rounds leading up to a final on cricket and forget everything else, tournament which is held every four years. We they will have a good chance. They are won world cup in 1983, which was mainly due to some inspired performances by few team one of the favourites,” said Gilchrist. members and collective good fielding. In India people eat cricket, drink These days we are increasingly seeing pressure on our team to win the World Cup, largely due to cricket and sleep cricket and being so the exponential growth in the media. The much popular sport among the pressure is what teams feel if they visualize defeat. We see more players talk about being common masses, it has pressurized under pressure, because the consequences of the Indian cricket team to lift up the failure are greater. Loss generally makes players world cup 2011. But the players feel more insecure, less in control and it might lead to exclusion from the team. Pressure will be should enjoy playing at homeland there when more is expected of you. Teams rather than worrying about the under pressure generally put up below par performance. But those who handle the pressure success. better win and those who succumb to it lose. So the pressure to win is a subjective thing. If you want to win you will have the drive. If you want to Corrections and Clarifications avoid losing, then pressure will get to you. Its allThe word ‘save’ be read as ‘serve’ under the in the state of mind. Finally, when pressure isFaculty Opinion by Dr. Kamaljit Kaur at page 7 of mixed with drive, support, motivation and the ththe previous issue dated 15 March, 2011. prayers of the masses, it will certainly lead IndianThe error is deeply regretted. team to victory.One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than fifty preaching it - Knute Rockne │ Page 5
  6. 6. On the Campus| w e ∙ u s ∙ o u r s e l v e sHOLI (20thMarch) │ Parvinder Kaur II yr Pressure Plays Passionately │Janhvi Pant II yrHoli is a time to reach out with the colours ofjoy. It is the time to forgive and love. And Stress and pressure are bad for people, if in excess; however its presence is indispensable. To be under pressure is to know that performance isthat’s how Holi was celebrated in the institute expected. The same applies for the Indian team in the present Cricketthis year with all the enthusiasm and happiness. World Cup, 2011. With the pressure and high expectations to bring theFrom playing with colours to dancing on the cup home, the team, I believe, will put in its best to win. And as Indiansbeats of dhol, from putting everyone in mud to and passionate cricket followers, let’s keep our fingers crossed that thisplaying holi a night before, everyone came psychological theory works for the nest here.together on this festival. Hope our lives be fullof such beautiful colours forever. Pressure means Inspiration │Vikash Dhaka II yr Whenever a team plays under pressure, this inspires it to perform well inHappy Holi to everyone!! order to meet the expectations of the fans and eventually this inspiration leads to success. We can take the example of World Cup, 2003 when after a humiliating defeat against Australia, the fans of team India got angry. It created a lot of pressure on the team. This inspired the team and it reached the finals. Nevertheless, sometimes the excess of pressure may create negative aspect as well but it is not expected from international players who are very professional as well.HEAL THE WORLD, MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE │ Saloni II yr The Individual’s Worth Today │Garima I yr“For you and for me and for the entire human race An individual is like a snowflake. Just like There are ways to get there, a snowflake has its very own unique If you care enough for the living design, in the same manner we have the Heal the world; make it a better place, individual, who is different from all, no matter if the difference is big or small. We Make a little space all are like the glowing stars in the sky, For you and for me……… ” each with their own unique light with different intensities and this is so becauseThese are not just the lyrics of the famous Michael Jackson’s song but a call to each of us has some character or the otherone and all to save this world from shambles. A message, that reaches out to by which we differ from others and ineach one of us who is human enough to perceive the sufferings of his fellow which we ourselves are uniquely equippedmen. Look around you and you might come across countless instances of in doing the right things in the rightatrocities against man, whether it was the Kargil war, when many sons of India manner. We are working today to becomewere lost or 1945 nuclear bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki or 1984 riots future lawyers and it is this similarity wewhere people were ruthlessly killed. Corruption, dishonesty, guns and bombs all hold with each other that makes us who we are and who we want to be. Our worthhave become the order of the day. Man has progressed but at what cost? The is very important as it is we who make orpursuit for materialism has made him blind! The finer sensibilities of man like break the future we seek for ourselves, thelove, charity, forgiveness, etc, have taken a back seat. society members around us, and the worldCan we still call ourselves Human Beings or are we just creatures who can at large.stand on two legs but whose souls have degenerated to the level of animals?It is time we come forward to take responsibilities. It is time to recreate the lost Nothing to Loose│Saarang II yrglory. It’s time to bring back the Kingdom of God on Earth. Somebody should The Indian Cricket team, which iscome from us, the youth, the bearers of tomorrow is not as dark as yesterday’s considered to be the world’s best 6was. preliminary rounds’ team, is often not theWhen God made man, he entrusted him with a responsibility. The time has team favoured for the world cup titlecome to shoulder this responsibility – To Heal the World! because of its poor performance during big tournaments. The pressure mounted by theWe have to redefine our values. We have to change people. We have to do media and people of India is though notaway with the Jayalalithas and Laloo Yadavs and bring back Gandhi and Nehru. difficult to counter by the professionalWe have to rise above our own selfish interests, if we want happiness to prevail sportsmen, but this pressure is also theall around us. Roosevelt said for America, “This country will not be a good symbol of the title thirst of the people,place for any of us to live in, if we don’t make it a good place for all of us to which our team too desires for, and willlive in.” surely bring back home the glory of The Lords, 1983.Page 6 │ We are all full of weaknesses and errors; let us mutually pardon each other, our follies. It is thefirst law of nature ─ Voltaire
  7. 7. On the Campus| w e ∙ u s ∙ o u r s e l v e sCricket-Tamasha or Sophisticated Art Why We Can’t Win The World Cup│Abhishek V yr │Chitresh V yrCricket in India and Cricket in Australia are two different sides We Indians follow cricket as a religion and cricketers as God. Whatever good is endorsed by the cricketers sees a great marketof a coin. Here the Cricketers are not players but Gods of rise. But the same Gods turn into greatest criminals if they makecricket whereas in Australia cricketers are merely players and a mistake because of which a game is lost. Now as the world cup is in our country, it definitely gives a geographical benefit to theartists of cricket. If you need a proof just watch the reaction of players but it also leads to higher expectations. After the latestthe crowd after a hit in Melbourne and reaction of the crowd defeat and other angles if I observe as a neutral spectator it is quite impossible for our team to win, this I am saying based onafter a hit in India. But then this is in our nature. ‘What soccer few facts which I have observed.is to Brazil is exactly what cricket is to India’. It’s not just a 1. Team management. If we see our players and thegame but a religion. But if we have such a sweet spot for management we find that it’s not working up to mark as they have made BCCI a corporate entity whichcricket then why are we not the number one team and why we has only one motive and thats profit making. We won thehave won only one world cup? Our players tend to lose their 1983 world cup because the players played for honour at thatnerves in a match quite easily. Our team is centred on one or time and now even that zeal can’t be seen. 2. Pressure on the players. Because we as a nation treattwo players; if they go then everyone goes, pretty much like cricket as a religion we expect a little too much from ourDominos, one falls and it takes the rest with it. Another thing players. Also our players are many times unable to handlewhich is lacking in our team is a decent pace bowler. We have the pressure and sometimes just lose their nerves. We have lost matches by close margins so many times that we can’tnever had any icons in this field like Pakistan where every say we have won the match until last ball has been bowledyoungster wants to be Wasim, Waqar or Afridi. But now times and last run scored.are changing we have pace bowlers to look up to and soon 3. Exhausted Players. Our team has been playing so manyenough we might have a balanced side which will rise along matches without proper rest that it has led to exhaustion.the horizon and shine brightly.Will ‘Men in Blue’ keep the blues at bay? │ Shivika Choudhary, IV yrMaureen Killoran remarks, "Stress is not what happens to us. Its our response to what happens. And RESPONSE is something wecan choose." The cricket fever has reached its all time high with the ICC World Cup 2011 being hosted by the Indian sub-continent,that is, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This extremely contagious fever and gripping fervour has undoubtedly created havoc onthe minds of cricket fans as well as the men in blue. What remains to be tested is how team India reacts to this frenzy. This WorldCup has already witnessed the biggest upset of the splendid England team being defeated by Ireland. Stress makes men, animals andplants react differently and at times detrimental to their growth. The workers of certain ant species quickly shift to less desirablefood when put under pressure due to invading colonies or environmental stress. Wolves often react by digging into hillsides or underlarge tree trunks or boulders to hide from the threat or purge their stomach to make their bodies lighter for flight. However, survivalinstincts aren’t always submissive but dominating and endearing mostly. As an ecological entity, the ant colony is referred as the‘super-organism’ as it exhibits impressive adaptive life history traits under selective pressure. Under threat wolves displayaggressive behaviour and often become violent to protect themselves. In fact, the evolution of man from apes has been a ‘response’to the environmental and genetic stress. So, stress is not always devastating but plays a constructive role in bringing out the best inus. At the end, it’s mostly mind versus matter.Cricket is such a dynamic sport where predictions fail easily. Previous edition of the world cup where India was shocked in the veryfirst round by the minnows Bangladeshis and Pakistanis were sent packing by the underrated Ireland team are daring examples.Hence, despite of all the predictions one can make, it need not be correct. However, the present mindset of the Indian team is verypromising and stable. Sticking to his mantra that ‘"processes" would take precedence over results’, MS Dhoni, the India captain,expresses "What we have done in the last three years is that we have changed the meaning of pressure to responsibility and we takeit as an added responsibility". The Team Blue consists of the little master Sachin Tendulkar opening the innings, the demolition manVirender Sehwag, Mr. consistent Gautam Gambhir, Vicious Virat kohli, the fire cracker triology of Yuvraj, Raina and Yusuf Pathan,miserly trio of Zaheer, Ashish Nehra and Munaf Patel, the shocking spinners Harbhajan, Ashwin and Piyush and the serene captainMS Dhoni. It needs to be seen whether playing at home will prove to be additional pressure on the Indian team because in history, sofar no team has won this elite trophy on home soil. However the Indian Team has been fire on the field since the first match to thequarters against Australia. They have proved their mettle. 30 March 2011, Mohali would witness the historic India-Pakistan semifinal.It is strongest belief that this team is capable of ending the long wait of millions of cricket fans across the country of grabbing theWorld Cup trophy. The ‘men in blue’ have 99% chances of winning this trophy unless something happens out of the blue. Asancient Roman poet, Horace quotes, ‘In times of stress, be bold and valiant’, I am certain that Team India will bring accomplish thisHerculean task and bring the trophy home. Good Luck India! An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise- Red Auerbach │ Page 7
  8. 8. un c h a i n yo u r h e a r t ∙ f re e yo u r i m a g i na t io n |YOUR SPACEDEAR PARENTS | HEAVEN ON EARTH │ Saloni Khera II yr HUMOUROSCOPEShubhpreet Kaur II Yr | SALONI II yr Welcome to the world of 2nd yr A.. Aries (21 March-20 April)You cradled me when I was Where all worries are kept at bay, An apple never falls far from theborn, tree except when its hurricane "Oh! What a great class!!" everyone says. season. Theres a chance you canYou played with me all while Under the guidance of our Principal Maam, change! Start something new!long, We form a very close knit clan.You taught me how to walk Taurus (21 April-21 May) We make mischief whenever we can,and run, This week, you can look a gift horse Lets take a look at the members of our band.You have always appreciated in the mouth. This way you can seeme for all that I have done. what crawled up the gift givers DIPIKA is the class Einstein,Each achievement, every mouth, too. TUHINA, the all- rounder, always shines.victoryhas been more special for you JAISRINEs intelligence surpasses all, Gemini (22 May-21 June)than it ever could be for me. SHEREYAS is smart and quite tall. Long-winded rambling voicemailYou treat me like a princess, messages will be coming at you all SALONI and GURBANI are the best of friends, week.You fulfill my wishes beforethey are said, TARUNAs narrations never end. Cancer (22 June-22 July)You know what I want JISHNU has a permanent earnest look, Go get them tiger! They certainlyYou know what I need JANHVI and PARVINDER are always engrossed in books. aren’t coming to you.Even better than me.You are and will always be AKASH CHAUDHARY causes trouble round the clock, Leo (23 July-22 August)The best judge for me SOHAIL ALI is the in charge of the classs safety lock. You have two pairs of pants thatI hope, wish, dream and look absolutely horrible on you in PARAMVIR is the silent one,desire your closet right now. Throw them SHANKAR always looks out for loads of fun.That I never let you down. out. Just throw them out.And always make you proud VIKAS DHAKA can imitate anybodys hand, Virgo (23 August-21 September)of whatever I do in this world NIDHAAN can join a musical rock band. This week is good to cast judgmentThat is shown to me by you. on others. "What??" is the only question on HARSHITAs lips, RAM NIWAS has Hindi on his fingertips. Libra (22 September-22 October)Parvinder kaur│ IInd yr View mayonnaise with an Hey LOVE! NIVEDITA is the future M.F. Hussain, incredibly critical eye this week. SAARANG is always in a hurry like a train. Consider yourself warned. SomeWhen I first saw you with MANZRA toils hard day and night, good stuff might happen to you, but ARUSHI and CHAMAN have a cute little height. it wont matter if you dont take theyour beautiful smile on your advice on the mayo.face NAVJYOT is the monitor of the class, Scorpio (23 October- 21 Nov) UDIT and PAVITs friendship promises to last.Since then I love you like I Problems seem easily solvable when SIDDHARTH loves singing the blues, they are happening to someone else.never loved anyone before DIKSHA and MEHUL are the inseparable two. Ignore condescending advice from others and loaded firearms.and I wish you to see PRIYANKA and RIA are the pretty girls in town, Sagittarius (22 Nov-21 Dec)My love was enough for YOU SAHIL never ever frowns. An incompetent co-worker will PAL, PREET and SHARMA have the same first names, cause you more work. Suppress theand ME. Cricket is RAJAT SHARMAs favourite game. urge to do nasty things to his coffee mug.And from that moment I NAVPREET and RAM NIWAS sit together throughout, Nobody has ever heard NIKHIL scream or shout. Capricorn (22December-20 Jan)started loving ‘you’ You are likely to put your foot in ANIRUDH is a friendly guy,From that moment my your mouth. Luckily, there is plenty PRERAK is always ready with a cute and sweet "Hi!" of room.meaning of life changed And I myself am best left undescribed, Aquarius (21 January-19I reshuffled my entire way because once I start, Ill go on for miles!! February) But still I will mention my name, i.e. SALONI, Your losing streak is about to end.of living Dare you ever try to forget me. Keep gambling.and got a transformation to Pisces (20 February-20 March) So this is our Class 2nd yr A, Your computer is on the verge of ame Do drop in when you pass our way, major fit. Stop clicking so much and Were so good, well make you say: back up data.I did it because I love you. "Oh! What a cool class is 2nd yr A!!" Page 8│ Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall- Lucius Calpurnius
  9. 9. LEISURE| f u n • j o y • p e a c eGive one word for the following: LEGAL LAUGHS | Saloni, II yr│ Saloni IIyr GO1. One who brings goods from a foreign country into one’s own country.2. One who advocates the cause of women.3. A head covering with artificial hair.4. A rule that is applicable to all.5. Murder of one’s own self. Answers: 1. Importer 2. Suffragette 3. Wig 4.Universal law 5.SuicideLATEST GADGET │ Navjyot II yr Chandigarh – The Exquisite City GIVE ANTONYMS │Garima I yr │Saloni II yr Chandigarh is a place with many wonders. Often when you hear about Chandigarh, you 1. Approached automatically start thinking of the many aesthetic 2. Ally and luxurious places you can visit. We have the Leisure Valley as a popular and beautiful 3. Cellar destination in Chandigarh for both tourists and 4. Dainty students. It begins from Rajendra Park in Sector 5. Ebb 1 and extends till the Bougainvillea Garden inSigneo USA, a gadget brand, has Sector 3. We also have the Rock Garden in 6. Feeblelaunched a new product to revolutionize Sector 1 between the Capitol Complex and the 7. Hasten Sukhna Lake, which is an epitome of creativity,the headphone market. These new set of craftsmanship, innovation and natural beauty. 8. Sober Many students would also like to visit the 9. Virtueheadphones are known as Ludacris Sukhna Lake, lying in the foothills of the Shivalik range; it is a manmade lake where 10. Wisdomheadphones named after the Grammy students can quench their desires for boating oraward winning artist Chris Ludacris an average picnic with its lively atmosphere. Sector 17 is the most favoured market with itsBridges. branded items, sector 15 for its books, Sector 22The SOUL brand will start with an initial for its variety in clothing, Sector 35 for its exquisite palatable food. The Panjab University5-model lineup of high definition and its Student Centre are also famous. We also ANSWERS: have the Morni Hills with their aesthetic and 1. Receded,headphones. The features offered by Departed scenic beauty, the Chhattbir Zoo which connects 2. EnemySOUL headphones include full ear cup us to the big cats, the water amusement park 3. Attic located at Ramgarh, the Pinjore Gardens, Punjab 4. Clumsyarticulation, sleek folding design and Kala Kendra, Rose Garden with its popular 5. Flowpowered amplification for studio type annual Rose Festival, Museum of the Evolution 6. Sturdy, strong, of Life, International Dolls Museum, Thunder- powerfulquality balance of deep bass and clear Zone, Fragrance Garden, National Gallery of 7. Dawdle Portraits and many other places which students 8. Drunkmids and highs. 9. Vice can visit in and around this beautiful city. 10. FollyBesides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks Joe Paterno │Page 9