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Start With Strengths - Canadian Association of Principals 2015

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Workshop facilitated at the 2015 Canadian Association of Principals conference in Whistler, BC.

This session focused on the WHY of strength-based education and how using this lens can change the stories of students. It also included discussions and ideas on how to determine the strengths of our students as well as ways to bring the strengths of our students into our schools.

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Start With Strengths - Canadian Association of Principals 2015

  1. 1. Starting With Strengths: The Stories We Build Canadian Association of Principals May 11-14, 2015 Chris Wejr www.chriswejr.com @chriswejr
  2. 2. What Matters
  3. 3. Learning Intentions • I can share WHY we need to shift to a strength-based model in our schools • I can devise methods to determine the strengths of our students • I can share ideas to move to a strength- based model in my classroom and/or school • I can describe some school-wide activities that embrace and build on the strengths of students
  4. 4. Our stories shape who we are
  5. 5. Stories about ourselves Video: http://vimeo.com/66058153
  6. 6. We teach who we are. Parker Palmer
  7. 7. “Connection is why we are here. We are hardwired to connect with others -- Brene Brown cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo by Andrew: http://flickr.com/photos/30235101@N06/3344044448/
  8. 8. Stories Strengths Interests Confidence Meaning SEL Engagement
  9. 9. “We don’t know who we can be… until we know what we can do” -- Sir Ken Robinson
  10. 10. The Stories of our Students
  11. 11. The Story of Amy CC Image from Don Kennedy https://flic.kr/p/bn4FAs
  12. 12. Exploring who they are… creating their stories CC Image by Wonderlane https://flic.kr/p/cDeCGs
  13. 13. Agassiz Centre for Educatio n New Stories From Vancouver Sun
  14. 14. Stories Strengths Interests Confidence Meaning SEL Engagement
  15. 15. Who is your ONE student? CCImagefromEtherealWorldhttps://flic.kr/p/4BDBPS
  16. 16. What are “strengths”?
  17. 17. CC Image: http://flic.kr/p/bhvabR Each child has a gift... We need to see and nurture these gifts so they emerge and flourish throughout an individual’s life. -- Lorna Williams
  18. 18. STRENGT H S d e f i c i t s
  19. 19. What we see… Depends on what we look CCImagebyRyanHaddadhttps://flic.kr/p/inZ5S
  20. 20. “But the other side is unbaked. The side of strengths, the side of what we are good at, the side…of what makes life worth living.” Dr. Martin Seligman “Psychology is half-baked, literally half-baked. We have baked the part about mental illness. We have baked the part about repair and damage…” Image from Pixgood
  21. 21. The Strength of Dom
  22. 22. A School Built on Strengths My students OUR STUDENTS
  23. 23. PAIRED VERBAL FLUENCY 60s each person I think focusing on the strengths of our students is important because…
  24. 24. Determining the Strengths Who are we?
  25. 25. All About Me Activities
  26. 26. Word Clouds
  27. 27. Who are the students? (Leyton Schnellert, 2011 via Pat Mirenda) Who am I? Words that describe me: My hopes and dreams for myself: My favourite books/stories: Things I’d like you to know about me: Things I like to do when I am alone: Things I am good at or interested in: Things I like to do with my friends: Things I like to do with my family: The easiest way for me to show what I know is: Things I would like to get better at in this class are: THIS IS ME!
  28. 28. Make Time to Connect • 2 x 10 Strategy • Active listening • “Break Bread” • Observe
  29. 29. Blog: http://bit.ly/NrekwQ
  30. 30. See Our Strengths - Identity Day http://youtu.be/XRFYlbJvhbI
  31. 31. Create SPACE for Strengths to be Revealed
  32. 32. Strengths Chats Kathy Cox
  33. 33. How do we best determine the strengths of our students? Reflect Share 1-2 of your favourites and record bit.ly/cap15strengths
  34. 34. Bringing in the strengths of our students
  35. 35. When Placed in Leadership Roles… Students FLOURISH
  36. 36. In meetings and phone calls… Start with STRENGTHS
  37. 37. From Awarding One to Honouring ALL
  38. 38. Celebration of Learning
  39. 39. Rethink Assessment CC Image from Shannan Muskopf https://flic.kr/p/cGco5N
  40. 40. CHOICES Passion Projects Innovation Days Inquiry Project-Based Learning Genius Hour Outdoor Education Blended Learning Student Edcamp
  41. 41. Giving Students CHOICES
  42. 42. Student Edcamp Encouraging agency and leadership in areas of strength and interest. Victoria Woelders
  43. 43. Teaching Through Strengths and Interests
  44. 44. Innovation Day Photo from Josh Stumpenhorst
  45. 45. “Wonder Wall” via Kathy Rice
  46. 46. Project-Based Learning CC Image by Judy Baxter https://flic.kr/p/dGFj5
  47. 47. Passion Projects @_MrsBarb
  48. 48. Middle Earth 12 – Glen Thielmann middleearth12.blogspot.ca CC Image from James Losey https://flic.kr/p/nhJsAA
  49. 49. Learning With Strengths – Comox Valley image via BCPVPA http://bit.ly/1LFZQmi
  50. 50. IDEA FACTORY What can we DO to bring the strengths of our students into our classrooms? Brainstorm at your table Record bit.ly/cap15strengths
  51. 51. To start with the strengths of our students and change their stories, we need to: STOP doing doing START doing
  52. 52. "When there is space for kids to create, connect, explore - magic happens” Neil Stephenson CC Image by Linus Bohman https://flic.kr/p/grtNE
  53. 53. Be More Random Video from Naryn Searcy http://bit.ly/1hUGOJG
  54. 54. “Amy” in her element Video: https://youtu.be/3nZyo-jHr8Q
  55. 55. Start with ONE
  56. 56. Thank you!
  57. 57. Connect With Me www.chriswejr.com About.me/ChrisWejr @chriswejr chriswejr@gmail.com