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Mark poems

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Mark poems

  1. 1. Rock Aries Defense, PurpleSpinning, Attacking, Countering It Is So Cool Bouncing, Balancing, Dodging Metal, Plastic Beyblade
  2. 2. RoccoYour four isA Soft, comfy couch.Your nose isA Wet little rock.Your eyes areA dark button.Your bark isA lawnmower.Your face isA brown picture.Your tail isA brown snake Bulldog
  3. 3. ScaredScared is like black clouds on a dark day,I sounds like wolfs howling,It tastes like hot lava rock,Smells like rotten Zombies
  4. 4. Halloween Halloween Is a theme when you Dress up as a queen. Halloween Makes your home design As a blood stream. Halloween Makes a teen who Is lean and mean And turns him into Jellybean. Halloween Made Maxine to A fairy queen That she bought From a magazine.
  5. 5. Basketball Sphere, SmoothJumping, Shooting, Passing Play it is fun Ball
  6. 6. Football Brown, SmallThrowing, Running, Catching Play catch with it Ball
  7. 7. If I were in charge in of the world If I were in charge of the world I’d cancel homework, Boring TV Shows, Bullying and also Sickness. If I were in charge of the world I’ll like real beyblade powers, Free video games, Free stuff for my family and friends And have eternal life. If I were In charge of the world I wouldn’t have monsters, Food that I don’t like, And snakes. If I were In charge of the world I play video games, Messy room, Watch TV, I’ll still be in charge of the world.
  8. 8. Skate boarding Black, LongJumping, Grinding, Moving Jump high to kickflip Cool
  9. 9. Knight Tall, BlackAttacking, Defending, Hitting He gets hit a lotDodging, Hiding, Countering Metal, Armor Fighter
  10. 10. Soccer Ball Small, whiteKicking, Running, Blocking Playing Soccer is fun Ball