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Ccss 2015 petri

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Presentation on using peer review to increase the amount of historical writing in Social Studies classrooms. California Council for Social Studies.

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Ccss 2015 petri

  1. 1. Using Technology to Provide Peer Feedback on Historical Writing California Council for the Social Studies 54th Annual Conference March 6, 2015 Dr. Scott M. Petri
  2. 2. Why History Teachers Drink in the Afternoon
  3. 3. 1. Goal-setting approaches to student writing 2. Peer Review (with & without tech) 3. Pairing robo- graders with peer review You should leave this presentation determined to double the amount of writing you normally assign in your class.
  4. 4. Previously Analyzed Measures 1. Word Count/Length 2. Claims 3. Rebuttals 4. Argumentative Strategies 5. Document Use 6. Total Number of Citations 7. Number of Unique Documents 8. Highest Level of Document Use
  5. 5. P2 – Napoleon Essay (N=31) 6 missing assignments Low=48 Median=338 High=760 A B C D
  6. 6. Cohort II DBQ Performance Summary Class Per. Total Student Load Low Median High Missing/In complete Didn't Compl % Compl % P1 44 125 350 600 12 27% 73% P2 42 220 410 608 13 31% 69% P3 44 28 271 519 20 45% 55% P5 44 36 250 415 21 48% 52% P7 30 101 345 546 12 40% 60% P8 25 52 203 405 10 40% 60% AVG 38 94 305 516 15 39% 61%
  7. 7. Moving Forward Using peer review to move the burden of evaluation from teacher to student
  8. 8. Peer Review Experiment (N=116)
  9. 9. Eugenics was also known as the science of good breeding. During the early 1900s through the 1930’s, eugenics was a well-respected and popular movement. After Hitler used eugenics to justify the killing of Jews, gays, and people with disabilities, the eugenics movement declined in popularity. Despite this, the eugenics movement should be viewed as positive because it ______________, ________________, and ______________. uses good breeding techniques to make
  10. 10. Student Comments on their Peers’ Writing I gave him this grade because he didn’t really have everything for the thesis. He didn’t really write the three reasons why this is his thesis. Every single one of his paragraphs supports his three legs from his thesis statement. He provides strong facts and supporting evidence. She gives a thesis and explains it in each separate paragraph, and you can clearly see when she talks about a new paragraph.
  11. 11. Peer Review Activity
  12. 12. How Reliable is Peer Review?
  13. 13. What if I have No Tech?
  14. 14. Robo-Readers
  15. 15. Mayfield argues that automated essay scorers belong in the students hands because they “change the locus of control, making essay revision a choice led by a student at his or her own pace, instead of a punitive requirement from a teacher.”
  16. 16. This change has two benefits: (1) the negativity associated with assessment is under the student’s control. The student knows where they stand, so they seek to collaborate with the teacher to improve. The teacher and student now have the same goal. (2) automated revision histories enable students to “show their work” effortlessly. This gives teachers a better picture of student progress.
  17. 17. Revision Assistant
  18. 18. Hemingway App
  19. 19. Paper Rater
  20. 20. If we truly want to make students college and career ready, then we need to dramatically increase the amount of writing assigned to students across all subjects in high school.
  21. 21. Tweeting in 140 characters does little to prepare students for the kind of writing they will be expected to do in college. – Carol Jago
  22. 22. 1. Use goal-setting to evaluate student writing 2. Try Peer Review (with or without tech) 3. Pair this with robo-graders Double the amount of writing you assign in your class!
  23. 23. Contact: scottmpetri@gmail.com Twitter @scottmpetri www.HistoryRewriter.com Thank You