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Net Neutrality Complete

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Just heard about something called NetNeutrality? Want to know more? This presentation includes everything you need including some of interesting facts & contributions done by our volunteers.

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Net Neutrality Complete

  1. 1. What is “net neutrality” and why should I care?
  2. 2. Simply, Net + Neutral = To treat any network or a service of it with equal importance. It argues that the internet service providers should not prioritize any data over another. Net = Network Neutral = to be equal
  3. 3. Think of this space as “how much info can be delivered to you.” Notice, it’s finite. INTERNET -----------------------------------> BANDWIDTH
  4. 4. You may be under the impression everything delivered over the internet has the same opportunity to get to you as fast as your connection allows.
  6. 6. Some companies have struck deals with ISPs to have their content delivered via something called a “fast lane”. ---------------------------------------------------------------- >>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 7. While some are zooming in the fast lane, others are crawling in the slow lane. ----------------------------------------------------------------- >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- >>>>> >>>> >>> >>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
  8. 8. Ever seen a menu card of ISPs ?? Would be something like this…
  9. 9. The FCC has come in favor of keeping internet bandwidth neutral in attempt to prevent companies from paying for preferential treatment
  10. 10. because they’re worried market forces will compel internet providers to devote more bandwidth to premium content providers able to pay for speed. | | | | | | V
  11. 11. Letting Internet providers use “pay-to-play” would put startup sites and smaller companies at a disadvantage.
  12. 12. An open internet puts everyone in the same boat. Web developers everywhere must continue to meticulously refine their code to deliver robust content in as light and efficient manner as possible.
  13. 13. Pros of Net neutrality: 1. No Restrictions 2. No Throttling 3. No Censorship 4. Lower cost of Internet 5. Promotes innovation, drives entrepreneurship, stimulates ISP competition Cons of Net Neutrality : 1. Higher expenditure for ISP 2. Ease of access to certain sites 3. No Competition
  14. 14. Finally, on 2nd Feb 2015, the FCC enacted its strongest-ever rules on net neutrality, preserving an open Internet by prohibiting broadband providers from blocking or slowing content that flows across their pipes. The internet will remain “open.”
  15. 15. Thanks FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler. Sincerely, Internet Users Everywhere
  16. 16. Some of the powerful & well known people & websites are in full support of Net Neutrality… It was in October 2007, Barack Obama, the world’s most powerful man pledged to support for net neutrality.
  17. 17. Tweets over Net Neutrality • Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman Mozilla tweeted, “To be clear, I support #NetNeutrality wholeheartedly. Always helps to understand the other arguments. #TeamInternet ” • Reddit tweeted, “Hey @mozilla @MozillaIN #NetNeutrality in India is under threat, it would be awesome if you guys lend us some support ” • Ravi Prasad, Telecom Misiter tweeted, “Trai can make a recommendation, but govt to take the final call on #NetNeutrality ”
  18. 18. Mozilla India’s Campaign Mozilla India is calling for all mozillians to lend their voice to the Net Neutrality debate in India. • Mozilla has always stood for freedom, choice, and innovation on the Open Web. • FSA’s, Rep Mentors, RALs all are involved & actively support in broadcasting the word. • Join the campaign @ https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/community-india
  19. 19. Spectogram Questions on Net Neutrality • Is net neutrality necessary? • Is net neutrality really an issue to worry about? • Facebook doesn't let you access your messages on their app untill you download their messenger. Acceptable or not? • Do you think telcos plan of violation of net neutrality is just a strategy to earn more money? • According to you, are we doing enough to save the open web in India?
  20. 20. Our FSA Activities • http://rajdhinge.tumblr.com/post/117070005746/netneutrali ty-saving-the-internet • https://rowdymehul.wordpress.com/2015/04/19/netneutralit y-campaign-at-pcmcs-college-nashik/ • https://mozrano.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/net- neutrality-discussion-in-my-class-at-west-bengal- university-of-technology/
  21. 21. …Because, videos are better than PPTs • AIB talks about Net Neutrality- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxaFnc-MoVE • Net Neutrality explained in short - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S1t54THJZY& spfreload=10