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Max Wlx Powerpoint

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Max Wlx Powerpoint

  1. 2. Max International has acquired the worldwide distribution rights of the patent-protected, breakthrough product Max WLX “weight loss accelerator”
  2. 3. The Power of Max WLX In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study at the University of Connecticut, the Max WLX group: • Lost 21.5 pounds of body fat • Lost 3.96 inches off their waist • Lost 3.28 inches off their hips • Lost 1.20 inches off each thigh Enjoyed a 90 percent greater fat loss than the placebo group!
  3. 4. Why is losing weight so difficult? • Weight loss is easy: take in fewer calories, expend more energy. • So why do we lose weight and then gain it all back? What are we doing wrong? • There is a little-known biologic process that sabotages our efforts!
  4. 5. The Discovery of Leptin • Leptin communicates between fat cells and the brain • Leptin was discovered in 1994 at Rockefeller University by Jeffrey M. Friedman, MD, PhD, and his team • Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells that regulates food intake and energy expenditure • Leptin’s messages: Stop eating/burn fat or store fat • Scientists thought if they gave leptin to overweight people they would lose weight • WRONG! Overweight people have too much leptin
  5. 6. Too Much of a Good Thing • An overwhelming amount of leptin makes the brain ignore the weight-loss messages • So the brain says “keep eating!” and “store more fat!” • More fat means more leptin messages sent out creating “ Leptin Resistance” • Leptin resistance sabotages your dieting efforts • It’s a vicious cycle creating fat you don’t need or want!
  6. 7. Why Max WLX WORKS! • Max WLX gently decreases leptin levels to restore accurate communication between fat cells and the brain • Max WLX allows the “stop eating” and the “ burn fat” messages to be heard • Max WLX contains no harmful stimulants and is made of all-natural polysaccharides and fatty acids • Max WLX is safe for long-term weight-loss plans
  7. 8. Getting the Most from Max WLX • Take two capsules 30 minutes before your two largest meals • Create a sensible diet plan you can live with • Make exercise a part of your life Are you Ready to Succeed?
  8. 9. Want to learn more? Visit www.MaxAspens.com Contact [email_address] Mark Royer 1-888-890-0489