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The Jolly of Holly

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Have you met Holly yet? Find out more about her in her Visual Resume story! Created by Holly at Empowered Presentations!

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The Jolly of Holly

  1. Holly The Jolly of
  2. Holly-Ann Her full name is actually
  3. & HollyNamed after the Berry.
  4. not the Halle Berry,
  5. but because her mom’s aFlorist,
  6. Holly-Annto make it sound “serious”.
  7. She was born on January 20,
  8. and on her third birthday, she got an unusual present...
  9. a brother!
  10. Then a few years later a sister!
  11. Throw in a few turtles and crayfish....
  12. and together they make one big family.
  13. Holly has traveled to...
  14. Japan
  15. Italyand
  16. where she gained a love for Japanese & Italian Food
  17. as well as a few pounds!
  18. Despite her travels in the end, she realized that...
  19. nothing beats Hawaii
  20. She also the Olympics, LOVEs
  21. ‘Murica! and cries at least once every games.
  22. But she didn’t just want to watch, she wanted to do!
  23. she do? But what could
  24. When Holly was younger, she played a lot of sports.
  25. Unfortunately...
  26. She was really bad at them!
  27. broke her arm. So bad that she
  28. she even has a
  29. she even has a
  30. scented bowling ball! she even has a
  31. However, through Hard Work,
  32. However, through Hard Work, Humor,
  33. However, through Hard Work, Humor, Commitment,
  34. Family,and
  35. In her senior year, she was able to get her...
  36. in judo! black belt
  37. From that, she learned she could do anything with enough...
  38. FOCUS
  39. It even helped her conquer her fear of Fa ri ul e
  40. But not the fear of SNOW!
  41. Graduating, After
  42. she packed her bags and headed across the country to...
  43. Warm & Sunny MIAMI!
  44. Where she now attends the Studying marketing.
  45. In she college became more
  46. resourceful.responsible &
  47. rowing team, She even joined the
  48. how to cox, and learned
  49. That’s me!
  50. as well as an important life lesson...
  51. “You can’t always please everyone”.
  52. HATEs College also taught her that she
  53. Herself, Talking about
  54. Cubicles! Help! and
  55. She had to get glasses from working in one!
  56. a few things she loves...
  57. Film
  58. & All types of music,
  59. even country!
  60. Howdy (sometimes)
  61. She especially loves Christmasmusic!
  62. Holly! Maybe because her name is
  63. of the After college she hopes to continue to be a world”, “student
  64. Film, to pursue interests in
  65. Travel.and
  66. But ultimately...
  67. open shop! Hawaii return to &
  68. ?? ? ?? ?? ? Or something like that...
  69. until then you can find her on...
  70. these things:
  71. Get Empowered at
  72. Check out some other presentations: