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Design Your Dhaka - Launching January 2012

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Updated presentation as of Oct 16, 2011

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Design Your Dhaka - Launching January 2012

  1. 1. The problem Rush hour traffic in Jakarta MEET DHAKA Only 1% of people have cars
  2. 2. What do we predict will happento Dhaka if nothing is done?
  3. 3. The problem 4 pm TRAFFIC JAM IN JAKARTA August 2011 Rush hour traffic in Jakarta
  4. 4. Can we change the future?
  5. 5. DESIGN YOUR CITIES LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN An initiative of the
  6. 6. DESIGN CHALLENGEsubstantially improve the alternatives to driving in Dhakain 3 months or less An initiative of the
  7. 7. DESIGN YOUR DHAKAsexy sidewalks
  8. 8. DESIGN YOUR DHAKAcritical mass cycling
  9. 9. DESIGN YOUR DHAKAcar-free zones / days
  10. 10. DESIGN YOUR DHAKAmaking the invisible visible
  11. 11. DESIGN YOUR DHAKAthe best way to see Dhaka
  12. 12. How?
  13. 13. 3 INSIGHTS1 cities don’t innovate as much as they should and whenthey do, they don’t share2 we can seamlessly build effective glocal (global + local)teams and share knowledge across space and time3 we can now rapidly prototype physical, digital, and socialdesigns that address urban scale problems
  14. 14. a) the places that need 5 DESIGNED CITY the help the most at this time – and b) that LEVERAGES NEW IDEAS have a local team that TO REBRAND ITSELF AS 6 OTHER CITIES ADOPT we can work with A CITY THAT IS SOME OF THESE NEW LEAPFROGGING INTO EXPERIMENTS1 IDENTIFY THE CITY and the THE FUTUREURBAN-SCALE DESIGNCHALLENGE law of unintended consequences research, crowdsource ideas research, from local 4 BROADCAST EXPERIMENTS research constitutents TO THE WEB WHERE INVESTORS CAN HELP SCALE 2 BUILD A GLOCAL DESIGN TEAM 1-2 months THEIR FAVORITE EXPERIMENTS IDENTIFY and REFINE THE BEST IDEAS that can be RAPIDLY prototypes, PROTOTYPED including design files all open- refine ideas sourced and with the help freely available of global to any city experts 1-2 weeks 3 RAPID PROTOTYPE IN THE CITY some members of global team to assist in the local partners to own rapid deployment of and document the new ideas experiment’s progress
  15. 15. DESIGN YOUR DHAKA LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN Launching January 2012 An initiative of the
  16. 16. WE ARE ALL DESIGNERS OF OUR CITYPlease contact Albert Ching (mrching@mit.edu) for more details on how to get involved An initiative of the