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How Storytellers Make Meetings Meaningful

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Every broker knows that connection with those in his or her office is essential to team building, engagement, culture and increasing opportunities. However, the old office meeting, where agents sit around and moan about their non-sellable listings have left many of your agents' resistance to attending. The ubiquity of information has made it hard for many managers to find relevance in the agent’s life. Matthew Rathbun shares how his focus on telling the agent’s story and that of the firms has increased attendance. The tools to tell these stories are all around you and can help you craft an experience and not just another meeting.

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How Storytellers Make Meetings Meaningful

  1. 1. RathbunMatthew ABR, CIPS, CRB, CRS, EPRO, GREEN, GRI, MRP, RSPS, SFR, SRS MatthewRathbun.com | @MattRathbun How Storytellers Make Meetings Meaningful
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Matthew! MatthewRathbun.com | @MattRathbun #Broker #Troublemaker #Storyteller #FellowLearner #Geek
  3. 3. 67%believe meetings are a waste of time…
  4. 4. Why Meetings?
  5. 5. You have the power to influence the success of someone who trusts you with their family’s livelihood.
  6. 6. Agendas should be delivered at the meeting, but not before the meeting…
  7. 7. • Agendas are guidelines, not missions • Agendas should be changed as needed • Time-contract is more important • Create a parking-lot
  8. 8. You Idea Audience
  9. 9. It’s your idea and only you start off excited about it
  10. 10. Storytelling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see. -Margolis
  11. 11. Freytag Dramatic Story Telling [day-no-ma]
  12. 12. Stories should begin by creating a world for your audience
  13. 13. The storyteller is the mentor, not the hero. - Nancy Duarte
  14. 14. Visual Storytelling
  15. 15. Transaction-Solving Stories • Scenario base • Let audience work the problem • Use visuals in slides • Refer to contract/rule • Audience should save the world • Acknowledge those who lead
  16. 16. System-Solving Stories • Scenario base • Let audience work the problem • Don’t tell them; show them • Make it practical • Frame retention benefit to them • Cross-Platform • Look outside the industry
  17. 17. Invite, tease and instill a fear of loss
  18. 18. Start with accolades
  19. 19. Next, Introductions
  20. 20. They need to tell their stories, too
  21. 21. The Mashup • New Challenge • New Solution • New Tool • New Question • Suggestions Give Them An Outlet
  22. 22. Their Story is more important than yours
  23. 23. Information can be attained from an email, you have to give them a toolkit…
  24. 24. Focus on those who are there to participate…
  25. 25. Why should they attend and return?
  26. 26. Make the status quo unappealing
  27. 27. Keep them on your tasks and encourage the gear
  28. 28. Keep the commercials to a minimum
  29. 29. Watch the clock
  30. 30. Gamify The Meeting
  31. 31. Give-a-ways Each Meeting • Gadget • 1 transaction at 100% • Waive agent fee • Gift cards • GenBlue Pass • Use of TC • Charity Donation
  32. 32. Voting In Person • Office promotions • Civic activity/donation • Agent recognition • Upcoming Classes • Event planning (Homes for Dogs)
  33. 33. Use Relevant Story Themes
  34. 34. They will use what they see you use, not what you tell them to use.
  35. 35. End with call to action
  36. 36. Tools to help you tell your story
  37. 37. SlidesCarnival.com
  38. 38. SurveyMonkey.com
  39. 39. BigStockPhoto .com
  40. 40. CBExchange.com
  41. 41. NARRPR.com
  42. 42. www.Wacom. com Bamboo Tablet
  43. 43. Notability Bamboo Paper
  44. 44. Share your iOS Device On Your Laptop Reflector www.airsquirrels. com/reflector
  45. 45. Popplet (mindmapping)
  46. 46. PollEverywhere .com
  47. 47. Keep ongoing notes on meeting topics with Evernote
  48. 48. Book Recommendation: Visual Meetings
  49. 49. Thanks for your time! That’s Jett Facebook: /mattrathbun Twitter: @mattrathbun Matthew@cbeva.com MatthewRathbun.com