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Its a awesome slide presentation,specially for management related vital term "PODSCORB".

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  1. 1. WELCOME TO OUR PRESENTATION GROUP NO :2 Information Science & Library Management Professor Dr. Salma Chowdhury University of Dhaka
  2. 2. ROLL NAME 08 Afroza akter 09 Shawlina Rahman 33 Md. Asikul Islam 40 Monisa Haldar 104 Mehedi Hasan Mithu 105 Md. Minhaj uddin GROUP LEADER: Md. Mozammel Bhuyan (10)
  3. 3. 3 “The thinkers of system schools expanded the thesis of Fayol and submitted a memorandum to president Roosevelt explaining an executive’s function as the most systematic elements of management”-Elucidate.
  4. 4. 4  Every organization or institution has a set of goals to achieve. For this an organization structure is raised, an administrative machinery is created and management authority is appointed. The basic policies of the organization are laid down and management staff is appointed by the administrative machinery for achieving the desired goals. 1Md. Mozammel Bhuyan (10) Continued..
  5. 5. 5  To ensure better functioning and smooth running of an Organization , Luther Gulick propounded some basic elements of management on the pattern of Fayol principles of management. 2Md. Mozammel Bhuyan (10) Continued..
  6. 6. 6 ghdsgdsgg  Lyndall Urwick , an Englishman, and Luther Gulick , an American , who edited a landmark work on scientific administration. LYNDALL FOWNES URWICK (1891-1983)  Gulick, in a paper to president Roosevelt , in 1937 , summed up an executive’s functions in the acronym POSDCORB LUTHER HALSEY GULICK (1892-1993) 3Md. Mozammel Bhuyan (10) Continued..
  7. 7. 7 EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS POSDCORB is an acronym created by Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick in their “ papers on the science of administration”(1937).It stands for the following seven elements- 4Md. Mozammel Bhuyan (10) Continued..
  8. 8. 8 That is, working out is broad outline the things that need to be done and the methods for doing them in order to accomplish the enterprise’s set purpose. 5Md. Mozammel Bhuyan (10) Continued..
  9. 9. 9 The primary function of an administrator is to plan and forecast, i.e., determining the goal and ideas of an institution. Planning presupposes the stock-taking of the existing conditions and the relevant causes. The solutions are suggested for removing the problems by a phased programme. The efforts are made to remove the basic defects and their 6Md. Sabbir Hossen Roll:11 (3006) Continued..
  10. 10. That is, the establishment of the formal structure of authority through which work subdivisions are arranged, defined, and coordinated for defined objectives. Continued.. Md. Sabbir Hossen Roll:11 (3006) 77
  11. 11. Planning to be fruitful needs a sound organization, which means such a structure of authority, is established which is capable of achieving goals. Though this structure, work- subdivisions are arranged, defined and coordinated for the set goal. In the library organization, the decision is taken as to what kind of authority is to be Md. Sabbir Hossen Roll:11 (3006) 178
  12. 12. That is, whole personnel function of bringing in and training the staff and maintaining favourable conditions for work. 12 9Md. Atikul Islam (12)
  13. 13. An organization for its efficiency needs proper staffing and recruitment policies. Practical experience of various jobs at the credit of applications for various posts should be taken in to Consideration at the time of appointment. Staffing includes the training of staff and maintenance of favourable conditions of work for them. The chief librarian should be a qualified and competent person with an aptitude of research. 1310Md. Atikul Islam (12)
  14. 14. That is, the continuous task of making decisions and embodying them in specific and general orders and instructions and serving as the leader of the enterprise. 1411Md. Anisuzzaman (13)
  15. 15. 15 The efficiency of the staff depends upon the personal qualities of the chief librarian. He should be capable of performing his duties as a leader. Besides, processing knowledge, he should be able to infuse confidence amongst the staff-members. He should prove an ideal leader by din of his hard work, Sincerity for the welfare of the staff. Directing includes Continuous decision making and translate 12Md. Anisuzzaman ( 13)
  16. 16. 16 That is, the all important duty of interrelating the various parts of the work. 13Md. Mahmud Hasan (15)
  17. 17. 17 It is essential to inter-relate various parts of an organization in a harmonious way. The coordination can be achieved if the head knows about all the jobs and effects such an administrative machinery that he feels practically no necessity to interfere. It depends upon the kind of organization which has been brought in to being, as to whether there is line type or line and staff type of structure or functional type of organization.There should be delegation of powers or proper 14Md. Mahmud Hasan (15)
  18. 18. That is, keeping those to whom the executive is responsible informed through records , research and inspection. 18 6. 15Md. Hasibul Islam (16) Continued..
  19. 19. It means keeping the library authorities well informed about the progress or regress of the work. The chief of the library has to submit an annual report to executive authority concerned. This practice keeps the chief librarian vigilant about his activities. Various section heads of the chief library may maintain proper 19 REPORTING 16Md. Hasibul Islam (16)
  20. 20. 20 7. It includes fiscal planning, accounting and control. No organization can function properly without adequate finances. Librarian has to convince the authorities about the usefulness of the service rendered by libraries. Mst. Rashida Khatun (17) 17
  21. 21. 21  This can be done by statistical data only so the librarian should maintain proper statistics of income and expenditure of his library. He should ensure proper utilization of financial grants. Budgeting should be made in a presentable form with solid justification.  This can be done by statistical data only so the librarian should maintain proper statistics of income and expenditure of his library. He should ensure proper utilization of financial grants. Budgeting should be made in a presentable form with solid justification. 18Mst. Rashida Khatun (17)
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