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Moy Univer

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Moy Univer presentation for GoTech 2016 contest

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Moy Univer

  1. 1. Maxim Prikhodko Moy Univer
  2. 2. Is there a problem? http://studyx.co/ 2 Students Teachers Want to be in trend while academic disciplines often fall behind modern realities Want to get in a short period of time specific actual knowledge essential right here and right now to solve personal tasks Are often dissatisfied with the level of their compensation and search for additional sources of income Can’t sell or promote their products, loose control over the product and get no feedback when use existing ways of monetizing their knowledge
  3. 3. Imagine this is real http://studyx.co/ 3 For students For teachers Trendy knowledges as personal educational products directly from the teachers in a new way of intensive learning New source of income from their knowledge through a way of direct teaching with real-time interaсtion and help with promotion and sales Personal solutions for your educational tasks + Your own mobile university without boundaries
  4. 4. Intensive learning environment of interconnected apps and a platform for their creation thousands of apps for any task in united environment micro-formats focused on fast reaching personal goals online tutoring from the knowledge bearer easy and fast creation with app builders built-in billing, help with promotion and sales direct contact with students and online feedback http://studyx.co/ 4 This is Moy Univer
  5. 5. http://studyx.co/ 5 Multi-product learning environment Single Login Apps & services proposition Deep analytics Micro-formats of knowledge United learning environment Common user base Analytical platform Common LMS Content storage Moy Univer
  6. 6. http://studyx.co/ 6 Teachers are the driver of education, but they lack technical skills – we give them handy tools to create new products without additional effort Your own LMS at finger- tips, full control over the learning process, marking and analyzing results, real- time interaction and online feedback from learners Easy way to track and analyze how your learners perform and make your apps better “on- the-fly” without need to update the apps itself Use multi-template web- based visual app builder to create multiple quality educational apps without coding, using the same set of content Created by teachers
  7. 7. http://studyx.co/ 7 And even more… A full-scale platform for rapid development of any educational product from apps to web-services to corporate universities Moy Univer core tools for rapid development of adaptive educational apps based on a common LMS content storage and tools for rapid creation of personalized content based on micro-formats of knowledge growing user base of students and teachers based on Single Login for seamless switching between apps powerful analytical platform serving your both educational and marketing needs
  8. 8. 2 1 3 4 7 http://studyx.co/ 8 5 6 8 Additionally Apps created by teachers are bought by learners We help teachers promote and sell apps Branded apps and products creation Digital content and app publishing FREE for teachers The revenue is shared with teachers on 50/50 basis Teachers attract own students Internal AD-network We earn money helping to spend less
  9. 9. Education Apps market * https://www.docebo.com/landing/contactform/elearning-market-trends-and-forecast-2014-2016-docebo-report.pdf Globaleducationappsmarketvolumefrom2015to2020(inbillionU.S.dollars) CAGR 34.7% Limited access http://studyx.co/ 9 34% $75 M 2.1% >80% Higher Ed 5 000 000 paying users × $15 per year $14 B $10 B $6 B $2 B 0 Studyx $12 B $8 B $4 B
  10. 10. Competition landscape http://studyx.co/ 10 Company Personal vs. Massive Micro-formats Intensive learning Multiple products Multiple forms ? Massive Game-based learning App Builders ?
  11. 11. The team – 10 years in e-learning http://studyx.co/ 11 Maxim Prikhodko Founder / CTO PhD in physics and mathematics, associate professor, 17 years in software development (from desktop to web and mobile), 10 years lecturing IT and information security in Moscow universities Alexandr Shramenko Co-Founder / Business development serial IT-entrepreneur, sold his previous company to one of the biggest mobile operators in Russia (Megafon), raised his latest company SetOnline to the revenue level of $70M per year All necessary technical team for back-end, web & mobile development – 7 persons
  12. 12. Widening the limits of university services delivery University partner to expand to international markets A platform to organize a university’s mobile learning environment Fully mobile intensive learning programs with certification in a university Moy Univer in the near future http://studyx.co/ 12
  13. 13. Let’s make MAXIM PRIKHODKO maxim@studyx.co http://studyx.co/ the future together Contacts ALEXANDR SHRAMENKO alex@studyx.co http://studyx.co/ E S E S
  14. 14. The Main Challenge New education system needs thousands of educational “tools” for any kinds of specific tasks automatically integrated into individual learning paths adaptable to personal needs of a person Creating them is The Challenge It’s expensive (from $10к for an app) It’s long (from 3 months for an app) No content adapted to mobile Double trouble: mobile + education Personalization needs analytics
  15. 15. Smart platform – smart apps apps are thin clients you can change learning functions without updating apps the content is always “up-to-date” without need to update the apps again no data loss while switching between web, mobile and desktop Open API Open API Studyx
  16. 16. Marketing strategy We attract teachers, they attract students with x20 multiplier Existing student audience is involved into apps cross-promo We use our growing audience to promote new apps, new apps attract new audience Apps ASO is based on “Long Tail” Overall – viral system that sells itself
  17. 17. Advantages of «Long Tail» Long Tail competition is much lower and optimization is cheaper As a result – low marketing budget And finally – continuous organic traffic Studyx case – 50 Android apps from “Top-100” series 30%ARE top1 every day They attract downloads Generate constantly +10%OF REGISTERED USERS in search results for related subject (more that 50% are in top2)
  18. 18. Traction 3 months ago Now In 6 months Teachers Students (registered) Apps number 50 125 000 102 60 135 000 200+ 1000 500 000 3500
  19. 19. 1800 employees 400 branches + first sales The best Mobile App Idea Microsoft Seed Fund grant for prototype development Official Intel Software Partner Russia Android Challenge 2015 finalist The platform is up and running SME-corporate university pilot project – http://dev.moyuniver.ru/ Achievements