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40 succesful online business models

A collection of approximately 40 online business models - for your inspiration. Please share more in the comments!

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40 succesful online business models

  1. 1. 40 Online Business Models Morten Gade, February 201140 succesfulonline businessmodels
  2. 2. DISCLAIMERThis presentation is a collection of approximately 40 differentonline business models, all in operation and apparentlythriving here in early 2011.The presentation was originally made for my students at theIT-University of Copenhagen for the class ConceptDevelopment with Industry.I hope it can inspire you too – it was inspiring to collect it!
  3. 3. Remember, don’t just do what everyone else is doing!
  4. 4. SalesFinding new customer segments or value propositions online.
  5. 5. Direct saleA clear value proposition is needed.
  6. 6. Combined ModelBoth online sale and marketing of traditional stores.
  7. 7. Re-sellingBeing the middle man for other agents, who handle logistics.
  8. 8. Sales of servicesSelling memberships, subscriptions and other services online.
  9. 9. BrokerWhere the platform is the key activity of the business.
  10. 10. AuctionOne of the most common examples.
  11. 11. Used goodsAs old as time itself, but now with larger customer segments.
  12. 12. Virtual marketplacesNiche oriented platforms with both buyer and seller as customer
  13. 13. Price comparisonBoth buyer and seller as customer, price is value proposition.
  14. 14. Contact broker/mass marketConnecting the world and taking your share of the profit.
  15. 15. Contact broker/specialistsConnecting specialist users and acting as platform.
  16. 16. Groups buying/brokerageClear value proposition to both end user and business.
  17. 17. App StoreReducing transaction costs for the developer and the end user.
  18. 18. AdvertisingDisplay advertising and other models.
  19. 19. Content rich, heavy trafficLow pricing, huge supply.
  20. 20. Niche-sitesRelatively high pricing, lower supply.
  21. 21. Heavy on page viewsFocused purely on display advertising.
  22. 22. Online toolsSoftware as a service – fulfilling a need with huge economies of scale.
  23. 23. Subscription basedSubscriptions make for a long term revenue stream.
  24. 24. FreemiumLetting the user become the marketer – to themselves and others.
  25. 25. AdbasedProduct as medium for advertising.
  26. 26. Consumption basedPay as you go , usage fee revenue stream.
  27. 27. Reselling dataServicing one group in order to generate a product to another.
  28. 28. SubscriptionSubscriptions for information, services or entertainment.
  29. 29. Community-sites & datingSubscribing for other people.
  30. 30. GamesSubscribing for entertainment and immersion.
  31. 31. Niche-oriented specialist knowledgeSubscribing for low transaction costs, making your job easier
  32. 32. AffiliateYet another way making money making people meet.
  33. 33. Revenue sharingTight economical connection to the producer of content.
  34. 34. Pay per clickGreat economies of scale, where business is platform.
  35. 35. Stakeholder managementAddressing other stakeholder needs.
  36. 36. E.g. employer brandingAttracting key resources online
  37. 37. Or investor relationsAttracting key resources online
  38. 38. Knowledge sharingMaking internal and external processes easier.
  39. 39. E.g. intranet, wiki, e-learning, EDRMS…Supporting key processes in the organization
  40. 40. Digital processesOptimizing processes with customers, partners and other stakeholders.
  41. 41. UpsellingMaking lifetime value of customer higher.
  42. 42. Better serviceMaking customer acquisition and retention easier
  43. 43. Reduced costMaking key processes easier, creating economies of scale
  44. 44. Co-creationDevelopment of ideas, products or businesses
  45. 45. Of ideasCreating new value propositions,strengthening relationship to customers and partners.
  46. 46. Of productsCreating new value propositions,strengthening relationship to customers and partners.
  47. 47. Of relationshipsCreating new value propositions, as well as creating a new kind ofopen partner strategy enabling easier handling of many partners.
  48. 48. Or even businessesBeing the platform for key processes of other businesses.
  49. 49. Thank you for your time!I want to be smarter!So I’d love your input for models, I’vemissed, things I totally misunderstoodor just about anything else, you feel like. PS: See you on that twier-thing, maybe? If so, I’m @mortengade.
  50. 50. mortengade.dkMORTEN GADE twitter.com/mortengadewww.mortengade.com delicious.com/mortenm@mortengade.dk flickr.com/photos/mortengadetel. +45 30 91 92 18 linkedin.com/in/mortengade Twitter icons by Chris Wallace, chris-wallace.com aPublished under Creative Commons-license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.da