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Mobile apps on the big screen

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Mobile apps on the big screen

  1. 1. Mobile apps onThe Big ScreenChances, risks and technology behindputting your content on a big screen @mkorszun @paddyzab
  2. 2. What is the 10foot Environment?- traditionally exclusively consumption orientedenvironment- passive system for broadcasting content,- "lean-back" experience,- differences in the "computer literacy"
  3. 3. Biggest risk?It is ridiculously fragmented Ecosystem.1. TV Sets manufacturers,2. Game Consoles manufactures,3. Traditional OOT Systems Manufacturers,4. New players on the OOT market,5. Some other Notable new players on themarket.
  4. 4. Current solutions offered by themarket(attempts) Universal solutions- DLNA- DIALContextual solutions- Boxee/Roku- Google TV- Apple TV- xBox 720/NintendoWii/PSX4/Ouya (?)
  5. 5. how DLNA failed to fixfragmentation issue?What is DLNA?Why it Failed?All manufacturers havetheir own standards towork with their TV sets.How to overcome? - use of one major SDKbuild on top of it (Play2TV, Zapstreak).
  6. 6. What is DIAL (use of uPnP) andwhy it may actually work?Without DIAL developer was required to dotime consuming pairing process to put contentfrom the app on a screen.With DIAL its required to have two. Launch theapp and Initialise play from the App.More information here: https://sites.google.com/a/dial-multiscreen.org/dial/example-code.
  7. 7. ExamplesNetflix iPhone app Android YouTube tablet app
  8. 8. Its not end of the story...- GoogleTV - Android OS- AppleTV - perils of Apple TV 1.0 and hope forthe Future- Yahoo Connected TV platform- MOVL - bought Samsung Electronics- Play2TV SDK - made by ZappoTV
  9. 9. Rise of SDK/API ecosystems,execution is though!- rapid prototyping- costs of implementation are far lower Todaythan they were years ago- if done well it saves a lot of time andresources- rule of 3 C for API design- Clarity, Cost, CommunityAlternatives to choose from currently includes:ZappoTV, Zapstreak.
  10. 10. Android OSThe most promising platform.High value, high consumer base.Seamless integration with the rest of Androidecosystem.Build once, run on all types of devices (systemsupports you in that process - Fragments).Great presentation on this topic from Google.
  11. 11. AppleTVPros:- offers screen mirroring (but only available forApple apps at this moment)- best ecosystem in terms monetisationCons:- closed platform,- (relatively) slow to innovate,- entry costs are the highest,- difficult to model and predict policy of thecompany,
  12. 12. The Yahoo! ConnectedTV Platform- Simple implementation - using JavaScript andXML.- Crossplatform solution supported bySamsung, VIZIO, Toshiba, SONY.- its very difficult to deliver good UserExperience on that plaftorm - access from theinTV menu results in a terrible user experience,and very low conversion rates.more informations at http://developer.yahoo.com/connectedtv/
  13. 13. MOVL SamsungExclusive focus on games.Multiplatform solution - present iOS, Android,GoogleTV, SamsungTV, WebApps.Great potential to use TV as a primarypresentation layer for a game, and peripheraldevices as individual interfaces.
  14. 14. Play2TV- more information here - http://www.zappo.tv/sdk.html- Free SDK which allows user putting mediacontent on a SmartTV- supports Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG TVsets - remember fragmentation.
  15. 15. QAThanks for your attention!handout with links and comments will beavailable from the organisers. Mateusz Korszun CloudControl.de @mkorszun Patryk Zabicki SumUp.de @paddyzab