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October Messenger

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October Messenger

  1. 1. A Tradition of Excellence & Equity Volume 1, Issue 1 October 2011 Middle School Messenger PTA News Principal’s Message A reminder that school pictures are October 5th.Dear Parents, Reports will be mailed quire our evacuation, Yearbook order forms are home as soon as possi- only parents would be out! We encourage all Welcome! I am ex- ble. Please call or email allowed to pick up their parents to order online.cited about our 2011- the appropriate teacher own child. Students will The website is2012 year. I have visited if you have any ques- not be released towith our new 5th grad- tions; each teacher has friends or neighbors. www.jostensyearbooks.comers; they are a great their own voice mail box Seventh graders willgroup. Please feel free to record your message. have their first dance Thank you for supportingto join your child for The Parent Portal is also from 7:00—9:30 pm on the wrapping paper sale.lunch any day. available if you have October 21. A letter will All order forms are due by We get into full swing internet service. You be sent to all 7th grade October 12.in October with our ex- may sign up for your parents regarding thetra-curricular activities. individualized password event. Parents are wel- On Facebook? PleasePlease keep the calendar in our office during our come to attend. “Like” Cazenovia Middleincluded in this newslet- regular business hours. Please call us School PTA for additionalter as a reference. Per- We will have a half with questions or PTA News.mission from home is day of school on Octo- concerns (655-required to stay after ber 21 for parent con- 1324). Our websiteschool and a student ferences. Students will offers importantmust be with a teacher be dismissed at approxi- information thatduring this time. We do mately 10:45 am. you will find helpfulnot allow students to During the morning ww.caz.cnyric.org).walk to the library or of October 21st, our stu-into town without writ- dents will participate in Sincerely,ten permission. Please our annual shelteringremember, too, that stu- drill and early dismissaldents may not ride home drill. This exercise ison the bus with a friend designed to practice November 3—4:30 pmdue to our bus’s capac- procedures in the event Jean J. Regan November 4—7:00 pmity. Your cooperation in that we have an incident Principal November 5—2:00 pmkeeping track of our kids that would require us tois appreciated. gather in one place. Reserved Seating $5.00 The first interim pe- Should a real emergency Call 655-1324 x3334riod ends in October 14. occur that would re-
  2. 2. Google Apps Are Here! You’ve all probably heard about it students need to remember only one tached to an event on their class cal-by now. Maybe your child(ren), a user id and one password. Previously, endars, depending on how theteacher or a friend told you. Google we had two - one for the network teacher has set it up. Students needApps is the new Buzz at the Middle and one for BlackBoard. to remember two things: name theirSchool! Students can sign on to our closed homework using the format the To give you some background, the system through the Cazenovia web teacher has shown them and sharedistrict was looking for some way to page at www.caz.cnyric.org. All in- their completed work with theirmake sharing information and home- formation included in our system can teacher. All students have beenwork easier for the only be seen shown how to do this. If they havestudents, parents by people any problems doing either of these,and teachers. Google who have please have them let their teacherApps fit the bill be- accounts know.cause it is internet- through the That’s the quick overview. If youbased. That means school. It is have any questions, we are here tothat it has a format not open to help.that any machine (PC the rest ofor Mac ) can read. It the world.has already saved us Once signedfrom many of the format issues we in, students can find homework as-have seen in the past. In addition, signments in their Documents or at-Look Who Jumped Off the Page and Onto The Stage Coming Soon…… Seussical Jr. Once you watch the musical Sour Kangaroo), Julia Wilson (Mayzie Yates, Ari Becker, McKinley Denni-Seussical, you’ll be dying to get back LaBird), Dan McKillop (The Mayor) son, Maleigha Ellithorpe, Mackensiehome and reread all your old favor- and Mimi Gabor (Mrs. Mayor), Jake Gregg, Janie Kempf, Elizabeth Rihaite Dr. Seuss books. This musical has Bosworth, Geoff Christensen, John and Hannah Scanlon.one magical, entertaining song after Henry Light-Olson and Adam Race The Cazenovia Junior High Dramaanother while leading the audience portray the “Wickersham Brothers” Club will hold three performance ofon a journey through Horton’s big- and “The Bird Girls” include Anna Seussical the Musical:hearted idealism, the Who’s danger- Barrett, Caeli Carroll, Sophia Carroll,ous predicament, JoJo’s controver- Lucy Connor, Hope Earley, Faith Thursday, November 3rd at 4:30 pmsial “thinks”, and a total of seven- Gara, Katie Hopsicker, Alli Karmis, Friday, November 4th at 7:00 pmteen Dr. Seuss stories! Siobhan Kiernan, Emily Mahoney Saturday, November 5th at 2:00 pm The junior high cast of “Seuss” and Katie Marshall.characters include Trevor Nourse Other Middle School students in Tickets are $5.00 for reserved(The Cat in the Hat), Tim Kempton the roles of Jungle Animals and Who seating and can be purchased by(Horton the Elephant), Zachary Max- Families are Molly Carges, Olivia Ca- calling the box office at 655-1324well (JoJo), Emily Kielbasinski tania, Megan Henderson, Joanna x3334.(Gertrude McFuzz), Lillie Hunt (The Seeley, Danielle Tedesco, DelaneyPage 2 Middle School Messenger
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3
  4. 4. October2011Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 School Pictures Q1 Interim Ends PTA Meeting 7:00 pm 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Columbus Day Staff Dev. Wrapping Paper Interim Reports No School No School Sale Ends available on Powerschool 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 1/2 Day Parent 7th Grade Dance Conferences 7:00—9:30 pm 10:45 Dismissal 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31