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November MS Messenger

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November MS Messenger

  1. 1. Middle School Messenger A T R A D I T I O N O F E X C E L L E N C E & E Q U I T Y N O V / D E C 2 0 1 1 Principal’s MessageINSIDETHIS ISSUE:Ski & Snow- 1board ClubHealth Office 2 Dear Parents, and modeling appropriate made the event so spectacu-Hype During this time of cele- behaviors that lead to good lar. brating Thanksgiving, I am citizenship. Happy Thanksgiving to all.School Medi- 3 thankful for the wonderful Report cards will be avail-cation Up- support we receive for our able through PowerSchool on Yours truly,David Lowen- 3 school from members of our November 18. If you havestein school community. Volun- questions about grades,Seussical Jr. 4 teers pop popcorn, sell items please contact the appropri-Photos at our school store, sell tick- ate teacher. If you have diffi- ets for the Junior High Musi- culty accessing your account, Jean J. Regan, Ed.D.Music Dept. 6 cal, serve on committees, and please contact Mr. Hennigan Principal chaperone activities. Our (chennigan@caz.cnyric.org orStudent 6 PTA provides funding for 655-5303).Leaders many school activities. Congratulations to ourPTA 6 Teachers spend time mentor- Junior High Musical cast and ing students and working with crew. What an awesomeCalendar 7 students after school. Thank performance and showcase you to our parents for read- for our talented students! ing with your student, helping Thank you to our directors with homework and projects, and supporting adults who Cazenovia Community Ski & Snowboard Club Registration dents in grades 3-7 who are Fridays for the entire ski and information interested in the Cazenovia season and other discounts. packets will be Community Ski and Snow- Bus transportation and les- available No- board Club at Toggenburg sons will be provided on six vember 1 in the Ski Center this winter. Reg- consecutive Fridays begin- main office at istration will take place ning January 6. Please con- Burton Street through November 28th. tact Lisa Senehi at the High and the Middle The fee for the program School (655-1370) if you School for stu- includes a pass good for have any questions.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Health Office Hype I encourage everyone to get the flu written excuse, but is beneficial in letting vaccine as that is the best way to pro- me know that your child is safe at tect yourself and your loved ones from home. All absence excuses are due the the flu. The next best way is to wash day your child returns. If you know your hands frequently with soap and water child will be absent for an appointment or for a minimum of 20 seconds. Hand sani- a vacation etc., please send the note to tizer can also be used. Everyone should the office ahead of time. keep their hands away from their eyes, nose and mouth as those are the main 2. If your child needs any medications ways viruses enter the body, also the during school hours or for modified main way viruses are spread. Chewing school sports (prescription, over-the- on a pen or pencil and then putting it on counter, inhalers, etc.) the proper forms the desk spreads germs to the next per- have to be completed and on file in the son who touches the desk. health office. Cough drops are the only thing your child can carry without a par- Covering a cough or sneeze is essen- ent and doctor note. Self carry paper- tial in protecting others, use a tissue work must be completed for Inhalers in All 11 year old which is then discarded, or your elbow. back packs that go to the sitters, sports students in 5th Wash again!! Disinfect surfaces such as etc. desks, tables, door knobs, faucet han- grade should get dles, phones, refrigerators, remote con- 3. A current physical (signed by a NYS the Tdap trols, steering wheels any surface that Physician) is required on all 7th grade multiple people touch. students, all children new to the Cazeno- vaccine. It is a via District, and all students due for a mandatory A new toothbrush is essential after Triennial Review. This physical should be the flu or even severe cold symptoms. I done by your Pediatrician or Family Doc- requirement have a supply of tooth-brushes, so have tor as he/she best knows your child. Bothbefore entrance to your child stop in if they have recovered sides of the physical form must be com- from an illness and purchasing a new one pleted. A physical done after school be- 6th grade is a problem. gins in 6th grade is good for that year and The following information is based on is still acceptable for the 7th grade physi- requirements from the State Education cal. It is not acceptable for modified Department: sports where the physical expires in one year. 1. Accurate attendance records must be maintained. Therefore, all students who 4. All 11 year old students in 5th grade are absent, tardy or leaving early need to should get the Tdap vaccine. It is a man- have a written excuse with the date, datory requirement before entrance to child’s full name, specific reason (sore 6th grade throat, Dr./Dentist appointment, hair appointment, piano lesson, etc.) and the If you have any questions or concerns parent’s signature. I really appreciate a please call me at 655-1332. Thanks, call at 655-1332 when your child is ab- sent. This does not take the place of a Diane Belton RN MIDDLE SCHOOL MESSEN GER
  3. 3. A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE & EQUITY PAGE 3Medications in School Update More information on on a field trip. Self directedmedications in school. Please means your child can identifyread and teach your child their med by color/shape,about their medications - name. Tell purpose of med,they should know all this know correct dose andinformation about meds they when needed during the day.take at school or on field Describe what happens if the His storytrips. For a child to self med is not taken, refuse the captivated ourcarry their Inhaler they need med if they have concerns, students and theto be self directed, they also take the correct pill dosage session endedmust be self directed to have out of their bottle or direct with Mr.a teacher carry their meds a teacher to do so. Lowenstein applauding our performance of Seussical’sLocal Broadway Artist Meets with Cast of Seussical Jr. opening number “Oh the Thinks You Can Syracuse University and auditioning and rehearsing applauding our performance Think!”Cazenovia College profes- and gave tips on how to suc- of Seussical’s opening num-sor Davis Lowenstein re- ceed as a theatre performer. ber “Oh the Thinks Youcently met with the Cazeno- His story captivated our Can Think!”via Junior High cast of Seus- students and the sessionsical Jr. to talk about his ca- ended with Mr. Lowensteinreer as a professionalactor in New York City.Mr. Lowenstein, a singer,actor and dancer was amember of the original2000 Broadway produc-tion of Seussical. TheMusical, based on theworks of children’s au-thor Dr. Seuss, was aproduct of a workshopinitiated by composerand lyricist StephenFlaherty and LynnAhrens. Mr. Lowenstein ex-plained the process of
  4. 4. Scenes fromSeussical Jr.
  5. 5. Music Department Notes The Middle School Music De- Chorus and Junior High Chorus For parents of 7th Graders,partment would like to invite will all be performing. They look we would like to remind you ofyou to our annual Winter Con- forward to providing you with the concert attire. Ladies shouldcert. This event will be held on exciting entertainment this holi- dress in all black. While the gen-December 8th at 7:00 PM in the day season! tlemen should wear black pantsHigh School Auditorium. The and shoes and a white shirt with aMiddle School Orchestra, Junior tie. Thank you for helping us cre-High Orchestra, 6th Grade Band, ate an exciting concert experi-Junior High Band, 6th Grade ence!Seventh Grade Student Leaders Named Our first group of student Student Leaders also act as rep-leaders has been selected. The resentatives for their homeroomsStudent Leader program is de- to discuss school wide concernssigned to develop student re- and special activities. They meetsponsibility by having 7th grade regularly to address ideas in aleaders encourage others to fol- modified form of student govern-low school rules. Student Lead- ment.ers set, by example and monitor- Congratulations to: Brendaning, appropriate behaviors in the Coffey, Janie Kempf, Cole Strong,lavatories, on the playground, and Molly Carges, Joanna Seeley, andin the hallways. Any inappropri-ate behaviors are reported to the Megan Hendersonteachers or the principal. OurPTA News Thank you to all the fami- Yearbooks must be ordered by lies that have supported the January 31, 2012. Cazenovia Middle School PTA Remember to “Like” us on by becoming members. To Facebook. Look for us under: day, we have over 120 mem- bers. Remember, if you have Cazenovia Middle School not purchased a membership, you still can. Membership Reminder: Our fundraiser orders forms are available in the Mid- are arriving on November 17th dle School Office. and will be sent home with your student.
  6. 6. November/December 2011Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatNov. 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Report Cards on-line20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Break Break Break27 28 29 30 1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9 10 1/2 Day Parent Conferences 5-8 Concert 7pm11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1/2 Day Staff Development 11:00 Dismiss18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Interim No School No School Reports Winter Winter on-line Break Break