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MSCAZ - March Newsletter

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March Newsletter for Cazenovia Middle School in Cazenovia, NY

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MSCAZ - March Newsletter

  1. 1. CAZENOVIA MIDDLE SCHOOL l Messenger Mid dle Schoo March/April 2011Principal’s Message Spring Testing Schedule ELA 5—May 4,5,6Dear Parents, Keep up your efforts! It’s Interim reports will be ELA 6—May 4,5,6 The year continues to worth it. available on-line Friday,move swiftly by us as I watch There will be early dis- March 18. If you have ques- ELA 7—May 4,5,6your children mature both missal for parent teacher tions about a particular com- Math 5—May 11 & 12physically and emotionally. conferences on March 10. ment or grade, please contact Math 6—May 12 & 13Middle School is such a We will dismiss at approxi- the appropriate teacher. Math 7—May 12 & 13unique time for our emerging mately 11:00. Please re-adolescents. They are strug- member that students may Sincerely,gling with who they are and not ride another bus unless ithow they fit in. I often tell is for child care. We willparents that the standards have a staff development dayyour family sets really will on Friday, March 18. There Jean J. Regan, Ed.D.make the difference as they will be no school for stu- Principalface very difficult choices. dents.Middle School Canned Food Drive Congratulations to the butter. Overall, over 650entire MIddle School for their cans were collected. Mr.overwhelming success in the Tugaws 7th grade homeroom,canned food drive. The Mid- Mrs. Burrys 6th gradedle School Canned Food drive homeroom and Mrs. Slocums"Bring It" took place from 5th grade homeroom, led theJanuary 17-27. Students were way in each grade level.asked to bring cans for Caz Mrs. Slocums class was theCares. The 5th grade brought overall school winner. A bigcanned fruit, the 6th grade THANK-YOU to all who par-tuna fish and the 7th grade ticipated.was responsible for peanut
  2. 2. PAGE 2 MIDDLE SCHOOL MESSENGERInterdisciplinary Committee Literacy Campaign The Interdisciplinary Committee from the National Standards for the Arts The interdisciplinary committee would(Art, Family and Consumer Science, and were as follows: like to thank Mrs. Jane Mistur and theMusic and Physical Education) kicked off UNITY: agreement between people or Middle School P.T.A. for purchasing thea Literacy Campaign for the month of groups. bracelets.February. Students and teachers wereasked to focus on several words. Our RHYTHM: strong, regular, repeatedgoal was to encourage literacy by having pattern of movement or soundthe students think about these vocabu- BALANCE: even distribution of weight;lary words and their definitions, how keeping steadythese words relate to the different sub- EMPHASIS: special importance givenjects areas and how they can use them in to somethingtheir everyday language. Students weregiven blue bracelets with "Define CONTRAST: notable differencethis...." on them, to help remind them MOVEMENT: act of changing locationof our focus. The words were chosen or position Three Kings Day The Middle School French Club becomes the king and must choose his chose Patrick Nourse as her king. Thecelebrated Three Kings Day in January. queen. This year, Lily Loveless found whole group was very excited to par-Traditionally, this holiday is on January the “feve” and became the queen. She ticipate in Three Kings Day.6 and is to honor the three Wise Menwho came to see the baby Jesus afterChristmas. The common French custom is toserve a cake, “une galette”, into whicha small coin or a bean, “une feve”, isbaked. The cake is cut into the appro-priate number of pieces for the exactnumber of guests. There is much an-ticipation and careful chewing to seewho receives the “feve”. If a girl re-ceives it, she becomes the queen, “lareine”, and must choose her king, “leroi”. If a boy receives “la feve”, he
  3. 3. PAGE 3 MIDDLE SCHOOL MESSENGERMardi Gras Celebration French Club celebrated Mardi Gras in Feb-ruary. Traditionally, Mardi Gras is the Tues-day preceding Ash Wednesday, and stands for"Fat Tuesday." The name evolved from thefact that originally all of the fattening food ina household was consumed on this day inpreparation for Lent when certain rich foodswere given up. The students celebrated byeating crêpes, a traditional Mardi Gras food inFrance and New Orleans, and also made maskswhich are worn in Mardi Gras parades. Theyused purple feathers to signify justice, and thecolors green and yellow for faith and power.The students enjoyed this holiday! NYS Department of Health School Requirements NYS Education Department requires all current 11 year old students receive the Tdap vaccination. This is a mandatory requirement for entrance into 6th grade . Please have your physician or clinic, complete this form and return it to the Health Office ASAP._______________________________had the (Boostrix/Adacel) Tdap vaccine on ________________._______________________________had a Td, DT or DTaP on_______________________________._________________________has a medical exemption and the vaccine is contraindicated.Physician name and signature:_______________________ ________________________________ Exceptions:If a child received a Td, DT or DTaP vaccination within the last 2 years, the Tdap vaccine should be deferred until a period of2 years has elapsed and then get the Tdap vaccine.
  4. 4. Music Department NotesStudent Musicians Participate in All County Concerts Old Man Winter 2011 has been parents and community. Congratula- sic Educators All-County Band duringcold and blustery and managed to wreak tions to the following middle school the weekend of March 18th and 19thhavoc with many scheduled events in- musicians who auditioned and received at Chittenango High School. Theycluding our student musicians and their a spot in our January festival. Mr. were chosen from a very large group ofscheduled All County music experience. Macreerys string students included students from all over Madison CountyThe Madison County Music Educators seventh graders Bailey Forrett and as some of the best young musiciansAssociation hosted their winter festival Mimi Gabor. Mrs. Doughertys sixth in our schools! Rehearsals will takeat Stockbridge High School on Satur- grade choral singers were Molly Car- place on Friday night and Saturday,day, January 22. Generally the week- ges, Caeli Carroll, Hope Earley, Faith with the performance on Saturdayend entails both a Friday and Saturday Gara, Megan Henderson, Janie Kempf, afternoon. Congratulations to Caze-rehearsal before public performances Emily Mahoney, Elizabeth Riha and novias finest!on Saturday afternoon. Despite a can- Will Shephard. Molly Carges, Janie Kempf, Toriceled Friday night rehearsal due to The following 5th and 6th grade Slocum, Caeli Carroll, Ryan Marshall,weather conditions, musicians put to- band students have been chosen to Megan Henderson and Brad Jones!gether polished performances for their participate in the Madison County Mu- Keep up the great work!!!
  5. 5. PAGE 5 MIDDLE SCHOOL MESSENGER Health Office Hype Gender Identity, HIV/AIDS, Hypno- is mandatory for all 11 year old stu- sis as Medical Treatment, Tourette dents before they can enter 6th Syndrome and a 15 hour course on grade. It is also recommended that Drug Impairment Training for the adults have this vaccine when they Educational Professional -DITEP need a Tetanus shot. Please see the presented by the Syracuse Police form on Page 3 and have it com- Department. It is always great to pleted by your physician as soon as learn new information, or just have possible. a refresher, or reaffirmation of what It was brought to my attention I already know. that there has been a significant Food Allergies are a major con- increase in the amount of soda chil- Most students returned healthy cern for schools. The main ones dren are bringing from home forfrom Winter Break. The “real flu” being peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, their lunch. The school offers milk,with high fever, head and body and eggs. These allergies generally juice and water—a much healthieraches, dry cough, hair follicles that do not get better with age, and re- alternative. With the increase inactually hurt was in its second week actions can actually get much worse.of affecting middle school students childhood obesity and Type 2 Diabe- An Epi Pen should be available to tes, perhaps you could considerjust before vacation. Many people anyone with a true food allergy. Theare still absent but only a couple leaving the soda at home. Think Physician who spoke on this felt anseem to have a fever. Hopefully Health! Epi Pen should be used immediatelyvacation was long enough to stop the for any symptom such as hives, Please call me if you have ques-spread of illness. There has been a shortness of breath, cough, abdomi- tions or concerns about your child.much higher incidence of strep nal pain etc. I can be reached at 655-1332.throat this year. The stomach bug Diabetes is increasing at ancomes and goes. There is also an alarming rate. Type2 Diabetes,increase in concussions and broken which used to be considered adultbones. I wonder if the lack of onset is now being seen in over-sunlight, Vitamin D and Calcium is weight children.affecting our children’s bone health. Pertussis (Whooping Cough) is I’ve been to many School Nurse on the rise. Immunity wanes aftereducational offerings this winter. I Diane Belton, R.N. 5-6 years, so middle school stu-received a lot of wonderful informa- dents are at risk of contracting thistion on a broad range of topics: Ce- illness. Therefore, the Tdap vaccineliac Disease, Diabetes, Epilepsy,
  6. 6. Citizens of the Quarter their teachers who use specific exam- ples to explain why they feel their nominee has earned this honor. It em- phasizes attributes that are not easily measured by grade reports. Each student will receive a certifi- cate as a reminder of this honor. Con- gratulations to: Steven LaFever, Sadie Coleman, Jack Bookbinder, Shannon Croft, Nate Romig, Christian Winkler, Eric Ketcham, Faith Gara, Mackenzie Gregg, Kacie Burdin, Janie Kempf, Nicole Fish, McKinley Dennison, Ste- vie West, Chris Becker, Siobhan Kier- nan, Sarah Dickinson, Jillian Pouliot, The second quarter Citizens of the tude, a consideration for others, co- Jake Bosworth, Kaitlin Rossiter andQuarter have been named. This is an operative behavior and a responsibility Anjali Harris.honor awarded to a student who dis- toward self and school in an exemplaryplays good manners, a positive atti- manner. The students are nominated byDental Clinic Drs. Revercomb and Boule, Manlius dentists, will be host-ing their annual free dental cleaning day March 20 this year.This is for students in need of dental care but unable to re-ceive it on their own and do not have any insurance, their owndentist or Medicaid. In other words, families who just don’thave the finances to pay dental bills. Please contact DianeBelton in the Health Office at 655-1332 by March 15, 2011,if you would like your child to have the opportunity to takepart in this very generous offer. It is a wonderful way to pro-vide the care your child may need without the cost that goesalong with it. You must provide transportation to and fromthe office. Please don’t hesitate to call.
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