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Competitors 02

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Competitors 02

  1. 1. THE UNIVERSITY <br />OF <br />MANILA<br />Juntela, Rosalie P.<br />Rivera, Jessica E.<br />4th Year BSBA Major in OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT<br />Morales, Ron Allain<br />Bernardo, Jerome<br />Tubale, Shaddler<br />
  2. 2. VISION<br />Together, as a team, we will continue to exceed guest expectations by developing new concepts, honoring the values of our craft, and constantly improving our business performance.<br />Mission<br />Great Hospitality, Every Time.<br />To be the Leader in the bar and restaurant industry with the objectives of upgrading and standardizing skills in the delivery of service.<br />FREE OF CHARGE INC. <br />VALUES<br />Passion for the industry.Integrity in words and actions.Dedication to craftsmanship and excellence.Commitment to our employees and their success.Service-Oriented mindset.Respect for our guests and each other.Accountability to the financial and operational performance of the restaurant.<br />COMPANY OBJECTIVES<br /><ul><li>We at Free of Charge Inc. (Mon NesaD’Amour) seek to improve our position in the market and strengthen our brand.
  3. 3. Strategically expand Mon Nesa D’ Amour in major urban areas.
  4. 4. To be distinctive from others, to create 5 types food and drinks in every quarter.
  5. 5. Build new branches annually.
  6. 6. Exploitive on franchise activities.
  7. 7. Target annual comp sales increase 10% - 15%
  8. 8. Generate earnings growth of 30% - 40% annually.</li></li></ul><li>FREE OF CHARGE INC.<br />Mon Nesa D’Amour<br />Competitor’s<br />This is what will make us different from other Bars and Restaurants.<br />
  9. 9. EMBASSY <br />IZUMI <br />ROADHOUSE<br />THE GOOSE <br />ASCEND <br />PRODUCTS<br />Beef / Pork Steak <br />Lobster <br />Fish Grill <br />Fried Chicken <br />Sisig<br />Tacos <br />Spaghetti <br />Fries <br />Salad <br />Tempura <br />Salad <br />Agemono<br />Sashimi <br />Sushi <br />Tepanyaki<br />Noodles <br />Misono<br />Lone Ranger Steak <br />Fish Fillet <br />Seafood pasta <br />Lone Ranger<br />Chicken Platter<br />Apple cobbler<br />Spaghetti <br />Ol Texas Burger<br />Rodeo Steak<br />SousVide Duck <br />King Crab <br />Beef garden <br />Seared froi<br />Chicken roulade<br />Fish & Chips <br />Roast Scallops <br />Pineapple tar <br />Fried Chicken<br />Steak <br />Fish & Chips<br />Sisig<br />Noodles<br />Sea Food <br />Lobster<br />Salad<br />Soup<br />Soft Drinks<br />Juice<br />Beer<br />Cocktail<br />Vodka<br />Wine<br />Tequila<br />Brandy <br />Scotch <br />Gin<br />Coffee<br />Soft Drinks<br />Juice<br />Beer <br />Cocktail<br />Wine<br />Tequila <br />Whisky<br />Brandy <br />Scotch <br />Coffee <br />Soft Drinks<br />Juice <br />Beer <br />Cocktail<br />Wine<br />Tequila <br />Whisky<br />Brandy <br />Scotch <br />Coffee<br />Soft Drinks<br />Juice <br />Beer <br />Tequila <br />Wine <br />Shake’s <br />Coffee<br />Soft Drinks<br />Juice <br />Beer <br />Wine <br />Coffee<br />
  10. 10. EMBASSY <br />IZUMI <br />ROADHOUSE<br />THE GOOSE <br />ASCEND <br />PRICE<br />Food 270-560<br />Drinks 35-50<br />Special drinks 150<br />Food 150-600<br />Drinks 35-95<br />Special drinks 250<br />Food 220-380<br />Drinks 30-80<br />Special drinks 200<br />Food 120-560<br />Drinks 25-80<br />Food 190-750<br />Drinks 35-90<br />Special drinks 280<br />PLACE<br />7th Ave. Fort Bonifacio Global City,Fort Strip Bonifacio Global City UNIT-D.<br />29th street cor. Rizal Drive Forbes Town Center Bonifacio Global City<br />G/F W Tower39th St. Fort Bonifacio Global City<br />11th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global City<br />5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global CityTaguig, Metro Manila<br />
  11. 11. EMBASSY <br /> IZUMI <br />ROADHOUSE<br />THE GOOSE <br />ASCEND <br />POMOTIONS<br /><ul><li>Actor and actress endorsements
  12. 12. Magazine adds.
  13. 13. Website
  14. 14. Actor and actress endorsements
  15. 15. Website
  16. 16. Magazine adds
  17. 17. Internet adds
  18. 18. Magazine adds
  19. 19. Magazine adds
  20. 20. Internet adds
  21. 21. Newspaper adds.
  22. 22. Leaflets
  23. 23. Newspaper adds
  24. 24. Magazine adds
  25. 25. Monday - Wednesday discount on Meals.
  26. 26. Thursday – Friday Free Mushroom Soup
  27. 27. Saturday – Sunday Free 1 Beer for every bucket.
  28. 28. Monday Bat the Encore.
  29. 29. Wednesday Superklasse.
  30. 30. Friday Snap Cradle Pop.
  31. 31. Saturday Sleepless Nights.
  32. 32. Monday –Sunday 20% discount on all food and drinks for members.
  33. 33. Friday Ladies Night discount on drinks.
  34. 34. Monday – Saturday Happy Hour 6PM – 9PM discount on beers.
  35. 35. Wednesday Ladies Night Free Drink
  36. 36. Thursday Buy 1 take 1 on shots and Beer.</li>