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Four Types of Gamification for Learning (http://bit.ly/4TypesGami)

Best Practices for Implementing Gamification LSCon18 Monica Cornetti
Session 211

Gamification is an important and powerful strategy for influencing and motivating people in the workplace. Unfortunately, many people think gamification means adding games to training, or letting employees “play” all day.

Using case studies from real-life programs such as Brown University, Amazon, Wyndham Properties, and more… you'll learn how and why Gamification works, in what context it’s most effective, and what the limits are to this approach of employee engagement training and talent development. Through hands-on application combined with anecdotal and empirical data, you will experience the good, the bad, and the ugly of gamification strategy design.

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Four Types of Gamification for Learning (http://bit.ly/4TypesGami)

  1. 1. BEST PRACTICES FOR IMPLEMENTING GAMIFICATION L E A R N I N G S O L U T I O N S 2 0 1 8 – S E S S I O N 2 1 1 W I T H M O N I C A C O R N E T T I @monicacornetti #gamification #LSCon
  2. 2. http://www.elearninglearning.com/2018/gamification/trends/?open-article-id=7812829&article-title=5- elearning-trend-predictions-for-2018&blog-domain=elearningbrothers.com&blog-title=elearning-brothers “We’ve seen gamification achieve broad acceptance from companies across the spectrum over the past year or so. Once it was a trendy buzzword used to make a regular eLearning course sound cool and hip. Now it’s a respected type of eLearning content.”
  3. 3. What is your level of knowledge and experience with Gamification? 1. A Gamification Master 2. Done some PBL gamification 3. Taken previous courses in design 4. Read white papers/blogs 5. Heard the term
  5. 5. https://www.lithium.com/company/leadership/michael-wu GAMES VS. GAMIFICATION
  6. 6. Gamification is motivational design… the use of game elements and game mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage users and solve problems.
  7. 7. #1 Gamification Guru, International Speaker, and Acclaimed Author. Founder and CEO of Austin-based Sententia Gamification. Monica Cornetti www.monicacornetti.com @monicacornetti HELLO!
  8. 8. Three Levels of Gamification Certification
  9. 9. 360 Training Abbott Laboratories Abudawood Accenture ADP American Cancer Society AmeriHealth Caritas Association for Talent Development Audible.com Amazon Apple AT&T Augusta University BCBS Florida Bloomington Public Schools BNSF Logistics Boehringer-Ingelheim Brown University Brother International Caliber Home Loans Carolinas Health Care Caterpillar Citizens Bank Colorado Springs Utilities Country Financial Customs and Border Protection Dell Direct Checks Unlimited Duke University eLearning Guild First Republic Bank Flik Lifestyles FM Global Get Fueled Goodwill Industries Greyhound Growmark Harvard University Harley-Davidson Financial Harte Hanks Heartland Bank Help Desk Institute ICMI Illinois Central College Illinois State University JB Hunt Jobbing America Legal Learning Network Liberty Mutual Insurance Mary Kay MD Anderson Metro Technology Centers North Highland Consulting Northwest University (RSA) Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Oncor Pacific Islands SBDC Peace Health Pepsico PWC PYXERA Global Queen Rania Foundation Round Rock ISD Samsung SegaTeam Serious Play State Farm State of Arizona Stetson University The CARA Group The Help Desk Institute The Hill at White Marsh Texas A&M University Texas State University Training Magazine TXDOT United Airlines University of Arkansas University of Phoenix University ofTexas Wells Fargo Wal-Mart Wilmington University Your Company Name Here
  10. 10. A CHALLENGE How would your adult and corporate learning change if your training was optional? If students did NOT have to take your course?
  11. 11. FUN!@monicacornetti #gamification
  12. 12. UNLOCK THE 007 - COKE ZERO - CASE H T T P S : / / W W W. Y O U T U B E . C O M / W AT C H ? V = 4 U A L A H 7 D S U 0
  13. 13. COSMETIC@monicacornetti #gamification
  14. 14. Forming Storming Norming Performing Next Steps
  16. 16. S H O W M E T H E W AY T O T H E C O S M E T I C S C O U N T E R B A D G E
  17. 17. ACCESSORY@monicacornetti #gamification
  18. 18. CHALLENGE #3
  19. 19. A L O G I S T I C S D I L E M M A A farmer lives on a small plot of land next to a river. One day, he travels across the river in a small boat and purchases a fox, a chicken, and a bag of corn from a feed and supply store. When the farmer returns to his boat to cross the river again and go home, he realizes he has a dilemma. The farmer can only take one item in his small boat at a time, otherwise he risks capsizing. He cannot leave the fox alone with the chicken, because the fox will eat the chicken. He cannot leave the chicken alone with the corn, because the chicken with eat the corn. How does the farmer successfully get all three items across the river?
  20. 20. The Perfectionist: This badge will be awarded to learners who pass a specific week’s quizzes and exams. There will be a badge for each week.To unlock the last badges - the Golden Star - the learner must pass all exams throughout the 5 weeks. Achievements (Badges) Ehab Abu Dayeh Senior Course Manager, Edraak.org Queen Rania Foundation for Education & Development
  21. 21. Leaderboard
  22. 22. The progress bar will be used to motivate the learners to complete the entire MOOC, since our brains hate it when things remain incomplete. Progression (Progress Bar) Ehab Abu Dayeh Senior Course Manager, Edraak.org Queen Rania Foundation for Education & Development
  23. 23. INTEGRATED@monicacornetti #gamification
  24. 24. Brandon Tanguay Content Developer at Vistana Signature Experiences Brandon.Tanguay@vistana.com Link to Brandon’s template: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate- storyline/thanksgiving-turkey-themed-game-test Compliance
  25. 25. How it works: Terry the Turkey starts out with no feathers. From the map of Thanksgiving Woods, click on a feather to receive a question. If the question is answered correctly, you earn a feather. The goal is to get as many feathers as possible. A passing score = 22/25. If you pass, you get a happy turkey. If you fail, your turkey explodes! The Rules
  26. 26. Meaningful Choices – Choices refer to the options a learner must select from as they respond to a decision point. To promote a quality cognitive experience, one that promises your learner that they will have a role to play in how the learning or story unfolds, you should develop meaningful choices. Choices
  27. 27. Collecting Goods or Rewards: Creates a sense of satisfaction, privilege, and status. Terry the Turkey starts out with no feathers. From the map of Thanksgiving Woods, the learner click on a feather to receive a question. If answered correctly, they earn a feather. Goal is to get as many feathers as possible. Collecting
  28. 28. Terry the Turkey is an example of an HR Compliance training with a goal of 100% participation in an annual review of regulatory policies. A simple narrative that engaged the learners, made the learning fun, and achieved their compliance goals. Imagine the typical learning complaining about not having enough time to take the course, yet choosing to take it twice, to engage in the fun of the story and it’s character. Designed by Sententia Certified Gamification Apprentice Brandon Tanguay of Vistana. A Win!
  30. 30. GOALS, BUSINESS OBJECTIVE AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES callescalationsfor the reasonof not knowinghow to process apayment type (astracked in our call tracking system) customer satisfaction ratings (measuredbypositive response rates) dollars spenton callescalationsrelated to not recognizingor knowinghow to processpayment types outside the home marketplace customers 2 percentage point increase CSAs 40% decrease 3 months post training 3 months post training CSAs 2% percentage point decrease 3 months post training Thistraining isbeingdeveloped for customer serviceassociates(CSAs)around the globewho servicecustomersin marketplacesoutside their home country. Currently, CSAsescalatecallsbecausethey do not recognizethe customer’s payment type at arate of XX% andbecausethey do not understandhow to processapayment type at arate of XX%. Escalatedcallsarelessexpedient for our customersandmore costly to our business. The goalof this training isto decreasethesecallescalationsto improve our customers’ experience anddecreasecustomer serviceexpensesrelated to providing support to customersoutside of the CSAshome marketplace. WHAT? WHO? HOW MUCH/MANY? BYWHEN? callescalations for the reason of not recognizing a CSAs 10% decrease 3 months post training payment type (astracked in our calltrackingsystem) Business Objective:Customercallescalationsduetoacustomerservice associatenotrecognizingapayment type(e.g.doesn’tknowwhatacreditcardis),as trackedinourcalltracking system,willbe10% loweroverthe3 months followingtraining completion. Business Objective:Customercallescalationsduetoacustomerservice associatenotknowinghowtoprocessapayment type(e.g.knowswhatacreditcardis, but doesn’tknowhowtoprocesspayment),astrackedinourcall trackingsystem,willbe40% loweroverthe3 monthsfollowingtraining completion. Business Objective:Customersatisfactionratings(measured bypositiveresponse rates) willincrease by2 percentagepointsinthethreemonthsfollowingtraining. Business Objective:Dollars spent oncallescalationsrelatedtoaCSA notrecognizingorknowinghowtoprocessapayment typeoutsidetheirhome marketplacewillhavedecreased by2 percentagepoints3 months post training.
  31. 31. PERSONA: DEYVN Psychographics: Motivated byacceptance,physicalactivity, power, status andsocialcontact. Biggest on the job challenge: Feelsthe needto be accepted byeveryone, so he avoidsconflict or confrontation. Valuesmost about his role: Enjoystalkingwith people andsolving theirproblems. Demographics: 22 yearold singlewhite malewho livesat home with hisparents Highschool education Firstjob after highschool Bilingual in EnglishandSpanish Experience in his position/work history: New to the company,though anavidconsumerof avariety of the companies products, especiallydigital products and services. Works ascustomer serviceassociate,at acallcenter in Eastern Washington. He loves his job and hashis sights set on progressing up the company hierarchy. He isan“all-star” who learns quicklyandperformsat ahighlevel.Verytechnologically awareandinclined. Workday environment and flow: Spendsthe dayanswering customer servicecalls. Workplace ischaotic andnoisy.He issurrounded byother CSAstakingphone calls, consultingwith one another, andsocializing. Workplace technology use: UsesaPCwith accessto the Web andinternal tools like SharePoint. Verytechnologicallysavvyandawareof newtechnologies. Where training will take place: Thistraining will beeLearning that will takeplaceat Devyn’sworkstation, asmallcubicle divided by4 foot walls. Gamesplayed andamount of time spent: Devynisadailygamerwho especiallylikesrole-play gamesandbuildshisown games using Lumberyard.
  32. 32. Motivation Devyn Miguel Mary Srijita Associated Mechanics Power high high Achievements,Action Points(to spend),Ambassadors,Apply a Procedure/Equipment(skill demonstration that canfail), attempts (# of chances),Auction/Bidding,Avoidance (punishfor error), Badges,Boosters,BossBattle, Breaks,Challenge(event within a game),Combos (sequencewith time limit that givesextra benefit), Countdown,Deadline, Enemies(threat), Experience Points(used to unlock), Heads-up-displays,Leaderboards,Levels, Limit(max number of pts canachieve), Mentorship, PieceElimination, Magnetic Caps(limited number of chancesto complete atask), player v player,Quests,Races,Rating (reputation within peers),Variable Ratio Rewards, Risk andReward,Rivals,Territory Control,Time Events,TrophyShelves, Unlocking Interdependence low high high Allies,Ambassadors,Care-Taking(players look after one another), Chats,CommunalDiscovery, Executeaplan,Free Lunch(because someoneelsedid work), Guilds, In-Game Gifting, Mentorship, Question the Individual, Rivals,Role- Playing,Voting Curiosity high high Apply aProcedure,Apply Equipment,Backtracking(return to part of gameif not pass),BranchingChoices, Combos (sequencewith time limit that givessignificant advantage),Cuesor Questions, Didactic Reference,Discovery andExploration, EasterEggs, EmbeddedInformation (get info asexplore), Objectives List (explicit info about objectives andprogress),Magnetic Caps (limited number of chances),PuzzleGuessing,Tile Laying, Unlocking Social Contact high high Ambassadors, Avatar, Chats, Communal Discovery, End of Level Experience Summary, Free Lunch (get a benefit from work someone else has done; luck into it), Guilds, Mentorship, Player v Player Challenge, Question an Individual, Role-playing, Rolling Goods (won by anyone as long as they meet criteria),Trading Systems,Turns MOTIVATION INVENTORY OF PERSONAS WITH MECHANICS *mechanic usedwithin the training indicated in orange
  33. 33. Jefftravels to Mars to seeif he canopen a warehouse and shipping facility there. NEXT
  34. 34. One dayJeffreturns from gathering specimensand find his spaceshipin shambles. NEXT
  35. 35. Jeff will needto put his spaceshiptogether so he canleavefor home before heruns out of supplies. NEXT
  36. 36. Jeffdoessomequick calculating. He canreally useyour help! Project Calendar daysof food andwatersupplies additional daysneeded to complete the spaceship NEXT
  37. 37. Here’s how you canhelpJeff. Spinthedial. Solvethe customer service scenario. Earntools to help Jeffrebuild his spaceship. Rebuildthe spaceshipbefore Jeffruns out ofsupplies. Earnbadgesandphonetool icons to show how well you’vedone! NEXT
  38. 38. AMAZING JOB! YOU HELPED JEFF GET HIS SPACESHIP READY TO LAUNCH IN ONLY18 DAYS. Project Calendar Toolbox daysof food andwatersupplies 18 I brought Jeff home! Congratulations! You’ve earned your LMSbadge and phonetool icon! Endif Win
  39. 39. Mechanic Application inTraining Avoidance lose 2daysof work when escalateanissue Backtracking if escalateanissuecangobackandanswerit for samecredit ascould initially (though received a2daypenalty) Badges completion badgewith number of daysto complete questthat canbedisplayedpublicly in the LMS; completion phone icon that canbedisplayedpublicly with employee profile Bonuses additional bonuson one questionif answercorrectly first or secondtime (no bonusif not correct) Didactic References references included under “learn more and come back to solve this scenario” (rewarded with 2 days of food and water) and under “review additional materials” when the answer is incorrect after 2 attempts (rewarded with one dayof food and water) Challenge two timed challenges to gainadditional daysof completed work Easter Egg Martians help for areasonthat the user doesn’t control HUD calendar andtrophy caseupdatedafter eachgainorlossof days/tools Leaderboard LMShasleaderboard for showing ......%of people in eachwork unit who sent Jeffhome within 15days,16- 20 days,21-25 days,26-30 days,more than 30 days Magnetic Caps only two chancesto geteachscenario correct, one chancewith eachof the challenges PerformanceSummaryatEnd calendar andtrophy caseat endindicate summaryof progressandstory consequencesof masteringor not masteringthe quest Quests getJeffbackto earth before heruns out of supplies Timed Events timed challenges Trophy Shelves display of tools earnedshown after the gainor lossof days/tools andat the end of the training in summary. NOTES: 1. Mechanicsrelated to Statuswere the primary focus of motivators in this training, because3 of the 4 personasscored highon thismotivation. 2. Mechanicsrelated to Power andCuriosity motivators were alsoincorporated because2 of the 4 personasscoredhighin these areas. 3. Interdependence and Social Contact were also high for 2 of the 4 personas. Since eLearning was the mandated format for this training, there are limited options for including these mechanics. Hopefully the use of a Leaderboard by work unit will provide some level of motivation for those who are motivated by interdependence. MECHANICS IMPLEMENTED INTRAINING
  42. 42. RAISON D'ÊTRE ( R E A S O N F O R B E I N G ) @monicacornetti #gamification
  43. 43. Watch theVideo at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9uUeGMQXuc Watch the Webinar replay ofThe Making of Fantastic Places, Unhuman Humans: https://www.sententiagamification.com/p/brown-webinar
  44. 44. WHAT DOES IT COST? Tweets: @monicacornetti #gamification
  45. 45. CHAPMAN ALLIANCE REPORT http://www.chapmanalliance.com/
  46. 46. 80% Epic Fail
  47. 47. FAIL! @monicacornetti #gamification
  48. 48. WatchThe Making of Coke Zero 007: Those who made it…: https://youtu.be/JSm89g2_u0o
  49. 49. A CHALLENGE How would your adult and corporate learning change if your training was optional? If students did NOT have to take your course?
  51. 51. Three Levels of Gamification Certification
  52. 52. The ONLY Gamification Certification forTalent Development andTalent Management professionals that can be approved for HRCI, SHRM, and ATD for recertification credits. Three Levels of Gamification Certification
  53. 53. October 6-8, 2018 McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL GamiCon.us The Gamification Conference for Learning and Development A Co-located Event by Sententia Gamification and Training Magazine Online Learning Conference
  54. 54. Read the Article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/gamification-value-badges-monica-cornetti/
  56. 56. THANK YOU Twitter: @monicacornetti Email: Guru@SententiaGames.com Websites: www.monicacornetti.com www.SententiaGames.com www.GamiCon.us