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Mongo db iot_london_v0.1

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Presented by, Timo Klingenmeier, General Manager, inmation GmbH & Co. KG

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things translate to new opportunities and new challenges for manufacturing corporations. The informed workforce requires access to vast amounts of data. Handling floods of data from the production floor across the organisation and in exchange with selected business partners is not a simple task, but when achieved it turns into a major competitive advantage. MongoDB’s strategic partner inmation has developed a middleware solution which combines intelligent industrial real-time connectivity with unlimited scalability and one uniform storage layer for all kinds of data structures – MongoDB.

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Mongo db iot_london_v0.1

  1. 1. IoT City Tour Realtime Data – The Source of Corporate Intelligence and Agility Presentation
  2. 2. IoT City Tour 30 Minutes to Cover 1. Some thoughts on Industry 4.0 2. Internet of Things vs. Industrial Control (and practices) 3. The OPC specification in brief 4. Short round-trip through „Industrial Data“ 5. Benefits of MongoDB being an universal data store
  3. 3. IoT City Tour The Problem
  4. 4. IoT City Tour The Problem
  5. 5. IoT City Tour “Classic” Industry
  6. 6. IoT City Tour Industry 3. x Material Flows Source: https://chemicalparks.eu/system/files/attachments/file/14/European_Pipeline_Infrastructure__Networks.pdf
  7. 7. IoT City Tour Goal is the “Smart Factory” Further Computerization of Traditional Industries The Internet of Things Is Technological Foundation Industry 4.0 Drivers
  8. 8. IoT City Tour Industry 4.0 Effects End of Data Boundaries for Individual Factories Data Interconnectability Between Sites Without Geographical Restrictions Enourmous Growth of Production and Supplier Networks
  9. 9. IoT City Tour The Internet of Things
  10. 10. IoT City Tour Our Scope Realtime Data
  11. 11. IoT City Tour system:inmation
  12. 12. IoT City Tour Common Data Sources SQL Text/XML NoSQL/Schema-flexible/BSON OPC
  13. 13. IoT City Tour OPC: OLE for Process Control OPC Data Access (DA) specification established OPC Alarms and Events (A&E) specification established OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) specification established OPC Unified Architecture (UA) created OPC UA 1.0 becomes available First products based on OPC UA OPC UA 1.01 becomes available OPC UA 1.02 becomes available 1996 1998 2001 2003 2006 2007 2009 2013 Source: www.opcfoundation.org
  14. 14. IoT City Tour Teach yourself… …and visit www.opcfoundation.org
  15. 15. IoT City Tour Source: www.intel.com OPC?
  16. 16. IoT City Tour Source: www.arduino.cc OPC!
  17. 17. IoT City Tour Source: http://www.ccj-online.com/ovation-upgrade-7fa/ Always OPC!
  18. 18. IoT City Tour Advantages
  19. 19. IoT City Tour Advantages Simplification No schema pre-definition Few (sufficient) datatypes
  20. 20. IoT City Tour Advantages Data Types: Oracle, PL/SQL Source: www.techonthenet.com/oracle/datatypes.php
  21. 21. IoT City Tour Advantages Data Types: SQL Server Source: www.connectionstrings.com/sql-server-data-types-reference
  22. 22. IoT City Tour Advantages Data Types: OPC UA
  23. 23. IoT City Tour Advantages Data Types:
  24. 24. IoT City Tour Advantages Data Type Flexibility “Intrinsic” variants “Intrinsic” arrays
  25. 25. IoT City Tour Sample Storage: Each (sub-second accurate) measurement is stored as a “Micro-Document” o ObjectId points into another collection which stores the context information for this item (e.g. measurement). c This is the distinct counter relative to the value updates which were received from the external data source. v A value submitted by an external (OPC) server, in whatever format. q The external quality (bit mask). t The original timestamp taken from the external server. h The timestamp of the historization process (and machine). Advantages
  26. 26. IoT City Tour Sample Storage: Different data types can be stored in the same Advantages “value” field:
  27. 27. IoT City Tour Summary MongoDB is the perfect fit for Industrial Big Data • It has the performance and the scalability options required to store hi-freq data in huge amounts • Timestamp accuracy is sufficient • Schema (-less) flexibility fits the variant data structures, originated in (OPC) source systems • BSON is not only about storage, but also transport • Unbeatable value offer (both software and hardware utilization) • It exposes ‘natural’ data structures which simplify any kind of further analysis • Choose between private and public cloud storage
  28. 28. IoT City Tour Thank You.