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Mobilemonday b2b flow pilots

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What are the technology challenges? What are the new possibilities, applications, services or features that will empower mobile workers even more?

Experts on these subjects will cover several interesting topics: Mobile data, Device Management, Mobile Security and Mobile Enterprise Apps.
Mobile Enterprise Apps by Koen Pellegrims - Flowpilots

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Mobilemonday b2b flow pilots

  1. 1. We know mobileWe know enterprise
  2. 2. Source:
  3. 3. Identify over10Bio songs… …in under30s Source: Shazam.com Press release (May 18, 2010)
  4. 4. Direct access to10Mio SKUs Source: Internet Retailer Top 500 report 2008
  5. 5. Customers haveenteredthe “era of now”* * Courtesy of Peter Hinssen
  6. 6. What about your employees?
  7. 7. “I don’t know”is no longer a valid answer
  8. 8. “We no longer need to be tethered to adesktop computer in order to use theInternet to interact with the worldaround us”.Hamilton Chan, CEO and Founder, Paperlinks
  9. 9. What does that mean for a company?
  10. 10. Opportunities throughout the enterprise… Field service Sales force Location-based attomation enablement applications Lead management Management dashboards E-detailing B2B applications Market intelligence
  11. 11. The 10 rulesfor mobileenterpriseapplications
  12. 12. One Digitise information as quickly as possible… …and keep it digital for as long as you can
  13. 13. Two THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “ALWAYS ON” Build robust apps that can work offline Sync data as soon as you can By the way, you can do that with web apps too!
  14. 14. Three Embrace the possibilities! Multimedia content Built-in camera Geolocation Compass Audio recording Voice recognition NFC Motion sensor …
  15. 15. Four Treat employees as consumers
  16. 16. Give your employeesbeautiful applicationswith eye for usability Courtesey: bret@worrydream.com
  17. 17. Five Don’t commit to a single platform if you mustn’t • 73% of users claim they use personal Perception gap: • smartphones for access to corporate data CIOs estimate this number at 31%! 42%
  18. 18. Six Strike the right balance between security and usabilityDevice securityNetwork securityInformation security
  19. 19. Seven Focus on the 20% functionality that covers 80% of the workMake this as simple as possibleRelease!
  20. 20. People are mobile by default, Don’t tie them to a desk unnecessarilyEight Think “mobile first”
  21. 21. “We need a app” is not a mobile strategyNine “Small devices” does not equal “small projects”
  22. 22. • Don’t underestimate the impact of mobile devices • Consider more than “a handful” of users • Device management is not an afterthought!Ten Handle your mobile rollouts with care
  23. 23. Contact Koen Pellegrims koen.pellegrims@flowpilots.com +32495592235