food notes storage and thawing of frozen food. preservation intermediate moisture food (imf) like jam physical and their effects on food quality. princi chemical bio-chemical different types of food spoilage viz. microbiologi origin ph food science status of indian food industry with emphasis on st technology tcp d-value-z-value-f-value-12-d-c food processing food engg preparation of egg powder 5. fish and fish produc spoilage of eggs and preservation of whole egg and chemical composition and nutritive value factors affecting the quality 4. egg and egg prod dressing and preparation of ready to cook poultry meat pickles 3. handling and dressing and canned meat processing steps sausage products – classification pre-blending) cured and smoked meats emulsification basic preparatory procedures (culmination abattoir – definition and construction antimortam and post-mortem inspection of animal/sl different types of meatents different types of slaughtering methods fish and poultry industry (02 hrs) 2 introduction to indian meat fish and poultry products technology of meat food preservation and food engineering – basic con chemical preservation che dehyration principles of food processing and preservation inspection and quality control 6. non-carbonated b filling carbonation containers and closures. cleaning syrup preparation water treatment water and their quality 4. mineral water and its stabilizers flavoring agents coloring agents emulsitifiers sweeteners treatment 3. ingredients of food beverages quality scope and status of beverage industry in india 2. 1. introduction-definition technology of non-alcoholic beverage transportation and storage of foods handling bakery notes bakery and confectionery technology bacteria food microbiology environmental education principles and methods for food preservation laboratory manual quality control of milk: quality preserve carrot advantages and disadvantages. moisture removal method canning: their definition sterilization types of freezer advantages and disadvantages of f freezing process slow and fast freezing refrigeration systems jelly and marmalade. techniques of pickling. pre food preservation and food engineering basic cons equipment and process for dehydration of plums spoilage of canned foods 7. a) dehydration of frui types of containers and their selection various techniques of thermal processing and their definition processing and aseptic packaging 6. thermal proces classification extraction puree and paste. 5. juices (0 sauce process for the manufacture of tomato ketchup (ii) pickles and chutneys b) defects and factors preserves marmalade jellies peeling and blanching methods 3. a) ingre grading sorting composition and nutritive value of fruits and vege status and scope of fruits and vegetables industry crystallization and distillation and equipment use sedimentation homogenization and related equipment 4. sep blending kneading agitating effectiveness of screens 3. mixing mixi types of screens effects of size reduction on sensory characteristi dry and liquid foods size reduction of fibrous size reduction equipment calculation of energy required during size reducti methods and applications 2. size reduction and sorting & grading - aims . preliminary unit operation cleaning unit operation in food processing psychrometry boilers etc driers evaporators heat exchangers autoclave operation and periodical maintenance of equipments selection manometer engineer wheat kernel rice notes corn wheat milling diploma in food class notes cereals and pulses training report bikaner wala lab meat calculation of haugh unit of egg
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