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Mohammad khajavian-CV

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Mohammad khajavian-CV

  1. 1. Curriculum vitae PERSONAL INFORMATION Surname Khajavian Name Mohammad Address Postal Code 75816 93511.Iran Telephone +98912 372 7022 Fax - E-mail mohamadkhajavian@yahoo.com Viber Mohamad (0098 912 372 7022) Nationality Iran Date of birth 11 Jan. 1986 Education and training M.Sc. Course • Date Sep. 2012 to Sep. 2014 • Name and type of organisation Islamic Azad University of North Branch Tehran providing education and training " Faculty of Engineering" Duration of the program of study 2 Years • Principal subjects/occupational water and wastewater treatment skills covered Air pollution Kinetics and reactor design Advanced Mass Transfer Advanced Mathematics Advanced thermodynamic • Title of qualification awarded M. Sc. in Environmental Engineering,Chemical Engineering Final mark obtained 16.17 (Min:0 , Max: 20) B. Sc. Course • Date Sep. 2004 to February 2010 • Name and type of organisation Islamic Azad University, Iran providing education and training "Gachsaran Branch" Duration of the program of study 6 Years • Principal subjects/occupational Equipment Selection & Design skills covered Exchanger Design Unit Operations & Mass Transfer Petroleum Refining Bases Process Control • Title of qualification awarded B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering Final mark obtained 13.5 (Min:0 , Max: 20)
  2. 2. Graduation thesis (M. Sc.) Title  "Investigation of adsorption of Nickel heavy metal by treated Oman sea’s   brown  algae in the presence of interfering metal Cadmium study on kinetic and  equilibrium models"     Language Persian Supervisor Dr. Nasrollah Majidian (n_majidian@iau‐tnb.ac.ir) Thesis Summary Adsorption of heavy metals is An effective way to separation and recovery of heavy metals from aqueous solutions. In this study, the biological Adsorption of nickel and cadmium ions in a batch system in binary state by brown algae Cystoseria indica has been investigated.To investigate the biological effects of adsorption, time and the initial concentration parameters are taken into consideration, the adsorption isotherms and kinetics model was evaluated for the two metals simultaneously. According to the results of the initial concentration of nickel equal to 60 mg/l in the presence of cadmium concentration 30, 60, 130 mg / l, adsorption of nickel were 20.2 mg / l and 10.6 and 10.1 respectively and the Cd concentrations equal to 60mg/l is and nickel concentrations 30, 60 and 130 mg/l in solution exists, adsorption of cadmium were 40.1mg / l and 30.6 and 30.1 of the items within shows the synergistic effect of cadmium on the adsorption of nickel rather than synergistic effect of Ni on the absorption of cadmium is the nickel and cadmium reactions of competitions in which cadmium is crucial, system of nickel, cadmium, nickel and cadmium that is specified in the competitive reaction in which Cd is a determinant term. But as nickel ions disturb the system is involved in high concentrations of nickel, so it cannot be reduced Cd adsorption. Kinetic results showed for the first model and the second highest adsorption was performed in the first 60 minute and for intra-particle diffusion model is better than the other two models were adapted to the experimental data. After 300 minute adsorption of nickel comes 36% of total adsorption and cadmium adsorption comes 68% total adsorption that was showing that cadmium adsorption is much more rapid and balance Ni. Reference site: https://sites.google.com/site/atashnezhadamin/biodegradation‐ and‐environmental‐remediation  
  3. 3. Accepted and articles submitted Author(s) and title 1"Suface adsorption of Nickel heavy metal in presence of Cadmium on brown alaga has been processed in sea of Omman along with study of balancing model" Mohammad Khajaviana,*, Ahmad Hallaja, Nasrollah majidianb a* Tehran north Branch of Azad Universityn faculty of chemical engineering, Email: mohamadkhajavian@yahoo.com, , Tel: +98 912 372 7022 a Tehran University faculty of Chemical Engineering , Email: hallaj@ut.ac.ir , Tel: +98 919 648 0357 b Tehran north Branch of Azad University faculty of Chemical Engineering , Email: n_majidian@iau-tnb.ac.ir , Tel : + 98 912 344 7479 2"Suface adsorption of Nickel heavy metal in presence of Cobalt on brown alaga has been processed in sea of Omman along with study of balancing model" Payam Ghelichi a,*, Mohamad Khajavian a,, Ahmad Hallaj Sani b, Nasrollah Majidian c a,* Tehran north branch of Azad Universityn faculty of chemical engineering Email :payam_gh273@yahoo.com, Tel: +98 912 243 7366, a Tehran north branch of Azad University faculty of chemical engineering, Email: mohamadkhajavian@yahoo.com, Tel: +98 912 372 7022 b Tehran University faculty of Chemical Engineering, Email: hallaj@ut.ac.ir, Tel:+98 919 648 0357, c Tehran north Branch of Azad University faculty of Chemical Engineering, Email: n_majidian@iau-tnb.ac.ir , Tel : + 98 912 344 7479 Language English Accepted place Journal of Applied Sciences Acceptance letter for article 1: No.67567-JAS-ANSI , 2 : No.67568-JAS-ANSI certifications GRE - GMAT - Certifications of language knowledge TOEFL iBT, 110 (Test Date: 27 Jun. 2015) Work experience, stages, studies abroad • Date (from – to) Feb 2011 to Sep 2012 • Name and address of PFA (Petro Farayand Arya) firm/university Website: http:// www.pfa.co.ir • Type of business or sector EP Contractor in Oil & Gas, fields • Type of employment Full Time
  4. 4. • Main activities and responsibilities Position: Process expert Project: Gas injection unit Task, Responsibilities and Activities (as Process Expert):  Basis of Design   Process Simulations ( by hysys software)  Process Flow Diagrams   Heat and Material Balance   Equipment List   Equipment Sizing and Calculations   Equipment Datasheets   Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams   Material Selection   Alarm and Trip Settings   Line List   Coordination and input to other disciplines   Other various process studies and reports  Pipe Sizing and Calculations Position: Safety Expert Tasks and Responsibilities and activities (as Safety Expert):  Hazardous area classification Design of firewater systems Fire radiation calculation based on TOTAL specification (GAS-SAF-253) Preparing material requisition (MR) and material take-off (MTO) for safety equipment   Fire Proofing for oil and gas plant  Firefighting calculation  Design sprinklers (by pipe net software)
  5. 5. .  Personal skills and competences Mother tongue Persian Other language(s) English • reading Excellent • writing Excellent • speaking Good Social skills and competences match -developed and proven ability to work in a multicultural and multinational team environment Excellent communication, presentation, negotiation and ability to interact effectively with people at all levels. I mostly prepare presentations for our meetings • Date (from – to) Sep. 2014 to March 2015 • Name and address of DPS (Darya petro sazeh) firm/university Website: http://www.daryapetrosazeh.com/ • Type of business or sector Specializes in water and wastewater EPC projects • Type of employment Full time • Main activities and responsibilities Project: Water treatment by Reverse osmosis method Tasks and Responsibilities (as Process Expert):  Process Flow Diagrams Equipment List and Line List Equipment Sizing and Calculations (sand filter, carbon filter, tank, pump…)  Equipment Datasheets Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams  Material Selection  Determine number and type of membrane in Reverse Osmosis plant by ROSA software  Calculations for Chemical injection by Avista software (chlorination, …) Calculation for Antiscalant, acid, Caustics, chlor and … injection Dosing pump flow rate calculation for chemicals
  6. 6.  A highly motivated one and organized and methodical with excellent time management.  Organisational skills and competences  Ability to coordinate multiple tasks and bring projects through to successful conclusion.    Remains calm and focused under pressure and works well within strict deadlines.    A committed team player, able to motivate and inspire others and work in a cohesive team with decision making and problem solving. .    Project management skills for medium and pilot scale projects including planning evaluation, organization, leading, supervision, decision-making, monitoring, adjusting plans to accommodate changes and update situations and priorities  Technical skills and competences  Process Simulation and Modeling:. Aspen Hysys, ROSA( water treatment by RO)  / HR Department at PFA CO and DPS Co  Hydraulic Calculation: PipeNet / Training by myself.    Chemical Injection: AVISTA /HR Department at DPSCo.    Math Works: MATLAB / Training by myself   Drawing Software: AutoCAD /Training by myself    Office Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook /Training by myself    Other skills and competences  Football and Swimming    Running in the park or outdoor space  Additional information References: Dr. Ahmad Hallaj sani Dr. Nasrollah Majidian Professor at University of Tehran Professor at Azad University of Tehran College of Engineering, University Tehran north branch, Mirdamad Ave. Tehran , Iran Tehran, Iran Tel.: (+98)19 6480357 Tel.: (+98) 912 344 7479 E-mail: hallaj@ut.ac.ir E-mail: n_majidian@iau‐tnb.ac.ir

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