Presentation on World Wide Web (WWW)

takshshila junior college
15. Feb 2015

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Presentation on World Wide Web (WWW)

  1. THE WORLD WIDE WEB The World Wide Web (www) is a huge collection of documents called web pages written in HTML ( Hyper Text Mark-up Language ). These pages are linked to each other by hyperlink. When a hyperlink takes you to a picture or video , it is known as hypermedia . The World Wide Web was conceived in 1990 at CERN Switzerland , at the European Laboratory for Particles Physics by a young scientist Tim Berners Lee . The World Wide Web is now managed by a committee which is known as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  2. WEB BROWSERS A web browser can read web pages written is Hyper Text Mark-up Language ( HTML ). Browsing is using browser software to visit different websites on the World Wide Web . Browsers give you access to the millions of web pages on the World Wide Web. The Some popular Examples of Web Browsers are : Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera .
  3. URL Every websites on the Internet has a unique address known as its Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Give below are URLs of some sites :
  4. TO DOWNLOAD CHROME To download chrome follow these steps :- Type in address bar,1.) website open up
  5. 2.) Click Even More And Click Google Chrome
  6. 3.) Chrome Browser opens, then click Download Chrome Google Chrome get download in your PC.
  7. All web browsers heave an address bar . These is where we type the URL ( Uniform Resource Locator) or the address of the website we want to visit . When you enter the URL in the browser’s address bar , it causes the Home Page of the site to appear in your browser. The Home page of the website will have link to other pages of the site. Address Bar
  8. DOWNLOADING A WEB PAGE Each time you visit a web page , the browser makes a copy of the web page in your PC . In other words it download a page in your computer.
  9. SAVING A WEB PAGE To Save the web page do this : Click the control tool button > save page as > The save page window appears . Save the web page in the location you want .
  10. TO COPY TEXT INFORMATION FROM A WEB PAGE  Select the information on the webpage you need to copy by dragging your mouse .  Right click your mouse and click Copy in the short-cut menu .  Open Microsoft Word and click Paste . The select text will be copied .  Save the text file give it a name
  11. TO COPY A PICTURE OR IMAGE FROM A WEB PAGE To copy a picture or image from web page follow these steps : o Right click the image you want to save . o Click Save Picture As from the shortcut menu. The save picture dialog box appears . o Save the file in the desired location.
  12. SEARCH ENGINES The Internet is a huge storage house of information in the form of text, image and videos. To retrieve the relevant information we need a special software called a Search Engine. When we do not know the URLs of the sites which contain the relevant information, we need search engines to save us a lot of effort and time ., Alta,,, and are some popular search engines on the world wide web.
  13. WORKING WITH GOOGLE is a very popular search engine. To get to, type in the address bar of your browser. The Google homepage open up. Enter the keywords in the Google Search text box. If you are looking for information which include text and images, click the web option on top of the text box. Click Images if you are looking especially for images.
  14. TIPS FOR QUICK AND ACCURATE SEARCH 1) Give a space and a – ( minus ) sign before specific words not wanted. 2) Wildcards (*) can be used to search for a string of characters. 3) There is no need to type entire sentences. Words like of, and, which, why etc. can be avoided. 4) For a more extensive search try the Advance Search Google Search Engines.
  15. EXAMPLES OF WEB 2.0 SITES ARE FOLLOWS:  Social Networking sites like,,, etc.  Music and Videos sites like .  Image sites like, Picasa  Blogging sites like,
  16. Presented By: Directed By : Vandana Ma’am