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Tom's TEFL: Who Am I?

See my TEFL webpage at http://www.globalcitizen.co.uk

Download to enjoy the full audio/animation.

This selection of my favourite English lesson resources is adapted specifically for other Hong Kong primary children. All have an informal, fun-based approach and are original designs courtesy of yours truly.

Some Powerpoints cover several lessons and include accompanying printable worksheets and games - most can be adapted for older or younger pupils.

Please contact regarding any errors or copyright claims.

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Tom's TEFL: Who Am I?

  1. 1. Designed for Hong Kong primary children. Subject: Who Am I?
  2. 2. who am I?
  3. 3. I am round and grow on trees I am red or green You can eat me I am a fruit I know!
  4. 4. I am an… apple
  5. 5. I am sometimes smelly I always come in a set of 2 You wear me on your feet You need me for running I know!
  6. 6. I am a… pair of shoes
  7. 7. I have two hands I have 12 numbers I say ‘tick-tock’ I help you tell the time I know!
  8. 8. I am a… clock
  9. 9. I am all over Hong Kong Many people ride me each day I am big, fast and long You can use your Octopus to ride me I know!
  10. 10. I am the… MTR
  11. 11. I am a brown animal I live in trees in the jungle I love climbing I eat bananas I know!
  12. 12. I am a… monkey
  13. 13. I am a big place in Hong Kong Many children visit me each day I have rides, pandas and dolphins I am on Hong Kong Island I know!
  14. 14. I am… Ocean Park
  15. 15. I am yellow You can eat me I am a bird but cannot fly I lay eggs I know!
  16. 16. I am a… chicken
  17. 17. I am all over Hong Kong I am a small shop My name is two numbers I sell snacks and newspapers I know!
  18. 18. I am… 7-11
  19. 19. I am in the school or home I have a mouse You can use me for work or games You can use me for email I know!
  20. 20. I am a… computer
  21. 21. You use me in the summer I am fast and small You use me to keep cool I like to blow and spin I know!
  22. 22. I am a… fan
  23. 23. I am an animal I am small and black Some people are scared of me I have 8 legs I know!
  24. 24. I am a… spider
  25. 25. I am thin and white You use me every day I am usually a rectangle You write or draw on me I know!
  26. 26. I am… paper
  27. 27. My job is very dangerous I help people and animals I drive a big red truck I help put out fires I know!
  28. 28. I am a… firefighter
  29. 29. I carry children I take them to school I have many wheels I say ‘beep beep’! I know!
  30. 30. I am a… school bus
  31. 31. I am a green fruit I have many black seeds I am heavy and round I am red on the inside I know!
  32. 32. I am a… watermelon
  33. 33. You wear me in the summer I am black You wear me on your eyes I protect you from the sun I know!
  34. 34. I am some… sunglasses
  35. 35. I am small and can be any colour You find me in your pencil case I am used for colouring I come in a set I know!
  36. 36. I am a… crayon
  37. 37. I am grey or white You cannot touch me I make rain and snow There are many of me in the sky I know!
  38. 38. I am a… cloud
  39. 39. I am very clever I help people I work in a hospital I help you when you are sick I know!
  40. 40. I am a… doctor
  41. 41. I am red and round You can see me at the Autumn Festival I am made from paper There is a light inside me I know!
  42. 42. I am a… lantern
  43. 43. I am brown and soft You can dig me with a spade You can find me on the beach You can use me to make a castle I know!
  44. 44. I am… sand
  45. 45. I have no colour I am always wet I have no shape or taste You drink me everyday I know!
  46. 46. I am… water
  47. 47. I am long and orange I come from the ground Rabbits love me I am a vegetable I know!
  48. 48. I am a… carrot
  49. 49. I have four legs… … but I cannot walk Every student uses me You sit on me I know!
  50. 50. I am a… chair
  51. 51. I am light and flat I can fly, but only when it’s windy Children like to play with me I have a very long piece of string I know!
  52. 52. I am a… kite
  53. 53. I can be many different colours I live in your home I like to play with string I have four legs and say ‘miaow’ I know!
  54. 54. I am a… cat
  55. 55. I am black and white I am round and like to bounce You can kick me with your feet You use me for sports I know!
  56. 56. I am a… football
  57. 57. I am big and orange You can eat me You can put a candle inside me You can use me for Halloween I know!
  58. 58. I am a… pumpkin
  59. 59. finish the riddle
  60. 60. You wear me in the _______. I can be any colour __________________________ __________________________ I am a pair of gloves
  61. 61. I can have many toppings __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ I am a pizza
  62. 62. I _________ _____________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ I am a dinosaur!
  63. 63. I _________ _____________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ I am an umbrella
  64. 64. I _________ _____________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ I am Doraemon!
  65. 65. I _________ _____________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ I am a rainbow!
  66. 66. team task
  67. 67. In groups of 5, write your own ‘Who Am I?’ riddle and present it to the rest of the class. 5 minutes
  68. 68. worksheet
  69. 69. Finish the ‘Who Am I’ riddles and make your own!