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Branding is Dead: Long Live Brand Experience

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What is brand in 2015? Brand is no longer what the ad agency says about your product or service but what customers say, share and experience about your company.

That means how your retail staff interact with customers or how your marketing team creates conversations at your events is more important than what's said in an advertising campaign.

This is the reality of the sharing economy in 2015. Experience is only real when shared and if customers aren't sharing your brand, you might as well be invisible.

Click here to find out more about Brand Experience and why the era of Branding is dead...

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Branding is Dead: Long Live Brand Experience

  1. Branding is Dead Long Live 
 Brand Experience
  2. 73% of people said they shared something on social media while in the bathroom www.GrahamDBrown.com
  3. Welcome to 2015… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  4. …a world where everything 
 gets shared www.GrahamDBrown.com
  5. www.GrahamDBrown.com pic © GoPro …everywhere
  6. all the time… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  7. if you can’t wait to find out what Brand Experience is… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  8. www.GrahamDBrown.com then get my 
 >> free download << now
  9. www.GrahamDBrown.com but if you’re still here, let’s continue
  10. In 2015, 
 every conversation www.GrahamDBrown.com flickr © pedrosimoes7
  11. …every moment www.GrahamDBrown.com flickr © knowledge-test
  12. …every story www.GrahamDBrown.com flickr © googlisti
  13. www.GrahamDBrown.com flickr © zoetnet …creates an experience
  14. …which becomes your brand www.GrahamDBrown.com
  15. So what works in 2015? www.GrahamDBrown.com
  16. Branding? Brand Experience? or www.GrahamDBrown.com
  17. Branding is… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  18. …Tell ‘em you’re cool www.GrahamDBrown.com
  19. …Tell ‘em in a BIG way www.GrahamDBrown.com
  20. …Keep telling ‘em www.GrahamDBrown.com flickr © joaolavinha
  21. …but Branding doesn’t work 
 like it did 30 years ago www.GrahamDBrown.com
  22. Branding in 1985 www.GrahamDBrown.com
  23. Brand Experience in 2015 www.GrahamDBrown.com
  24. Branding in 1985 www.GrahamDBrown.com
  25. Brand Experience in 2015 www.GrahamDBrown.com flickr © Alant
  26. Branding in 1985 www.GrahamDBrown.com
  27. Brand Experience in 2015 www.GrahamDBrown.com
  28. Branding is dead… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  29. Long live… Brand Experience www.GrahamDBrown.com
  30. Share the love www.GrahamDBrown.com don’t forget to 
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  31. Brand Experience is… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  32. …customer storytelling www.GrahamDBrown.com
  33. …stuff worth talking about www.GrahamDBrown.com
  34. …creating value www.GrahamDBrown.com
  35. …and by the way if this presentation is of useful to you www.GrahamDBrown.com hit the LIKE button so other Slideshare users can discover it too
  36. …creating events www.GrahamDBrown.com flickr © knowledge-test
  37. …creating memories www.GrahamDBrown.com
  38. …joining the dots www.GrahamDBrown.com
  39. …reconnecting communities www.GrahamDBrown.com
  40. [google search “food trucks”] www.GrahamDBrown.com
  41. …asking “what’s broken”? www.GrahamDBrown.com
  42. …fixing pain points www.GrahamDBrown.com
  43. …taking risks www.GrahamDBrown.com
  44. [google search “artisan coffee”] www.GrahamDBrown.com
  45. …creating touchpoints online www.GrahamDBrown.com
  46. …and touchpoints offline www.GrahamDBrown.com
  47. www.GrahamDBrown.com Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room - Jeff Bezos 
 CEO Amazon
  48. which means… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  49. your brand is what people say about you www.GrahamDBrown.com
  50. and… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  51. you can’t always be in the room… www.GrahamDBrown.com
  52. Share the love www.GrahamDBrown.com don’t forget to 
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  53. they will soon forget what your brand said but they’ll always remember how you made them FEEL www.GrahamDBrown.com flickr © instantvantage
  54. www.GrahamDBrown.com want to learn how to create experiences that people share? ?
  55. People © GRAHAM D BROWN 2015 FROM BRANDING TO BRAND EXPERIENCE Traditional marketing was a Branding based approach: positioning, awareness, campaigns. In the 21st century, marketers need to focus on Brand Experience FROM OUTSIDE TO INSIDE
 Branding use to start outside the company: agencies celebrities, campaigns. Today however, Brand Experienc starts inside with th Brand Experience Sweetsp the intersection of your peop culture and metr Metrics Brand Culture TM want to know how brands like Apple, Starbucks and LEGO do it? www.GrahamDBrown.com Get these insights on the next slide…
  56. www.GrahamDBrown.com …then GET my new E-Course 
 FREE to Slideshare users Start Creating Brand Experiences Worth Sharing… FREE