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Measuring SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

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Measuring Social Emotional Learning- Global Youth Leadership Institute

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Measuring SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

  1. 1. Measuring Social Emotional Learning
  2. 2. Overview •  What is SEL •  My context •  Programs we design •  How we measure SEL •  Why SEL are the key indicators for long-term success •  Q&A
  3. 3. Warm Up Partner ConversaCons •  Who is your best teacher and why? •  How does your idenCty shape your classroom? •  Rank your global programs on a scale of 1-10
  4. 4. What is Social Emo5onal Learning SEL
  5. 5. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. ~CASEL
  6. 6. CASEL Model
  7. 7. Why SEL is the Key Metric: 90% of K-12 superintendents say students' engagement with school, hope for the future and graduaCon rates are very important measures of school effecCveness. Just one in 10 say standardized test scores are very important; 52% say they are somewhat important. Source: VALERIE J. CALDERON AND JEFFREY M. JONES, Gallup EducaCon Sept 28, 2018
  8. 8. SEL ArCcles and Research: Forbes: October 2018 Louisville Business Journal: October 2018 A growing body of research, however, suggests that academic preparaCon is only one piece of the puzzle. This research shows that teaching students to manage their emoCons, resolve conflicts, and make responsible decisions can be equally important. Chicago Tribune: October 2018 Social and emoConal intelligence are key for students of color Lynchberg VA News Advance: October 2018
  9. 9. My Context
  10. 10. THE GYLI STORY
  11. 11. Stuart Center / GYLI Team MaC Nink Exec. Director Sheeba Mays Asst. Director Ingrid Valdez Intl Program Cord. Erin English Office Mgr / Program Facilitator
  12. 12. •  HS Sequence of Programs •  160 students and teachers: CT, LA, NM, Costa Rica •  Custom programs –115 participants •  On campus workshops •  500+ participants: WI, DE, PA, NJ GYLI Scale 2018 Stuart Center
  13. 13. Stuart Center 9th Grade Retreat Speakers and Discussions Clubs Engagement Current Events Global Program Design Co-Curricular Global Travel 1 on 1 Student & Teacher Advising Classroom Collaborations Independent Study GYLI Programs
  14. 14. Programs we Design
  15. 15. Spring Break Experiences 10-14 days v  Dominican Republic v  Russia v  India v  Asia: China, Singapore, Taiwan v  California v  Pacific Northwest v  Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
  16. 16. Single School Summer Experiences 10-14 days v  France v  Asia: China, Singapore, Taiwan US State Dept 30 Day programs v  Inbound Exchange programs: Iraq, Mexico, Middle East / North Africa v  Outbound Exchanges: Costa Rica Panama
  17. 17. Full Class experiences 2-8 days v  8th Grade: New Mexico v  9th Grade: Retreat Center v  9th Grade: On campus v  10th Grade: Community engagement and service
  18. 18. Quick Overview of GYLI
  19. 19. Year 1: “Sailing in the Wake of our Ancestors”
  20. 20. Year 2: “Developing Your Personal Leadership Vision” Lama Founda*on Northern New Mexico
  23. 23. Process of Mesuring SEL 1. Create a logic model/process map 2. DisCnguish between outputs and outcomes 3. Create Pre- and Post- program evaluaCon tools 4. Train leaders and students on these elements 5. Use results to drive program changes, and curricular integraCon, and professional development
  24. 24. Environmental Sustainability Multicultural Identity Religious Pluralism Collaborative Leadership Circle of Community Service Living GYLI programs Leader Learning Plan and Reflection GYLI Framework of Experien5al Educa5on
  25. 25. GYLI Logic Model
  26. 26. Outcomes vs. Outcomes Outputs •  People served •  Hours worked •  Lessons taught •  Snap shot of quanCty at a fixed point •  Snap shot of cumulaCve quanCty Outcomes • Measure of LEARNING OVER TIME • Short, medium and long term impact • Change in habits, skills and knowledge • Change in behavior and antudes • ApplicaCon of skills and knowledge 26
  27. 27. Sample Eval Tool Year 1 Student Pre-Test
  28. 28. Ques5ons??