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3 Red Hot Social Media Tips

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Don't let the social media overwhelm your life but at same time rock in social media.

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3 Red Hot Social Media Tips

  1. 1. 3 Red Hot Social Media Tips mmspark.com
  2. 2. Social media can be overwhelming so here are three quick ways to give your social media some rocket fuel….
  3. 3. 1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles
  4. 4. 1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles  Take 5 minutes to create an optimized profile that will boost your results in the search rankings
  5. 5. 1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles  Remember to include your keywords • Think about the key phrases your ideal clients will be searching for “wedding photographer”, “dog groomer”, “marketing support” etc… • If you’re a local business include your town or area “St. Albans”, “Herts” etc…
  6. 6. 1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles  Tell people what you do and how you can help them
  7. 7. 1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles  Don’t forget to include a link to your website and other social media profiles
  8. 8. 1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles  Upload a great cover image http://mmspark.com/dominate-social-media/
  9. 9. Want more details on “how to” optimize your profile on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter Check out this video: http://mmspark.com/optimize-your-social-media-profiles/
  10. 10. Your profile is your marketing brochure so make sure it’s working well for your business
  11. 11. 2. Give a clear Call To Action
  12. 12. • Tell your fans and followers what you want them to do • Studies show that if you ASK someone to do something they’re more likely to do it • For example, when you post, ask people to LIKE, comment, share, +1, Retweet, link
  13. 13. The more interaction you have on social media, the more people will see your posts and interact with you
  14. 14. If you want to get noticed you need to create or share such good content that it causes a buzz
  15. 15. On social media, it’s all about social proof
  16. 16. 3. Use images to share your message
  17. 17. • Images trump text, links AND video (which is born out by the fact that the two fastest growing social media sites are Instagram and Pinterest) • Images work well on every social media platform because people are busy and images are quick and easy to scan • It’s true that “a picture says a thousand words”
  18. 18. Use images to entertain, educate or empower your audience
  19. 19. You’ll make more of an impact and increase your followers, and influence
  20. 20. If you’re sharing a blog post, take a screenshot of the post and attach it as an image
  21. 21. Top Tip: Include a brief introduction to the post and a link back to the article on your site Even better, include a Call To Action or ask a question
  22. 22. 3 Red Hot Social Media Tips mmspark.com