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160318 movr pitch_final

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In our challenge at THNK.org we work on our Urban mobility challenge to free Amsterdam of all parked cars!

Please help us and support us on facebook


We make it profitable to park you car outside of the city and enable you to travel in style.

By adding a movr dongel into you car, we monitor the time your car is parked outside the city. You can earn up to 2000 euro per year. For every 10 cars parked outside the city, we create two public gardens, three shared e-cars and five public parking spots.

Register now and join the new urban green luxury!

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160318 movr pitch_final

  1. 1. m movr How to create green cities without parked cars
  2. 2. m movr The current state We need a new source of green growth and a more sustainable way of urban living Amsterdam has 103.000 permit owners. Only 20% of them use their car on a weekly basis Parking places are hard to find. The city is too crowded with polluting cars Sharing as a concept has cross-generational appeal 66% of the people believe that society would be better if people shared more
  3. 3. m movr Risk of losing the permit, joy of ownership and inconvenience are the biggest barriers Citizens are wasting 100 hours per year in badly functional urban traffic Alternatives to abandon your car are not attractive The problems we face: Citizens
  4. 4. m movr Increasing costs due to traffic delays The number of serious injuries have increased by 20% Public Traffic transport is not a good alternative to abandon your car. Alternative ways of transport are neither succesfull in decreasing car ownership Urban transport is not functional The problems we face: City
  5. 5. m movr And we enable you to travel in style without owning a car We make it profitable to park your car outside the city The Solution
  6. 6. m movr We calculate the monthly monetary value of parked cars outside the city and pay the permit owners By adding a MOVR dongel into the car, we control the time the car is parked outside the city The Product
  7. 7. m movr Allocation of free spots Allocation of every 10 new free spot 2green community gardens 3shared carslots 5public parking areas 1 5 93 72 6 104 8 Car-owners transforming the city. PPP
  8. 8. m movr Ecosystem ECOSYSTEM City Centre area Park car Location + time Notification Suburban Car Space PERSONAL MOVR APP Personal and city overview LOCAL COVERNMENT € Real estate tax €€€ Public parking spots €€ License shared car services Money Data Movement Location + time Notification Money Park car Money
  9. 9. m movr Revenue Forecast : Key Statistics 3.000 2.250 0 Daily Cars outside the city Revenu in € M 750 1.500 3.750
  10. 10. m movr The roadmap Q2/2016 Founding the company & team. Improve the concept design. Q3/2016 Building the prototype. Learn and optimize. Partner negotiations. Investment round. Q4/2016 Building the first version. Extent team. Partner negotiations. Q1/2017 Launch movr. Digital & PR campaign. Q2/2017 Second investment round. Learn, optimize and measure the concept. Growth hacking. Q3/2017 Extent team. Scale up the concept to other cities.
  11. 11. m movr The Founding movr’s Mark Beekman Co-founder, CMO | Commercial leader at Binck and Graydon | > 15 years experience in marketing & sales #Growthhacking, #Leadership, #Change, #Marketingtrategy , #Digitalmarketing, Taru Möller Co-founder, CEO | Head of consumer business at TeliaSonera | > 15 years experience in consumer business #Mobile, #Finance, #Strategy, #Consumerbusiness, #Partners Ida Stople Co-founder, DesignThinker | Creative leader at Dark | Previous architect OMA | > 10 years experience in city archi- tecture/urbanism/landscape #Architecture, #Infrastructure, #Design, #Innovation, #Urbanization
  12. 12. m movr How to support movr Financial support Seed funding to allocate re- sources to: refine the concept and business model, building the prototype, and engage and align stakeholders. Partnerships Strategic partnership to develop the viable model.Access to the right people in: - Public sector. - Electronic Car Sharing - Traffic Apps development