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MLOVE ConFestival Report 2011

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The MLOVE Report summarizes crucial topics for the Future of Mobile – as much more than a technical platform or a media channel: Mobile is becoming the remote control for our lives. The content features key insights from renowned international speakers of the MLOVE ConFestival 2011 and beautiful illustrations by ImageThink, New York.

“The MLOVE ConFestival 2011 cemented its reputation as a ‘TED for Mobile’ by spoiling attendees by three days of inspirational talks and workshops” stated Will Samson, Editor at Contagious Magazine.

“We learned. We ate. We drank. We burned things!” Find out more about this atmosphere in a 200 year old castle when an eclectic group 250+ mobile passionistas and thought leaders spend 2 nights and 3 days in an inspiring event format called the MLOVE ConFestival.

The MLOVE Report features topics like communication, education, entertainment, Japan, mHealth, Singularity and Sustainability. Interactive formats documented include the first MLOVE Teen Camp, open space and Future Cubes: ideation workshops in the setting of a 200-year-old barn.

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MLOVE ConFestival Report 2011

  1. 1. Report 2011How will Mobile change your Future?Passion.Inspiration.Future of Mobile.
  2. 2. ConFestival 2011 29.06. - 02.07.2011, Schloss Beesenstedt Set in a 100 room, 19th Century pri- With three days of amazing talks, vate castle South of Berlin, Germany controversial discussions, fascinat- over three nights and 2 days, an en- ing workshops the 250+ participants gaging crowd of global mobile indus- summed up the MLOVE ConFestival try executives, entrepreneurs and with one major Zeitgeist theme: “The developers mixed with architects, positive future of society depends on scientists, musicians and social en- the balance between humanity, tech- trepreneurs to share and develop nology and commerce.””The 2011 MLOVE ConFestival The MLOVE ConFestival 2011 thanks all participants, partners andcemented its reputation as ‘a TED especially our sponsors:for mobile’ by spoiling attendeeswith three days of inspirationaltalks and workshops! – Contagious Magazine experiences in a highly interactive format and learn from each other about the opportunites that mobile presents today. The highly interactive format of the MLOVE ConFestival 2011 MLOVE ConFestival is designed to www.mlove.com create an informal and playful envi- © copyright 2011, ronment whereby Ideas are not only MLOVE ConFestival UG discussed but actually developed by teams of participants in the MLOVE Watch the documentation, Future Cubes. more interviews and presenta- tions at www.mlove.tv Creativity really took off in these Fu- ture Cubes with a highly interactive .TV ideation format. 10 future cubes in- cluded themes from mobile adver- tising to sustainability. The results where remarkable and some have the potential to be included in future products or services and to be the next big thing. 2
  3. 3. MLOVE Report Mobile will change your future!”MLOVE shows its potential as – as well as many volunteers; all of which made it possible to establish the MLOVE ConFestival. Namaste!an open innovation format where In this report we try to summarize cru-passionate participants become cial topics for the Future of Mobile – asfamily during three intense days a much more than a technical platform or media channel: Mobile is becom-and nights. ing the remote control for our lives. MLOVE is challenging innovators and entrepreneurs to involve criticalThe ideas continue to grow in the points of view, to invite participation and learn from your peers worldwideMLOVE community beyond the and to become a catalyst for positivecastle walls that act as a catalyst to change to advance mankind.spark positive change. – Harald Neidhardt We invite you to share this report, send us your feedback and become part of MLOVE – as a participant at MLOVE has established itself an in- our events, as a volunteer or partner spiring new platform to collaborate and online in our community at www. and ideate about the Future of Mo- mlove.com. bile and beyond. Harald Neidhardt I am full of gratitude for the amazing Curator & Founder, MLOVE speakers, a fantastic audience and harald@mlove.com hardworking team that was support- ed by great sponsors and partners © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 3
  4. 4. ConFestival 2011The MLOVE Zeitgeist:The positive future of society dependson the balance between humanity,technology and commerce.(Collected and synthethized during the Open Space at MLOVE 2011)© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 4
  5. 5. Intro Mobile is the Future”Passion. Inspiration. Future of Mobile. – MLOVE Theme Mobile is the power to change Small is beautiful. So is big. It does not the world in the palm of our matter where you work. All that mat- hands. ters is your passion and willingness to work together. This is MLOVE. Somewhere south of Berlin, 250 passionate individuals from about 20 Mobile is more than countries gathered in a castle. Over technology. 2 days and 3 nights, we shared ideas and personal narratives. We listened Mobile has changed the way we with open minds. We collaborated connect with one another. To fully without egos and non-disclosure embrace the possibilities of mobile, agreements. We ate. We drank. We we have to look beyond “applica- burned things. We danced not just tions” and apply some of the most until dawn but for hours after the sun basic forms of communication and came up. to sustain ourselves. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 5
  6. 6. IntroMobile is analogMere hours after arriving to the Bread is one of the building blocks ofMLOVE Castle, we gathered in the civilization. Jane Mason, founderballroom and were each given a dif- of Virtuous Bread, uses the simpleferent percussion instrument. Tam- act of baking to remind us why col-bourines. Bongos. Maracas. Led laboration is what leads to success.by REMO’s John Fitzgerald and Each ingredient—together—createshis cowbell, it did not take long to the finished product.overcome the thoughts of “I can’tdo this.” Every single person in the Getting back to the basics of whyroom was contributing equally to the and how we connect is at the heartastounding energy of a 250-person of MLOVE. The two-day “ConFes-drum circle. tival” is part TED and part Burning Man. Brief, inspirational presentations, panels, and collaboration sessions in an intimate, off-the-beaten-path set- ting bring together a group of inno- vators from every imaginable place and background with one shared commonality—a passion for chang- ing the world through mobile com- munications. There are more mobile phones than there are toothbrushes, or portable drinking water. A tool of tremendous cultural penetration and power. How can we use mobile to not only fos- ter our connection to one another, across language, race, culture, and age--but also as the change we wish to see in the world?© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 6
  7. 7. Inspirational Jonathan MacDonald Changing the future begins with “Super Cooperators” - which particu- changing perceptions and behav- lar behavior is pointed out in a book iors. Is it easier than we think? “The by Martin Nowak as fundamental in vital ingredient for success in evolu- the development of mankind. tion is cooperation,” says Jonathan MacDonald, Founder of Every Sin- He added that the opportunity here at gle One Of Us. MLOVE is to use our in-built human capability, in harmony with each oth- MLOVE advisory board member er, and with cooperative technology Jonathan invited the audience to be for the advancement of mankind.”Namaste: The divinitywithin me salutes the divinitywithin you. – Jonathan MacDonald © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 7
  8. 8. Inspirational Thomas Goetz “Human behavior is the linchpin of many of our global problems,” says Thomas Goetz, Executive Editor of Wired. “Feedback loops help to address this behavior in small but favorable ways – show evidence, relevance, and consequence.””10% is the magic number foreverything. Change behavior by 10%and change the world. – Thomas GoetzThomas presented his Wired (US)title story (August, 2011) © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 8
  9. 9. Inspirational Peter Hale Small is beautiful. Small can create extraordinary things. And often it is the most extraordinary that is ob- served or created through the simple desire for joy. “Really small things can bring immense joy. Personality goes a long way when it comes to simple joy,” says Peter Hale, de- signer & co-founder of GBH. “Basic ingenuity can bring joy. The random collisions and the way things come together can bring joy. Analog can be joyful—there’s a humanity and warmth which is often lacking in digital.” Indeed. To fully embrace the possibilities of mobile technology, we need to un- derstand one thing. And this one thing must be at the heart of every- thing we do. Mobile is nothing if it is not human.”So what I’m talking about isfinding joy in simple things bybeing thoughtful and makingmore of less. – Peter Hale © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 9
  10. 10. InspirationalCorvida Raven, Daniel Graf Technology is not everything – even those at the forefront of mobile un- derstand this crucial truth. But mo- bile technology can change lives, and the opportunity to do so expands every day. “It is now entirely possible to innovate with little to no resourc- es,” says Daniel Graf, Director of Google’s Mobile Apps Lab. “This is evident in the success of tiny start-The possibilities with mobile are end- ups where there are only one or twoless. Now it is only a question of how creating and developing.”we put the power of mobile into thehands of everyone. “Mobile is still aluxury,” says Corvida Raven, partof the TED staff and founder of She-Geeks.net. “We talk of the promiseof mobile, but we need to ensure it isaccessible to everyone.”© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 10
  11. 11. Health Adele Waugaman When disaster strikes, mobile tech- has replaced error-prone, paper- nology can play a critical role in both based recordkeeping and reduced rescue and relief efforts. Mobile delay in patient care. It has also led technology connects three times to improved clinical outcomes and as many people as landlines. The reduced treatment costs, as well as United Nations and Vodafone have served as an effective tool for data joined forces to not only improve di- collection, record access, and the”Today’s mobile phones are more tracking of public health outbreaks and disease.powerful than the computers usedby NASA in 1969. – Adele Waugaman saster response through mobile re- search & innovation, but also to im- prove global health. Over £15M has been invested in one of the United mHealth also educates. SMS alerts Nations Foundations largest joint support public health and behav- partnerships with the private sector. ioral change campaigns. The more A result of this partnership, mHealth mobile technology integrates itself into developing countries, the farther they go. “Developing nations are the fastest-growing markets for cellular phones,” says Adele Waugaman, Senior Director of the Technology Partnerships for the United Nations Foundation. “Of the 5.3B mobile subscriptions in 2010, 3.5B were in these countries.” © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 11
  12. 12. Singularity Yuri van Geest, Russell Buckley Encompassing the entire bio-neuro- potentially develop a DNA-based nano-AI-robots realm, singularity economy,” says van Geest. “The ulti- also may play the key role in the mate in personalization.” future of health care. Mobile offers the potential to go far beyond track- Singularity occurs when humans ing workout plans or caloric intake. transcend biology, opening up end- According to Yuri van Geest, ex- less possibilities in artificial intelli- ponential growth of technological gence & robotics. One day, everyone progress will soon go far beyond the could live in the cloud and believe storage of health data and into the it to be the real world. Considered world of medical testing. both frightening and thrilling, the”Making the invisible visible and controversy surrounding singular- ity will obviously increase--just as exponential growth ensures rapidsocial. This is planned serendipity. technological advancements. “What happens when machines decide– Yuri van Geest they can do a better job than us? This occurs only when we create a It is already possible to manage computer with enough power to cre- diabetes and test one’s blood for ate another computer,” says Mob- glucose levels (iGBStar®) through happy’s Russell Buckley. While the iPhone. Imagine being able to this may not happen in the immedi- test for HIV, Tuberculosis, and even ate future, it has been nonetheless a cancer from your phone. Would the fear of humanity since the industrial power to map at your fingertips lead revolution--but to deny the pursuit of to a utopian existence or restrictive, such innovation may also prohibit Gattaca-esque society? “We can human evolution. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 12
  13. 13. Sustainability Bernd Kolb “The best way to predict the future is to invent it,” says Bernd Kolb, founder of the Club of Marrakesh, an organization of international inno- vators alive with the entrepreneur- ial spirit and a firm commitment to achieving sustainability through prof- itability. How can mobile help insure a strong future for both our ecosys- tems and economies?”Ways of being and civilizationsare not static and they are notinvincible no matter how seeminglypervasive and omnipotent. – Bernd Kolb © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 13
  14. 14. Sustainability Michael Bültmann Large companies need to commit In addition to recycling, Nokia cus- themselves to not just making mon- tomers in European nations may ey, but also making a better future download an app focused showing for our planet. them how to reduce carbon emis- sions while traveling throughout the Environmental solutions as strategy continent. are the core component of Nokia’s innovation plan. “If you focus on Nokia also strives to improve the making things better and more sus- lives of those in both developed tainable, this trickles down to every- and developing countries through one and everything involved,” says mobile. Nokia Life Tools offer local- Michael Bültmann, Managing Di- rector of Nokia GmbH. Nokia encourages the recycling of their mobile products, and in the past 10 years have reduced the environ- mental impact of phone production by 65%.”If you focus on making things ization, information, education, andbetter and more sustainable, this entertainment. Nokia Money, a suite of personal finance tools, has beentrickles down to everyone and successful in both India and several African nations.everything involved. – Michael Bültmann © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 14
  15. 15. Education Aape Pohjarvirta, E. Tamés Mobile technology is already altering indispensible classroom tool in both the way we learn. In many parts of the high schools and universities. What world today, a young child may grow began as a pilot program with 6 stu- up in a touch-screen reality. We can dents has now reached over 3000, improve literacy through ease-of-use and recently won the World Sum- and engagement. Mobile facilitates mit Award for Best Mobile Learning collaboration in the classroom, and Model in Latin America. “When we even students with learning disabili- gave them the phones, they started ties are benefitting from this shift to interacting. Working together, shar- a more involved, more cooperative ing, and most importantly discuss- learning environment. ing,” says Tamés. Mexico is cur-”This is the first time in the history rently working on implementing the program nationwide.of mankind that every single one Transforming content from Finland’s leading elementary education sys-of us could change our future if we tem into a mobile application called Ympyra (Finnish for circle), Aapeknew how to do it. – Aape Pohjarvirta Pohjarvirta seeks to take mobile learning worldwide. “Look at Mexico. It works. Mobile has made learning For the past 3 years, Enrique so scalable, so fast. Do you want to Tamés Muñoz of the Tecnológico be the reason for the future or an ex- de Monterrey in Mexico City has cuse,” says Pohjarvirta. “Let’s make been turning the smart phone into an this dream real.” © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 15
  16. 16. Japan Kei Shimada The very near future of mobile has Japan was also the first nation to already arrived. In Japan. Mobile in- propose universal adoption of LTE ternet, cameras, and MMS are just a mobile technology. “LTE is the new few of the innovations that originat- super-mobile network,” says Zoltan ed here. 9 out of 10 Japanese resi- Bickel, LTE Director for Vodafone dents use mobile data services—ap- Germany. proximately 75% of which use their phones beyond messaging. “Inno- “LTE operates at a lower frequency, vation is facilitated through revenue offering a larger reach. What appli- sharing favoring the content provid- cations are possible over this mas- ers over the mobile carriers,” says sive bandwith have the potential to Kei Shimada, Founder and CEO change people’s lives.” of Infinita Inc.”Japan is a hub for notonly innovation, but long-termvision. – Kei Shimada In Japan, your mobile can be used to improve your golf swing, to calculate how many steps you take in a day. It’s an affordable concierge provider to over 4M. Mobile phones even act as one’s pass on what is arguably the world’s most-sophisticated rail network. At McDonald’s, not only may you pay with your phone, you may also redeem coupons based upon your purchase history at the register. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 16
  17. 17. JapanKudo, Mizukawa, Kitamura“Mobile can reduce limitations andlead to an increase in communi-cation. Visual communication re-duces limitations across the globe,transcending borders, nations,cultures, and languages,” saysTakeshi Kudo, Chief Editor ofTeam Lab.In 2010, Dentsu’s Team Lab devel-oped one of the biggest revelationsin mobile-based augmented reality.iButterfly Plus made its internationaldebut at MLOVE. The popular Japa-nese iPhone app is location-basedAR, where users “catch butterflies.”Created in Tokyo through ButterflyCorporation and Dentsu’s Mobile ArtLab, iButterfly is both a game andpromotional tool encompassing GPSand motion sensor technology.iButterfly Plus was launchedexclusivly at MLOVE 2011 byDENTSU’s Takeshi Mizukawaand iButterfly CEO, KatsutoshiKitamura.© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 17
  18. 18. Communication Martin Lange More than anything and at the high- “Some marketplaces never change, est level, mobile is about one thing: even if technology has entered,” says Communication. Whether its how Martin Lange, Executive Market- we communicate with our friends & ing Director of Mobile@Olgivy. family, or how brands communicate their product, communication is at Location is everything in retail and the heart of each & every marketing now location is in your pocket. It is on (and mobile) endeavor. your phone. And people still use the opinions of their peers to make deci- Communication must be broken sions about the products they want down into the basics. It does not to buy. The journeys of consumers matter whether we are talking about are no longer linear. They can begin fostering connections or commerce. at any time, and companies need to”Some marketplaces never adapt and prepare.change, even if technology hasentered. – Martin Lange © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 18
  19. 19. Communication Dr. Bernd Becker Volkswagen has successfully imple- “Closer and more profitable consum- mented brand initiatives through er relationships were made possible taking the sales process online and by innovative usage of digital chan- mobile. In 2009, the Volkswagen nels,” says Dr. Bernd Becker, Golf GTI was the first automobile to Head of Consumer Interaction Man- be launched digitally. Over 5 million agement at Volkswagen Internation- downloads ensued, making it the top al. “We improved information and app in 36 countries. 50% of Golf GTI service to both Volkswagen dealers sales were to new owners, and even and customers.” more astounding, the cost-per-sale ratio was 97% less than at traditional launch.”Closer and more profitableconsumer relationships were madepossible by innovative usage ofdigital channels. – Dr. Bernd Becker Volkswagen desired to further strengthen the relationship with their customers. So they gave them a voice. In car-crazy China, Volkswa- gen recently asked what kind of car do you want? The People’s Car Project launched in May, creating a social platform where potential customers could de- sign the car they wanted to drive— and help the automaker create “the Volkswagen model of the future.” Less than two months later, there are over 20,000 registered users, and the car creator option drives over 50% of traffic to the site. Personalizing digital relationships and experiences is key in today’s marketing strategies. Mobile apps can help do this, especially when one considers the average smartphone user has 30 apps on their phone, 9 of which they have used within the past month. Just think of the market- ing possibilities. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 19
  20. 20. Music Chamillionaire “We’ve seen the tech industry knock Mobile just gives us another way to down the music industry. Tech is tell stories, and hear the stories of changing the future,” says Grammy- others. Mobile has given artists new winning rap artist Chamillionaire. ways to share their art and to con- “The music industry is a dinosaur nect with their fans. and they’ve made a lot of mistakes ignoring technology.” Mobile has turned the music industry upside down, but in the end, it is still about music. And music is the art of storytelling.”Mobile has changed the industry,enabling me to connect directly withmy fans. – Chamillionaire © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 20
  21. 21. Music Justin Ellington Mobile has created an entirely new Mobile not only connects the fan to sort of jam session. “Digitization has the artist, but to music itself. The way changed what is defined as collabo- we express ourselves is enhanced ration. Now you can create across not only by what we listen to on our distances. Is this better? What about sharing a physical space and bouncing ideas off one another,” says producer & composer Justin Ellington. “I take your story and I give it back to you audibly.” “The new band might look different, but it’s coming back. Technology creates immediate opportunities. Mobile speeds up the process. You phones. Maybe we can’t sing or play don’t need instruments. Your phone an instrument, but now we can find can make the beats.” the musician within ourselves.”Technology creates immediate Because we all have a story to tell.opportunities for music. – Justin Ellington Music Session Co-Curated by Beverly W. Jackson © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 21
  22. 22. This is MLOVE Opportunities & Passion This is what MLOVE is all about. Re- alizing and embracing the opportu- nities that mobile technology affords us. Opportunities driven by much more than profit or ego. Opportuni- ties driven by the inherent desire to change the world and empower those around us, regardless of ge- ography, language, or culture. End- less opportunities.”Namaste. Endless opportunities which may be fully realized when we grasp one simple thing: Passion. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 22
  23. 23. Future Cubes In the Box, Instead of out What do you need for shaping the with enough room to generate and future? An old barn with plain white share ideas and that inspires and walls, some paint, post-its and great stimulates through exploring beyond minds from all over the world that the comfort zone. are passionate about mobile com- munication. In teams attendees developed so- lutions and creative ideas on how mobile technology will influence our thinking about · advertising · health · education · music & entertainment · gaming · sustainability In the surreal environment of a 115 · data safety/ownership year old castle’s barn, somewhere · research & development in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, about 250 entrepreneurs, strategists, cre- in the future. During the idea genera- ative thinkers, innovators and other tion process the focus was solely on the topic of each cube.”Future Cubes: Stimulation of The remoteness of the castle barn, but also the fact that you can freelycognitive flexibility and motivation use the space and materials around you without being led by any kind ofto create. – Darja Carl structure stimulates cognitive flex- ibility and frees up motivation to cre- visionary MLOVErs took the chal- ate. Cognitive flexibility and motiva- lenge to imagine, how mobile tech- tion are important resources in an nology will change our future. ideation process and enhance the chance of highly original ideas for Thinking about the future of high-end new products or new ways of using technology in a barn of a pretty aged mobile technology in the future. castle seems a rather radical con- trast at first, but creates its own dy- The process was moderated by namic in the creative process at this Julia Leihener from Telekom Cre- very unique event. From research ation Center in Berlin and Jonathan we know that creative outcomes are MacDonald from EverySingleOneO- a function of personal abilities and fUs in London. The ideas aimed to the context, in which we create. In proactively shape the future by dis- the FUTURE CUBES at MLOVE covering latent customer demands ConFestival we created an environ- instead of just reacting to well-known ment that provided the attendees needs. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 23
  24. 24. Future Cubes In the Box, Instead of out In the process the groups built up While being known for killing intrinsic intrinsic motivation, that means that motivation and therefore creativity, they enjoyed the process of creat- competition can be stimulating, when ing itself, instead of solely perform- it is integrated within a cooperative ing due to external pressures. This environment. In the Future Cubes became evident when after two long attendees chose the topic they were days and one afternoon of inten- most passionate about and worked sive working together without many on their ideas together and therefore breaks they resisted to finish to stop could benefit form both: collective working on the projects. Instead they collaboration and the activating ele- asked for additional time and after ment of competition. over two hours of idea generation presented their results in the forum in the most enthusiastic and inspir- ing way. Although the brainstorming in groups approach is widely-used in organiza- tions, it falls short in some parts. One of its downsides is the fact that in a group discussion only one person can speak at a time. Finally, four ideas made it to the TOP”In the Future Cubes, where the 3 neck-to-neck: WINNER:communication modes range from - a holistic approach to entertainment through the integration of a watchingdiscussing, painting, pinning cards (video), a reading (books), a sound (song) and a gaming experience (forto brainmapping and nobody is in- MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT)terrupted in his/her own creative RUNNERS-UP:process. – Darja Carl - a spanning the generations, in- tegrative approach to education in schools (for EDUCATION) To spice this creative exercise up a - an innovative application that ana- little bit, an MLOVE award was an- lyzes individual stress patterns and nounced for the best idea. To em- demands and suggests individual brace one of the MLOVE leading measures for stress reduction (for principles “It’s about the people” we HEALTH) let everybody vote, instead of relying - new applications that allow to com- on a smaller jury. bine technology with human factors with unlimited possibilities, such as embanking the spreading of viruses through early virus detection (for SINGULARITY) © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 24
  25. 25. Future Cubes In the Box, Instead of out The winner team received the MLOVE Future Cube award at the inaugural award ceremony during the final dinner on Friday. The glass cube with a fluorescent bulb and an MLOVE logo is a symbol for gain- ing new insights personally, as well as professionally and generating new, original ideas throughout the intense program of three full days of MLOVE. The unique experience and the feel- ing of sharing the same values with people from totally different parts of the world instantly establishes a mutual community spirit amongst MLOVERs. It is frequently described as family by attendees. This enabling”Passion, boldness andenvironment makes for unique,rich and unforgettable experienceat MLOVE – Darja Carl environment, passion for shaping The Future Cubes the future and the boldness to rely were kindly supported by on your instincts made the Future Cubes experience- and even more than that - the MLOVE experience unique, rich and unforgettable. Thank you, MLOVERs! © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 25
  26. 26. Teen Camp A Voice for our Future”. On April 2011, the Design Thinking During this time, the teams applied School at the Hasso-Plattner Insti- the Design Thinking process to the tute in Potsdam has been challenged challenge. to design an attractive venue for the teenagers of the MLOVE Confestival First they went through a phase of that would enable them to actively understanding and observing: with a create the future of mobile commu- 360 degree Research that included nication. interviews with the MLOVE partners and its collaborators; with experts in With this challenge in mind, two development psychology and mobile teams of 10 interdisciplinary stu- media; group interviews with teen- dents, experts in Physics, Cultural agers, questionnaires, participatory Management, Design, Psychology, observation in museums and other Film, Economics, Education and cultural venues; internet and biblio- Multimedia went through a 6 weeks graphical research. project whose results where part of the MLOVE TeenCamp 2011. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 26
  27. 27. Teen Camp A Voice for our Future The goal of the MLOVE Teen camp In the Future, teens wish for more in- was to provide a fun event for the novation and cheaper rate plans and teenagers where they can think devices – plus they wish to have an about the future of mobile communi- undestroyable cell phone and a la- cation in a playful manner. ser screen instead of a display. The results of the teen-camp were After three days of MLOVE, observ- presented in a teen panel on stage ing workshops, speeches, teens and at the MLOVE ConFestival. adults; speaking to many different people about their opinions and ex- pressions, many more insights have”MLOVE Teen Camp was a blast! been gained that help for a further development of the MLOVE Teen- Camp conference design for 2012.It was awesome to get to know so The Teencamp Summarymany cool new friends from allaround Europe! – Antonia Neidhardt · MLOVE Teen camp is a changing life experience. · The adults loved the teenager in the open space – more mixed pro- Insights from MLOVE Teen gramming is desired Camp · Parents support the educational Teenagers use social networks, approach Chats, SMS and Mails to share their thoughts, dreams and wishes with · The venue can be even more wild their best friends. Most teenagers and crazy! are Smartphone owners. Teenagers find it cool when their friends have the same Smartphone. Boys and girls use their Smartphone and apps differently: Boys play more games on Smart- phones than girls do. Girls have a stronger need to express their feel- ings with friends on social platforms, for instance. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 27
  28. 28. SpeakersMLOVE ConFestival 2011Aape Pohjavirta Ariel GreifmanFounder, Chancellor & CEO, Principal Research Analyst,Ympyra MediaMindAdele Waugaman Dr. Bernd BeckerSenior Director, Head of Consumer InteractionTechnology Partnership, Management, VolkswagenUnited Nations Foundation Bernd KolbAndreas Haug Founder,Managing Partner, Club of MarrakesheVenture Capital Partners Beverly W. JacksonAndrew J. Scott Co-Curator, MLOVE MusicCo-Founder, Magical Jaguar Director Marketing & Social Media, Recording Academy (GRAMMY’s)Antonia Philippa NeidhardtCo-Curator, MLOVE Teen Camp Chamillionaire GRAMMY-Award winning Musician© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 28
  29. 29. Speakers MLOVE ConFestival 2011Corvida Raven Mike ButcherTechnology Writer & Social Media Editor, TechCrunch EuropeStrategist, Founder and Editor ofSheGeeks.net; TED staff Peter Hale Designer and co-founder, GBHDaniel GrafDirector of Mobile Apps Lab, Redg SnodgrassGoogle Strategic Alliance / Innovation, Alcatel-LucentEnrique Tamés MuñozDean, School of Humanities, John Fitzgerald Russell BuckleyTecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico Manager of Recreational Music Editor, MobHappy Activities, Remo Inc. CMO, Eagle EyeEthan NadelCo-Curator, Teen Camp Jonathan MacDonald Takashi Kudo Co-Founder, this fluid world Chief Editor, Team-LabDr. Gunnar Bender Founder, Every Single One Of UsHead of Corporate Takeshi MizukawaCommunications, Justin Ellington Planning Director, Dentsu, JapanE-PLUS Group Composer, Producer Thomas GoetzHarald Neidhardt Katsutoshi Kitamura Executive Editor,Founder of MLOVE, CEO, iButterfly Corporation WIRED Magazine (USA)Curator, MLOVE ConFestival Kei Shimada Thomas MendrinaIzzy Lawrence Founder and CEO, Infinita Inc. Country Manager DACH,DJ / Radio & TV Presenter / Blogger Admeld Kendell Rennee KellyJane Mason Esq., Kendell Kelly, P. C. Will SansomBaker, writer and Writer & Consultant,social entrepreneur Martin Lange Contagious Communications Executive Marketing Director &Jean Schmitt Global Lead of Mobile@Ogilvy, Yuri van GeestMangaging Partner, JoltTech and OgilvyOne Worldwide Founder, Trend8Venture Partner, Sofinnova Partners Dr. Michael Bültmann Zoltan Bickel Managing Director, Nokia GmbH Vodafone Germany, Director LTE View all speaker presentations at: www.mlove.tv © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 29
  30. 30. StartUp & Jury1. MLOVE StartUp CompetitionWinner 2011: Jury:Booklet Mobile, Berlin Andreas Haug,Michael von Roeder eVenture PartnersRunners Up: Daniel Graf,ToothTag, Neuaer, L.A. GoogleDave Mathews Jean Schmidt,Pistachio, Berlin JoltTech & SofinnovaAnthony Barba Mike Butcher,Privowny, Paris TechCrunch EuropeHervé Le Jouan Ralf-Dieter Wagner,Slick Flick, London AccentureMaria Constantinescu Moderated by: Andrew J. Scott© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 30
  31. 31. An Open Letter to the FTCKendell R. Kelly for MLOVEMLOVE respectfully submitted Here are the details:these following Comments inresponse to the request by “the” FTC guides, generally, are useful be-following Federal Trade Com- cause they provide consumers withmission (“FTC” or “Commis- increased certainty in a sometimession”) for proposed revisions turbulent marketplace. They areto its Guidance to Businesses also helpful to businesses to provideAbout Online Advertising (“Dot clarity on how the Commission inter-Com Disclosures”). prets its authority in a certain area.MLOVE Ideal Revisions The Dot Com Disclosures were pub- lished in 2000 and the landscape ofNo Regulation or Collaborative – In- advertising and sales on the Inter-dustry Self Governance is ideal. If net has changed dramatically sincenot, then. This dated guidance did not contemplate the existing mobile· Rules & Regulations consistent market nor the developing point-of-with the practices of the rest of the sale and location-based marketsworld. that have grown concurrently with developments in mobile technology.· Allow for competition and com-merce to flow throughout the world- Although we understand and wel-wide mobile marketplace. come the request for Comments, we believe that past revisions have only· Clear & Easy User Control Interface resulted in market confusion, and in(preferably by FTC Standard) over this case we purport that trend wouldadvertising and marketing delivery, be repeated. From our research, inincluding benefits for opting in. the past, the Commission has fa- vored and encouraged self-regula-· Consumer has clear understand- tion in emerging markets such asing of value proposition relative to the Internet; showing preference toinformation sharing and content ac- maintain the standard principles thatceptance. have guided commerce effectively for almost three decades.· Standard Terms and Conditionsparagraph, mandated by the FTC, The stated purpose of the proposedexplaining how to access and use revision is to give the Dot Com Dis-the above mentioned User Control closures more relevance reflectingInterface. the changes to the industry since they were published, but as this area is still developing new regulations at this time may have a chilling effect on United States commerce especially with nations that have advanced fur- ther in mobile technology.© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 31
  32. 32. An Open Letter to the FTC Kendell R. Kelly for MLOVE MLOVE provides a plethora of op- the majority of the online and mobile portunities for event participants to tech community -- there should be collaborate, create and plan for our no new regulation. Specifically, in collective mobile future. regards to mobile, the belief is that the FTC cannot and should not be- One such opportunity for intense gin to create additional regulations exchange and thought is targeted specifically for mobile because the examination in an MLOVE Future start of regulation will only lead to Cube. It was there that we brain- further regulation. Mobile advertis- stormed the implications of revisions ers already face challenges in intro- to the FTC’s Dot Com Disclosures. ducing new products and services to Soon our blank slate was colored potential customers -- as technology with theory and questions -- the re- moves quicker, broader regulations sult is synopsized and reproduced, can begin to hinder commerce and with just a few less post-its! advancement. Advertisers under- stand the current rule - If the disclo-”If we must be regulated, allow the sure of information is necessary to prevent an advertisement from be- ing deceptive, then it must be clearonline and mobile communities to and conspicuous -- so translating those rules for effective use on theregulate ourselves. – Kendell Renee Kelly small screen of a handheld device should be the extent of change not a new set of regulations to learn then conform to. The MLOVE “FTC Comment” Fu- ture Cube produced a cross-section The United States online and mobile of opinions of the mobile commu- communities have already begun to nity from varied national, cultural regulate themselves and collabo- and technical backgrounds. From rate with their colleagues across the Japan to Germany and back to the globe. Organizations such as the United States, a common thread Word of Mouth Marketing Associa- that everyone working in the mobile tion (WOMMA), the Mobile Market- space appears to know is that there ing Association (MMA) and the In- is much more to come than has cur- teractive Advertising Bureau (IAB) rently been created, launched or have begun to codify standards and monetized. This common belief, not best practices across various areas surprisingly, also ties together the of online and mobile advertising. MLOVE segment of the mobile com- munity relative to how they believe These standards are regularly up- the growing, global mobile market- dated with technological advance- place should be regulated. ment because they are created by professionals engaged in the online As a general rule, the sentiment in and mobile marketing industries ev- the MLOVE Future Cube reflects eryday. Who better to perfect stan- © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 32
  33. 33. An Open Letter to the FTCKendell R. Kelly for MLOVEdards in these emerging areas than that could be caused. The mobilemarketing professionals familiar with market is growing exponential, butexisting Commission regulations and still has a long way to go. Stymyingexperts on the new technology? that growth with regulations, espe- cially those not present for the restSelf regulation and market correc- of the world, could cripple the US’stion has worked in other parts of the ability to participate in global mobileworld (examples submitted to FTC). advancement and the marketplace associated therewith.If Commission must impose ad-ditional regulation, it should think As users move through their dayglobally, consider trade implications buying products, “checking-in,” usingof technological advances abroad, wi-fi and the like, thousands of datathe potential for new international points are being transmitted. Thoseconsumers and do nothing to hinder data points can then be aggregatedcommerce. to target marketing pushes based on the known interests of the consumer,Worldwide spending on mobile also known as behavioral advertisingadvertising is predicted to be US -- preference data collected is paired$3.3 billion in 2011 then sky rocket with user identifying data then cor-to $20.6 billion in 2015, driven by related to make suggestions.search ads and local ads. The issue of disclosure should beIf the Commission must impose ad- key to any guidance provided rela-ditional regulations, there should be tive to this type of online and mobileno additions that interfere with global advertising.commerce, creativity or competition. Specifically, consumers should be “Data is the New Oil.” Clive given clear, conspicuous disclosureHumby’s quote is the new cliche regarding what is collected, a clearof the online and mobile industries way to stop the action or modify theand much like the energy industry, type of data being shared. Ideally,if unchecked, regulation could be a in order to provide consumers withfinancial block to entry into a once easy control over their data, eachthriving open field. In making regu- application collecting data should in-lations, it is imperative not to favor clude a web or mobile based “Userencumbrance and thus make barri- Control Interface” that allows usersers to competition so high that new to opt in or out at their leisure.entrants are excluded or stalwartsbecome preferred. Further, any newrules or regulations should respect Video LINK:the potential damage to creativity http://www.vimeo.com/25554360© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 33
  34. 34. AtmosphereWork Hard.© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 34
  35. 35. AtmospherePlay Hard.© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 35
  36. 36. Media Feedback TechCrunch, Europe MLOVE – Trying to figure out The event covered the areas of edu- the future of mobile, the uni- cation, health, entertainment, com- verse and… everything munication and – in part because I insisted – commerce (which ended Mike Butcher, Editor, Tech- up being a major theme). Crunch Europe Meanwhile, a “Teen Camp” lets a MLOVE has been something of an group of European teenagers spin underground movement the last up ideas of their own separate to the couple of years. Billed as a ‘confes- main conference and present their tival’ it’s more like the kind of three- thoughts at the end. It was a sober- day off-the-wall workshop with a few ing dose of a teenagers eye-view of (excellent, mind) keynote speeches the world. that you might have found happen- ing in the Mission district during the Speakers included Thomas Goetz, 1960s. There is a lot of high concept Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, thinking about not just the future of Katsutoshi Kitamura who went over mobile and its effects on society, but the augmented reality game iBut- the future of society itself. terfly (try it on your iphone – with a special MLOVE edition – for first”…it’s the connections and the time outside of Japan). And Grammy Award winning Musician Chamillion- aire talked about his adventures inconversations that seem to be the tech. A startup competition crowned Berlin based bookletmobile, whichmain win at this event. – Mike Butcher brings booklets to mobile devices based on location. In part because MLOVE entertains The event culmates with the MLOVE just 250 people (only 150 in 2010) Future Cubes, which have to pro- and its 200 miles form Berlin, you duce 10 themes from the event. get to interact with the speakers in The resulting conclusion of all this a way you might not at other confer- workshopping was deep, though ences. a tad vague: “The positive future of society depends on the balance Held in an 18th century castle in the between humanity, technology and former East Germany, participants, commerce.” drum to a beat set down by organis- er Harald Neidhardt (interviewed No matter, it’s the connections and below), but he is a benign curator, the conversations that seem to be bringing in speakers from all over the main win at this event. the world to share their knowledge of mobile and creativity. Posted here: http://eu.techcrunch. com/2011/07/13/mlove-trying-to- figure-out-the-future-of-mobile-the- universe-and-everything/ © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 36
  37. 37. Media Feedback Contagious Magazine MLOVE ConFestival, perfectly by Dr Bernd Becker - head A Round Up of consumer interaction manage- ment at Volkswagen International - An eclectic selection of develop- who talked through some of the auto ers, marketers and even venture brand’s most successful mobile ex- capitalists congregated for the 2011 ecutions. MLOVE ConFestival last week Other highlights included a thorough- Held in an ever-so-slighty delapi- ly engaging talk from Grammy award- dated, but thoroughly charming 18th winning rapper, Chamillionaire, who Century castle two hours outside of discussed the importance of putting Berlin, the 2011 MLOVE ConFestival the fan at the centre of all interactive cemented its reputation as ‘a TED activity. Katsutoshi Kitamura, CEO for mobile’ by spoiling attendees of the Butterfly Corporation also in- with three days of inspirational talks, troduced a special MLOVE edition workshops and even a live mobile of Contagious’ favourite augmented start-up pitching competition! reality game, iButterfly +, operating for first time outside of Japan. Our very own writer and consultant, Will Sansom, kicked off proceedings ‘MLOVE shows its potential as an on day three with a presentation on open innovation format where pas- Contagious trends and technologies, sionate participants become family contextualised with some stand- to work even closer in sharing and”…the 2011 MLOVE ConFestival learning during three intense days and nights. The ideas continue to grow in the MLOVE community be-cemented its reputation as ‘a TED yond the castle walls that act as a catalyst to spark positive change’,for mobile’ by spoiling attendees said Harald Neidhardt, MLOVE founder and curator of the MLOVEwith three days of inspirational ConFestival.talks and workshops! – Will Sansom LINK: http://www.contagiousmagazine.com/ out mobile campaigns from the last 2011/07/mlove_confestival_2011.php quarter. He was followed by Martin Lange - executive marketing director & global lead of Mobile, OgilvyOne Worldwide - whose agency perspec- tive on the importance of research and data in teasing out relevant con- sumer insights, was complemented © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 37
  38. 38. Audience Feedback MLOVE, I love you By Ralf Rottmann, 24100.net Thanks god, MLOVE does not suf- fer from “tech celebrification”. The MLOVE 2011 is over and somehow I speaker and attendee lineup was wish, it could have lasted forever. impressive. But it’s not the MG Sieglers or Michael Arringtons that Last year, my MLOVE post was titled you meet during MLOVE. In fact, at “It’s all about the people“. LeWeb 2010 those guys were es- corted like superstars, as if they had This year, I struggled finding a head- to escape their audience. At MLOVE, line, that would potentially express Thomas Goetz the Executive Editor it even better. I couldn’t. MLOVE for WIRED Magazine and Chamil- 2011 still was all about the people lionaire, a Grammy-winning rapper, and hopefully that aspect will never could very well end up next to you change. during dinner or in one of the Fu- ture Cubes, applying design thinking Covering the spirit and nature of methodologies to complex problems. MLOVE in a blog post is virtually im- After all, we’re all just humans and in possible. You have to be there and this together. experience it yourself to completely understand it. Big company names just mean nothing. The MLOVE team made a”It’s like coming home. MLOVE is good decision not even printing the name of the company you belong to on your badge. At MLOVE whethera truly international event. People you’ve been sent by a giant telco orfrom all over the world gather in the just launched your one-man-pas- sion-startup, everybody gets treatedMLOVE castle. It always feels like equally. In other words: You get an audience because of what you havefamily. That is a fantastic! – Ralf Rottmann to say, not whom you work for. What happens at MLOVE, stays at So this year, here is my unordered MLOVE. During his opening remarks, list of feelings and observations that Harald Neidhardt put it this way: “We I’d like to share with you: try to make you leave your comfort zone. And hopefully find a new one MLOVE still is the one and only in- here at MLOVE.” And while it takes dustry event – if one can even name MLOVE newbies some getting used it like this – that I’d pay for privately to, I’ve never seen so many people to attend. I’ve had the pleasure to whom I just met opening up like this. visit SXSW, LeWeb, eComm, NEXT A truly rewarding experience. Conference, WWDC and many oth- ers in my professional life. Don’t get me wrong. Those are great confer- ences. But they are not family. And MLOVE sort of is. © MLOVE ConFestival 2011 38
  39. 39. Audience FeedbackMLOVE, I love youIt’s like coming home. MLOVE is Then there was Bernd Kolb. Froma truly international event. People the MLOVE website: “Kolb left be-from all over the world gather in hind these accolades [he was a chiefthe MLOVE castle. I’m connected executive with German Telekom andthrough various Social Networks is the founder of I-D Media, RR] towith many, but unfortunately, some I work as a ‘social entrepreneur’ andonly see in person once a year. At ‘change agent’ helping to navigateMLOVE. And it always feels like fam- the complex challenges amongst usily. Returning to the castle. Returning and to develop innovative new solu-to this inspiring group. That is a fan- tions to deal with those challenges.tastic feeling! In founding the ‘Club of Marrakesh’,Though I don’t have any official num- Kolb gathers international thinkers,bers, MLOVE felt bigger this year. In scientists, politicians and entrepre-2010 we were a group of approx. neurs to develop integrated ground-150. The crowd since has grown to breaking projects and to implementroughly 250. While adding more di- them. The approach is entrepreneur-verse viewpoints, perspectives and ial in nature and follows the princi-stories of life is a good thing, I hope ple that sustainability can be onlyMLOVE will stay with this size or achieved through profitability.”even downsize a bit. Why? Becauseeverybody is worth spending at least Bernd’s talk about the fundamentalsome time with. If MLOVE keeps global challenges our planet and so-growing, you don’t have a chance to ciety are facing and his passion tospend much time with most of the at- transform the world towards sustain-tendees but instead risk feeling in a ability was one of those rare definingconstant hurry. moments in life for me.No corporate BS. Financing an event It’s not, that Bernd presented anylike this without falling into the trap of facts that haven’t been around orgiving sponsors tons of time to pres- available before. It again, was allent corporate slides is extremely dif- about the people. I happened to sitficult. MLOVE has always been dif- in the first row during Bernd’s talkferent in this regard. Even Nokia’s and could literally feel his dedica-German MD, the company was an tion, passion and strong believe inMLOVE 2011 sponsor, talked about our ability, to help driving that trans-sustainability. And donated grass- formation.land and a wish tree to the MLOVEcastle. I hope that MLOVE will find It was mind blowing, touching and aa way to keep the balance between wake-up call much deserved.size and not being 100% dependenton corporate sponsorship. When Harald thanked Bernd for contributing this to MLOVE, he could hardly hold back his tears. The crowd gave standing ovations.© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 39
  40. 40. Audience FeedbackMLOVE, I love you To me, the strong contrast between Bernd pointing out the global chal- lenges we all are facing and shortly thereafter seeing these wonderful, brilliant young people shaping their ideas for their future, that made it an even more intense experience. And sort of reemphasized our mutual responsibility and the fact that each and everyone of us can and must help. As Aape Pohjavirta put it during his talk: “We have no excuses.” Besides this, I think these kids should go out to German schools and teach the teachers to teach. Thank you.Finally, the MLOVE Teen Camp. I’d like to thank Harald and his won-Last year, Harald’s daughter Toni derful team for putting this togetherNeidhardt gave a talk about the im- and letting us feel their passion.pact of Mobile to her teen life. At the Back into my home office, I hope Iage of 15. It’s available at vimeo and will be able to carry some of it over toI strongly encourage you to watch it. my professional and private life.That discussion sparked the ideaof doing a Teen Camp at MLOVE2011. Namaste. http://www.24100.net/2011/07/On day three the young MLOVErs mlove2011/from countries all over the world pre-sented their work. And boy did theydeliver.© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 40
  41. 41. PartnersSponsors & Media Partners THE NEXT WEB ® Pfade© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 41
  42. 42. MLOVE ConFestival 2011ImprintThis report and the MLOVE ConFestival 2011 areproductions of MLOVE ConFestival UG, Hamburg© copyright 2011, All Rights Reservedwww.mlove.com | info@mlove.comHarald Neidhardt, Curator & Founder MLOVEDiana Krüger, ProducerKateryna Redka, Project CoordinatorFranziska Falke, Executive AssistantSebastian Weiss, Creation Online & MobileDr. Robert Daubner, Head of SponsoringFelix Wieduwilt, Sponsoring AssistantAdvisory Board MLOVE TeamStefanie Hoffmann Henning Neidhardt, CI & DesignJonathan MacDonald Philipp von Roeder, Media DirectorRené Bellack Cathrin Sonntag, CoordinatorAndrew J. Scott Victor Staf, PhotosMarc O. Schmöger Izzy Lawrence, Resident-DJ Sehnaz Sensan, Teen CampCo Curators Deniz Julia GüngörBeverly W. Jackson, Music Boris BortchenJerome Nadel, Design Felix ArndtKei Shimada, Japan Ilia KireevToni Neidhardt, TeenCamp Michael von RoederEthan Nadel, TeenCamp MLOVE VolunteersFuture Cubes Daniel DohertyJonathan MacDonald Dominic TraversJulia Leihener, Telekom Creation Center Fabian FabianDarja Carl Johannes GeorgOpen Space Megan MitchellJonathan MacDonald Miriam HoppeStefanie Hoffmann Nina Blasberg Paul EndrejatMLOVE TV Philipp DeprezMichelle Uhlig, Editor Raphaella RoseRalph Hector, Producer Stefan Hanke Stuart GriffithImageThink, Graphic RecordingHeather Willems and the HPI Students, TeenCampNora HertingProjektil, Visual Art Show MLOVE ReportRoman Beranek Henning Neidhardt, Art DirectionJonas Staub Harald Neidhardt, PublisherMartin Fröhlich Melinda Green, EditorTobias Gemperli, Clever & Son Kendell Renee Kelly, Editor Darja Carl, Editor Tayo Medupin, Contributor Victor Staf, Photos© MLOVE ConFestival 2011 42
  43. 43. ConFestival 2012Feedback, ideas and contact:feedback@mlove.comRegister Now:MLOVE Japan 2011Tokyo, October 29, 2011www.mlove.com/japanSave The Date:MLOVE ConFestival 2012Beesenstedt Castle, South of BerlinJune 20-22, 2012www.mlove.comMLOVE ConFestival (USA)Spring 2012MLOVE ConFestival (Asia)Fall 2012For sponsorships and inquires about custom, corporate workshopsplease send an email to sponsor@mlove.comHow will mobile change your future?The MLOVE ConFestival has been named a ‘TED for Mobile’ and a meetupof the ‘IT avantgarde’ with an engaging and inspiring format in the setting ofa 19th century castle in the former Eastern Germany. The MLOVE ConFes-tival, focused on innovative mobile opportunities for brands, entertainmentand advertising and the impact of mobile as a social catalyst for positivechange.The MLOVE ConFestival brings together CEOs, innovators and entrepre-neurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinateideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders. The eventexposes the mobile industry to the best minds outside of mobile to maximizethe opportunity of creating life-changing services and applications that canimpact us all for the better.The MLOVE tribe started grass roots by an international group of “mobilepassionistas” in 2008. Through MLOVE “camps” in Andorra, Barcelona, SanFrancisco, Munich, London, New York and Singapore the agenda for MLOVEevolved into more than mobile: the goal is to stimulate new ideas and think-ing which you can apply to your life, your business and to inspire others.For more information please visit: www.mlove.com | www.mlove.tv