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Content reuse: Working smarter across print, web and social

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We spend a lot of time creating content, building and maintaining multiple content and marketing channels. But all of us are strapped for time and talent (sometimes treasure!) to keep the content production in high gear. In this talk, we'll walk through “content heavy lifting” or taking big, heavy, unwieldy content objectives and turning them into highly effective, efficient content for web, social, and print.

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Content reuse: Working smarter across print, web and social

  1. 1. CONTENT REUSE: Working smarter across print, web and social Megan Costello @meggo_costello
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Megan. I try to be smart.
  3. 3. The dog sat on the mat. = sentence The dog sat on the cat’s mat. = story
  4. 4. Repeat, reuse
  5. 5. FOCUS https://flic.kr/p/89hDcN
  6. 6. EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE https://flic.kr/p/nKfNnT
  7. 7. LONGEVITY instagram.com/negharfonooni
  8. 8. Let’s reuse it.
  9. 9. P&G print model
  10. 10. Content reuse 
  11. 11. Seeded our own content
  12. 12. A model for content reuse 1. Can this story go in our Annual Review? What parts can? What needs to be updated? IMPORTANT. 2. Media/News: Is this a general release or news story? 3. Campus Promo: Is this a piece for any of the university-wide email newsletters? 4. Alumni/Donor Impact: Can we pitch this to the university magazine? B1G TV Network? Did we share this story with the development officer? Alumni emails? Membership magazine? 5. Messaging: Is it material for a Dean speech, presentation or update? 6. Speakers: Would this student/faculty member be great at an alumni event or board meeting?
  13. 13. Digital smarts
  14. 14. Year-end vimeo.com/194379522 • Web round-up (nice) • Art + 8-10 stories from the year • Video round-up (nicer?) • Re-use art + video from the year (and years prior) • ‘Headline’ 8-10 stories from the year /vimeo.com/147630947
  15. 15. Year-end v2 • Targeted stewardship impact video (email + web) • Evergreen gift impact page (web) • !NEW! Re-crafting for a 2017 year-end video morgridge.org/give/your-impact/
  16. 16. Reusing video • Vimeo • Lab page • News story • Year-end video B-Roll
  17. 17. In person!
  18. 18. Reusing photos • Event follow-up story • BUT NOW: contestants vote on the top 6 photos • Win a free water bottle (lol) morgridge.org/story/vote-for-your-favorite-wisconsin-science-fest-photo/
  19. 19. Video + Copy for recruitment morgridge.org/careers/
  20. 20. Hear, write, reuse
  21. 21. Evergreen social content morgridge.org/bluesky
  22. 22. • Maximize your (already good) content strategy. • Create partnerships. • Demonstrate value. • Align your brand. • Build consistent messages. What does this get you? (get out there and lift some weights) Thank you!