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Alvaro oliveira closing presentation picnic


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Alvaro oliveira closing presentation picnic

  1. 1. Living Networks, Urban Labs<br />Prof. Álvaro de Oliveira<br />(President of ENoLL)<br />Pic Nic Amsterdam<br />September 14th, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Big Challenges for our Cities<br />Social trends driven by ubiquitous connectivity and social media<br />Wellbeing and assisted living. Health and ageing<br />Climate change<br />Energy sustainability<br />Demographic shifts<br />Sustainable water and food supplies<br />Green mobility<br />Sustainable housing<br />Waste management<br />Security<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Addressing the Challenges<br />Transparency and trust of the political system<br />Trust in the public administration<br />Social Innovation<br />Stabilization of the world financial system<br />Citizens mass participation<br />Sense of belonging and identity<br />Social inclusion and social integration<br />Behaviour transformation<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Sustainable Solutions<br />Wicked problems call for diverse types of knowledge, resource, participation and collaboration. <br />Behaviour change requires the motivation of millions of individuals and their communities; solutions cannot be pushed.<br />New, distributed and highly participatory systems imply new roles for public and private spheres: demand/user/citizen driven open RDI enabled by ICT.<br />4<br />Living Labs <br />Open eco-systems engage and motivate stakeholders, stimulate collaboration, create lead markets and enable behavior transformation<br />
  5. 5. 274 Living Labs<br />5<br />
  6. 6. ENoLL Today<br /><ul><li>236 EU Living Labs
  7. 7. 38 Living Labs outside EU
  8. 8. ENoLL Office headquartered in Brussels with two full time staff members (services to members, project facilitation, events, monthly newsletter, active presence in online and in Social Media, engaging in strategic projects)
  9. 9. Supporting services including the Living Lab Summer Schools (Paris 2010, Barcelona 2011, Helsinki 2012), Living Lab Prize
  10. 10. Globalization of ENoLL (in Brazil, in China and in Africa)
  11. 11. ENoLL PPPPolicy initiative
  12. 12. 6th Call for ENoLL membership during the Polish Presidency</li></ul>6<br />
  13. 13. GlobalizationofENoLL<br />7<br />Expansion initiatives outside of Europe <br /><ul><li>Brazil Network of Living Labs (BNoLL)
  14. 14. Africa Network of Living Labs (ANoLL)
  15. 15. China Network of Living Labs (CNoLL)
  16. 16. Taiwan
  17. 17. Korea
  18. 18. USA</li></ul>Collaboration agreements<br />FAO - Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN (MoU and Action plan)<br />LLiSA – Living Labs in Southern Africa<br />United Forum Ubiquitous Network Industry and technology Development Forum (China)<br />Beijing City Administration and Public Service Innovation – Information System and Equipment Center (CAISEC) China <br />World Bank<br />INSME International Network of SMEs (In progress)<br />EEN Europe Enterprise Network (In progress)<br />
  19. 19. Thematic Sub Networks of Living Labs<br />EnergyEfficiency. SustainableEnergy. Climatechange<br />WellBeingandHealth<br />SmartCities. Future Internet. Internet ofthings.<br />Social Innovation. Social Inclusion<br />e-Government. e-Participation<br />Creative Media. Userdrivencontents. Social Networks. Web 2.0<br />ThematicTourism. CultureServices<br />Territorial and rural developmentofSmartRegions<br />SustainableMobility<br />Industrial andlogisticsdevelopment.<br />Security<br />8<br />
  20. 20. Smart Cities emerging trends<br />Social interaction is in the heart of the smart city model, in which the infrastructures and services are jointly and dynamically discovered, invoked and composed by providers and users alike.<br />Creating open ‘digital citizen-developer’ communities and establishing public-private-partnerships (PPPs) to find dynamic and imaginative ways to interact and create, drawing inspiration and experience from open innovation and sustainable urban development.<br />Building new collaborations and networks so cities can understand innovation, innovators understand cities, citizens to become effectively engaged and users to become content and service producers and deliverers.<br />Deploying convergent Future Internet platforms and services for the promotion of smarter decision aiming at sustainable life and work styles in and across emergent networks of ‘smart’ cities.<br />Creating Smart Open Innovation Urban Living Lab Ecosystems –specific urban settings or innovation playgrounds which combine innovation and social and commercial activities to enable open innovation and showcase the benefits for localities of growing smarter and more sustainable.<br />9<br />Source: PERIPHÈRIA (KrassimiraPaskaleva)<br />
  21. 21. Human capital at the heart of the process of transformation<br />Whether people are currently defined as users, clients, or citizens, they all provide the vital ingredients which allow innovation to flourish and to be more effective.<br />10<br />Source: PERIPHÈRIA (KrassimiraPaskaleva)<br />
  22. 22. People<br />11<br />
  23. 23. City<br />12<br />Autonomous neighbourhood communities.<br />
  24. 24. Smart City<br />13<br />Empowered, collaborating, participating neighbourhood communities.<br />
  25. 25. Sustainable Smart City (1/2)<br />14<br />Neighbourhood communities with strong sense of belonging and identity.<br />
  26. 26. Sustainable Smart City (2/2)<br />15<br />External resources become local.<br />EFFICIENT<br />LEAN<br />FRESH<br />CLEAN<br />
  27. 27. CONNECTED SMART CITIES Network<br />August 25, 2011<br />16<br />
  28. 28. EU Smart Cities Innovation Policies<br />Europe 2020 Strategy emphasizes smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The Digital Agenda and Innovation Europe are two of the flagship initiatives<br />At the heart is the Digital Agenda–role of citizens in the Digital Society co-designing, co-creating and sustaining services. Applications and content generation for scalability and mass-market<br />Innovation Europe is where progress is mostly needed to dinamize the transformation of our society<br />Bringing together Future Internet technologies with Living Labs methodologies and Social Innovation practices is the way forward to achieve EUROPE<br />17<br />
  29. 29. ENoLL PPP Initiative<br />18<br />Long-term vision: Europe as a dynamic, multi-layer and multidimensional Innovation ecosystem (Europe 2020 Strategy).<br />ENoLL PPP initiative developed during 2010 and publicly announced in Ghent (Dec 2010). ENoLL Council core group developing initial policy paper followed by open and wide consultation. Initiative already supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament <br />New global Higher Education and Research network addressing Living Lab needs in particular the facilitation of open user-driven innovation. Training and coaching on LL learning <br />Living Labs as Open Access Platforms for Large Scale pilot projects with a focus on the social aspects of technology applications. Sustainable Smart Cities and Regions<br />Alliance with Local, Regional, National Authorities to integrate Living Lab innovation and sustainability policies<br />Cross-border and cross-thematic collaboration addressing the key challenges and business opportunities at a global scale<br />Large-scale user behaviour transformation through social and societal innovation<br />
  30. 30. ENoLL PPP Strenghts<br />Research Projects and knowledge creation (Seija Kulkki, Tuija Hirvikoski, Álvaro de Oliveira)<br />Social and societalinnovationmethodsand processes<br />ICT toolsand infrastructures to supportuser-driveninnovation<br />Large scale user/citizen/consumer behaviour transformation<br />European Institute of Social and Societal Innovation<br />Education and Learning System (Tuija Hirvikoski , Seija Kulkki, Artur Serra)<br />Distributed Mastersprogrammefocused on Living Labs, Summer Schools, People Exchanges, Studyvisits, SME innovationschools, Open InnovationEntrepreneurshipetc.<br />Large-scale Pilots focused on social aspects of technologies and services applications (Tuija Hirvikoski, Álvaro de Oliveira, Roberto Santoro)<br /> - Addressingchallenges and business opportunities<br />Co-funding mechanisms (Jesse Marsh, Álvaro de Oliveira)<br /> - Understand, encourage, experiment and support project cofunding, ERDF Regional funds, National programmes, International agencies<br />International collaboration (Álvaro de Oliveira, Petra Turkama, Tuija Hirvikoski, Daan Velthausz, IvaniPilati)<br /><ul><li> Big challenges of our time: Energy, health, food, water, education, climate...</li></ul>19<br />
  31. 31. ENoLLPPP Co-CreationCalendar of Actions<br />Public announcement of the PPP initiative (Ghent, Dec 2010)<br />Public launch White paper (Rome, Jan 2011)<br />1st Draft of White paper opening of public consultation (Budapest, May 2011)<br />Presentation and discussion of the ENoLL PPP at the ENoLL Summer School, Barcelona, Aug 2011<br />White paper to the European Commission (Oct 2011) invited by NeelieKroes, Commissioner of Digital Agenda<br />Public presentation and validation at the Knowledge4Innovation Committee at the European Parliament (Oct 2011) invited by DanutaHubner, former Commissioner of Regional Policy)<br />Joint Public presentation by the European Commission and ENoLL of the final PPP policy paper (Nov 2011)<br />20<br />
  32. 32. Future Internet, Smart Cities, Coming Your Way <br />October 11th, 2011<br />European Parliament (Brussels)<br />3rd Innovation Summit – December, 5th–6th, 2011 <br />Shaping out the Future Internet for a better society - Global Partnerships for Social Innovation<br />October 24th, 2011<br />Future Internet Week (Poznan, Poland)<br />Brazilian Network of Living Labs<br />1st EU-Brazil Conference on Innovation and LLs<br />November 3rd-4th, 2011<br />Chinese Network of Living Labs<br />Shanghai – Oct 17th, Beijing – Oct 18th-20th, 2011 <br />
  33. 33. Conclusions<br />Cities are being transformed by the impact of globalization and rapid technological evolution. Sustainable Urban Well Being trends are emerging driven by the direct participation of the citizens. This includes user behaviour transformation achieved by the participatory environment enabled by Urban Living Labs and implemented by innovative collaborative SMEs.<br />Cities are increasingly becoming dynamic Living Environments requiring the capacity to enable and adapt to fast technological, societal and cultural changes. Urban Living Lab collaboration methodologies can be the answer to address these changes and support the engagement and exploitation of business opportunities by SMEs.<br />Sustainable Energy and georeferencial mobility are important trends of the emerging Well Being Urban Living Lab Paradigm. Local energy micro-generation, distribution (Smart Metering/Smart Grid) and storage require new business models and new policies where innovative SMEs can have a major role in the experimentation, implementation and exploitation of the new emerging business enabled by Future Internet, Internet of Things and Social Innovation.<br />22<br />
  34. 34. Álvaro de Oliveira<br />alvaro.oliveira@alfamicro.pt<br />Phone: +351 21 486 67 84 <br />Mobile: +351 91 666 66 66<br />Skype: alvaroduarteoliveira<br />Address: Alfamicro<br /> Alameda da Guia, 192-A 2750-368 Cascais<br /> PORTUGAL <br />
  35. 35. FIAPAL Living Lab: Automotive Industry<br />Reserach, Engineering, Innovation, Training<br />M<br />A<br />R<br />K<br />E<br />T<br />U<br />S<br />E<br />R<br />S<br />F<br />I<br />N<br />A<br />N<br />C<br />E<br />F<br />U<br />N<br />D<br />I<br />N<br />G<br />International Research Organizations<br />MIT<br />IPA<br />Carnigie Mellon<br />Technological Centers<br />Research Organizations<br />CEIIA<br />Technological Centers<br />Associations and Training<br />Palmela Industrial Park<br />ATEC<br />Other Associations<br />FIAPAL LL<br />ALL-Net 1<br />ALL-Net N<br />Automotive Living Lab Network<br />OEM 1<br />OEM N<br />Sn-1<br />S1<br />Sn-2<br />Sn<br />
  36. 36. FIAPAL Living Lab Evolution<br />AUTOEUROPA PSA, Others<br />OEMS<br />AUTOEUROPA, GM, PSA<br />RENAULT Assembler<br />AUTOEUROPA, GM, PSA<br />OEM<br />180<br />180<br />120<br />10<br />50<br />Suppliers<br />Innovation Networks<br />(LL Methodology)<br />FIAPAL <br />Living Lab<br />Added Value <br />Networks<br />(LL Methodology)<br />Non-existent<br />Clubs of Suppliers<br />Networking<br /> 5 Billions <br />Euros<br />6 Billions<br /> Euros<br />4 Billions <br />Euros<br />500 Millions Euros<br />1.5 Billions Euros<br />Turnover<br />2005<br />2010<br />2000<br />1992<br />1995<br />Date<br />25<br />
  37. 37. Amazonia Living Lab<br />26<br />
  38. 38. EU – China - Brazil Energy Living Labs Collaboration<br /> ICT for Mobility<br />ICT for<br />Mobility<br />Large Scale Pilots<br />Europe<br />China<br />Brazil<br />Biofuel<br />27<br />
  39. 39. Multistakeholder Collaboration<br />
  40. 40. Living Lab Initiatives in South Africa<br />Reconstructed Living Lab<br />"The creation, dissemination and application of knowledge for the empowerment, upliftment and development of people and communities, including living societies and organizations, in or headed for tension through the use of innovative ICT solutions."<br />Limpopo Living Lab<br />Feasibility study completed in 2007. Feasibility report proposed four focus areas for LLL namely, community projects(in technology & innovation), innovation solutions, business development & incubation of technology & innovation enterprises as well as training & development which are also part of Limpopo ICT Institute.<br />Sekhukhune Living Lab<br />Rural Enterprise creation<br />SiyakhulaLiving Lab<br />Rural ICTs focusing on software applications, e-Services, Web 2.0, empowerment and community engagement.<br />MoutseLiving Lab<br />Rural upliftment and services quality improvement (health, education, jobs).<br />SoshanguveLiving Lab<br />Education, Research, Community Development, Job Creation<br />Bushbuck Ridge Living Lab<br />SAP Research for Patient Health System for chronically ill patients in rural areas<br />iCyberLeadership Lab<br />Explores the use of different computing platforms to improve leadership capabilities and effectiveness:<br />North-West Living Lab<br />Maputo Living Lab<br />MotataisiLiving Lab (Lesotho)<br />KuyasaLiving Lab<br />

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