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Going Tribal - The Fun Book

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How limitless options, shrinking dollars and increased accountability have necessitated Tribal Strategy

Tribal Marketing and Consumer Tribes

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Going Tribal - The Fun Book

  1. 1. Going Tribal How limitless options, shrinking dollars and increased accountability have necessitated Tribal Strategy
  2. 2. Meet The Characters Seth, the Savvy Marketer Patrick, the Prudent CFO Stan, the Sensible CEO
  3. 3. Though Seth and Patrick both work at the same company they rarely communicate with each other since they are both working hard with their team to meet their quarterly numbers. My spreadsheets It’s getting more are breaking at the challenging to meet seam. Half the my numbers. activities we do aren’t even tracked Stan may look like in our system. an easy going guy, but he is asking me Stan asks for exact to meet impossible numbers while Seth targets in this just talks about the economy and with brand and the big a tiny budget. picture. Sometimes I wish …If something he would just chill doesn’t change soon out and think of the I am going to start brand… losing my hair…
  4. 4. One day… I am as fun loving as anyone; these Web 2.0 tools are cool and all. But I need to know why we are investing in social media, events and other activities Seth? What business results should I be expecting from these activities Patrick?
  5. 5. After a few moments of pause and mumbling… Ummm.. You guys think about it while I blog about the delicious sandwich I had for lunch. Ummm..
  6. 6. Seth and Patrick went back to their desks and begin to look for a solution to their predicament I need to find the I need someone right team to help who: me: can speak my understand our language current situation help develop a help us articulate solid business case our goals and objectives can integrate what Seth is saying into help us utilize the my models right mix of marketing tools available
  7. 7. Meanwhile… I need to find the guy who ate the second half of my sandwich
  8. 8. After tirelessly reading through countless blogs, searching the websites of agencies and consulting firms Seth and Patrick were about to give up until… Aha! Yipee!
  9. 9. Seth and Patrick rushed back to a still sensible and sandwich-less Stan… We came across a firm that understands what we are going through. Instead of just randomly Looks like you’ll be putting out campaigns, soon out of a job Seth. they want to first understand which Just Kidding. HA HA consumer tribes we can HA leverage. Instead of marketing to our consumers, we will find ways to support tribes in their passions…A Tribal Strategy. The tribes we leverage will do some of the marketing for us.
  10. 10. Also, they understand I can barely contain how businesses work! myself with They will develop the excitement. business case, tie it into our objectives and Who is this group of continuously monitor our modern day results. superheroes?
  11. 11. Seth, Patrick and Stan all turned their heads towards the screen and went on the firm’s website To see what Seth, Patrick and Stan saw, visit… www.accelteon.com/thefunbook.html
  12. 12. Want this to be a regular feature on our blog? - www.accelteon.com/blog If more than 1,000 people view or download this story – we’ll make it happen. © This entire document is Copyright of Accelteon Partners Inc