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Pitch Camp: Writers Workshop 2015

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You’ve heard of the proverbial elevator pitch, right? The one where you’re riding down the elevator with your boss and you need to sell her on your great idea before you reach the lobby. It’s a high-stakes conversation that you need to be prepared for.

What do you do? What do you say? Of course, you may never find yourself in an elevator with your boss (people don’t talk in those things anyway), but we’ve all been in situations where we need to move others. Whether you are pitching an idea to colleagues, negotiating a new contract with a vendor, or just trying to convince your seven-year-old daughter to clean up her room, you’ve experienced a selling scenario. This workshop will tackle the fundamental elements of crafting a message that resonates with the audience, attracts attention, and, ultimately, inspires action.

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Pitch Camp: Writers Workshop 2015

  1. 1. M.J.D’elia universityofguelph
  2. 2. welcome
  3. 3. aboutme Librarian Instructor Facilitator
  4. 4. Learningoutcomes At the end of this session you will…
  5. 5. mypitch Learn pitch techniques to start meaningful conversations
  6. 6. pitchdefinition
  7. 7. “sheet music” - Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity - Flickr (cc)
  8. 8. Pitch(music) Clear and stable frequency Distinguish signal from noise
  9. 9. “molasses ” - Kelvin Beecroft - Flickr (cc)
  10. 10. Pitch(resin) Solid Sticky (hard to forget)
  11. 11. “pitch” - Paul L Dineen - Flickr (cc)
  12. 12. Pitch(baseball) Context specific Multiple techniques
  13. 13. “sir millard mulch” - rick - Flickr (cc)
  14. 14. Pitch(sales) Intentional target Clear objective
  15. 15. Pitch A concise proposal designed to move people
  16. 16. pitchpractice
  17. 17. what+who Select an idea to pitch Who will you pitch it to?
  18. 18. example(MJ) Idea: online learning site Audience: supervisors
  19. 19. example Idea: cross-Canada road trip Audience: your kids
  20. 20. example Idea: take a dance class Audience: your significant other
  21. 21. what+who Select an idea to pitch Who will you pitch it to?
  22. 22. adjusttoyouraudience
  23. 23. example(MJ) Idea: online learning site Audiences: supervisors v. students v. staff
  24. 24. Nancy Duarte (2008)
  25. 25. audience:Q1 What are they like? Walk in their shoes… Adapted from Slide:ology, Duarte, 2008, pp. 14-15
  26. 26. audience:Q2 Why will they listen to you? Analyze your relationship…
  27. 27. audience:Q3 What keeps them up at night? Understand their frustrations…
  28. 28. audience:Q4 How can you solve their problem? Make their lives better…
  29. 29. audience:Q5 What do you want them to do? Clarify next steps…
  30. 30. audience:Q6 How might they resist? Anticipate concerns…
  31. 31. audience:Q7 How can you best reach them? Increase chance of success…
  32. 32. knowyouraudience
  33. 33. summary They’re busy They hear lots of ideas
  34. 34. case:dollarshaveclub
  35. 35. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI
  36. 36. discussion What makes that ad work?
  37. 37. scripted “Every moment, every frame, everything has to have a reason or a point.” Lucia Aniello, Commercial director
  38. 38. delight “Don’t give them a video they could have written themselves.” Michael Dubin, Dollar Shave Club CEO
  39. 39. buildyourblueprint partone
  40. 40. “Make it personal and make it purposeful.” Dan Pink, 2012, p. 5
  41. 41. content What do you want them to know? Key points, primary advantages… Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, p. 179
  42. 42. emotion What do you want them to feel? Enthusiasm, indignation… Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, p. 179
  43. 43. action What do you want them to do? Invest, approve, switch direction… Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, p. 179
  44. 44. massageyourmessage
  45. 45. summary Brainstorm important messages Cut the list to essential points
  46. 46. buildyourblueprint parttwo
  47. 47. utility People respond to information that affects them Appeal to extrinsic motivation Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, pp. 166-168
  48. 48. curiosity People respond to information that intrigues them Appeal to intrinsic motivation Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, pp. 166-168
  49. 49. specificity People respond to clear calls for action Appeal to desire for detail Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, pp. 166-168
  50. 50. themix utility + specificity curiosity + specificity utility + curiosity Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, pp. 166-168 R R S
  51. 51. subjectlinepitch
  52. 52. summary Distill your pitch to a phrase Stand out despite limited attention
  53. 53. causeaconversation
  54. 54. “The purpose is to offer something so compelling that it begins a conversation, brings the other person in as a participant, and eventually arrives at an outcome that appeals to both of you.” ~ Pink, 2012, p. 158
  55. 55. questioning Instigate the conversation Invite responses, clarify motives… Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, p. 145-149
  56. 56. listening Inhabit the audience’s perspective Hear offers, look for opportunity… Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, p. 189-191
  57. 57. improvising Work with what you are given Build and improve ideas together Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, p. 193-194
  58. 58. storytelling Craft a compelling narrative Build empathy, create context… Adapted from To Sell is Human, Pink, 2012, p. 170-174
  59. 59. objective The goal is to learn - not win Refine with each pitch
  60. 60. wrap
  61. 61. abc Adjust to your audience Build a blueprint Cause a conversation ~ Who ~ How ~ Why
  62. 62. “The enemy of persuasion is obscurity.” ~ Duarte, 2008, p. 10
  63. 63. questions?
  64. 64. M.J.D’elia mdelia@uoguelph.ca Twitter:@mjdelia Thankyou!
  65. 65. references
  66. 66. Dachis, A. (Dec 4, 2012). How do I pitch an idea that gets heard? [Lifehacker blog]. Retrieved from http://lifehacker.com/5965536/how-do-i-pitch-an-idea-that-actually-gets-heard Duarte, N. (2008). Slide:ology: The art and science of creating great presentations. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly Gibbons, K. (Jul 20, 2012). How Dollar Shave Club got their sales pitch in front of 5 million+ people. [Search Engine Watch Blog]. Retrieved from http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2193070/how- dollar-shave-club-got-their-sales-pitch-in-front-of-5-million-people# James, G. (July 25, 2014). Five best cinematic sales pitches. [Inc. Magazine]. Retrieved from http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/the-5-best-cinematic-sales-pitches.html Levick, R. S. (April 23, 2012). Three marketing takeaways from Dollar Shave Club’s f***ing great ad. Retrieved from: http://www.fastcompany.com/1835082/3-marketing-takeaways-dollar-shave-club’s-fing-great-ad Pink, D. (2012). To sell is human: the surprising truth about moving others. New York: Riverhead Pullen, J. P. (October 2012). How Dollar Shave Club’s ad went viral [Entrepreneur website]. Retrieved from: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/224282 references