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Turning Data into Customer Engagement

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Watch as the authors of MIT SMR's 2018 report on data and analytics and special guest Teddy Bekele of WinField United, a division of Land O’Lakes Inc., discuss the findings from the research, and share how WinField United has strengthened its bonds with its agriculture customers by sharing data and analytics that help them improve yield and efficiency. The speakers will show how analytical innovators are gathering and sharing data to build loyalty and keep customers.

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Turning Data into Customer Engagement

  1. 1. Cover: Using Analy1cs to Improve Customer Engagement
  2. 2. Sam Ransbotham is an associate professor in the Informa+on Systems Department at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, as well as guest editor for MIT Sloan Management Review’s Data & Analy+cs Big Ideas ini+a+ve. David Kiron is the execu+ve editor of MIT Sloan Management Review. Allison Ryder is the senior project editor of MIT Sloan Management Review. She will moderate the discussion.
  3. 3. Content Overview Key findings from the 2018 Data & Analytics Global Executive Study and Research Report Special Guest: Teddy Bekele is vice president of agricultural technology for WinField United, a division of Land O’Lakes Inc. Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  4. 4. ©2016. WinField is a registered trademark and WinField United is a trademark of Winfield Sol. Ag Technology Teddy Bekele Teddy Bekele
  5. 5. Purina Animal nutrition and feed Diversified agribusinesses driven by insights and innova1on to feed human progress from farm to fork WinField United Ag services, crop inputs, precision agriculture Land O’Lakes Dairy foods and ingredients Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN Sustainability
  6. 6. Three-Step Distribu1on Model Applied Research and Insights Ag Technology
  7. 7. ©2017. WinField is a registered trademark and WinField United is a trademark of Winfield Solutions. 4 Year Avg =170 4 Year Max = 534
  8. 8. Delivering Answer Plot Insights… Nearly 200 loca+ons 664 Answer Plot Knowledge Events 32 States 3 countries 6+ Million Data Points > 750,000 Trials
  9. 9. 2017 Hybrid Specific Ranges 1.2 - 18.4 39.5 – 97.2 2.4 – 29.9 0 – 37.0
  10. 10. Ag Tech Team Mission This team’s mission is to lead the market in connec+ng data, science and math with the art of trusted local agronomy. By empowering WinField United and our Owners with unparalleled insights and products, together, we will unlock the poten+al of the growers we serve. Advancing Agriculture Intelligently through Technology
  11. 11. ©2016. WinField is a registered trademark and WinField United is a trademark of Winfield Sol. Owner Strategy Streamline your agronomy business’ so you can put more effort where it matters PorEolio: Enabling our owners to digitally win In Season Developed for the agronomist to help farmers sustainably maximize potential by adjusting to the conditions of the season Allowing owners to create their own ag tech package with market leading tools and connecting them together to offer a secure and retail-centric data management solution In Season Decision Tools ATLAS Web Portal Improving retailer’s digital presence with growers and offering agronomic insights to increase loyalty and stickiness 1 2 3
  12. 12. Right Genetics @ Right Population In Season Adjustments In Season Plant Nutrition In Season Crop Protection R7® Tool NutriSolutions® R7® Field ForecastingR7® Field Monitoring Helping Growers with Key In-Season Decisions
  13. 13. ©2016. WinField is a registered trademark and WinField United is a trademark of Winfield Solu+ons. Tissue/Soil Analysis Answer Plot Insights Real Time Weather Data In Season Imagery As Applied Data Every Plant is a Sensor R7 Field Forecastomg: “Closing the Gap” In Season
  14. 14. ATLAS Web Portal
  15. 15. ©2016. WinField is a registered trademark and WinField United is a trademark of Winfield Solu+ons. Disease Map Response to Fungicide R7 Field Details ATLAS Web Portal
  16. 16. Jun 1, 2017 May 25, 2017
  17. 17. Average yield on the field: 195.26 bushels – up 22% Economics is NOW driving Sustainability
  18. 18. Overview of findings •  Competitive advantage from analytics continues to grow. •  Analytics is driving customer engagement. •  Analytically mature organizations use more data sources to engage customers. •  Sharing data can improve influence with customers and other groups. Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  19. 19. Data & Analytics Global Study Overview Key features: Over 1,900 global executives surveyed, 101 countries represented, and 17 qualitative interviews with industry leaders. Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  20. 20. Competitive Advantage from Analytics Competitive advantage has grown steadily for the past three years. Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  21. 21. Data and Insights Executives report more access to data but are not able to turn it into insights. Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  22. 22. We’ve segmented practitioners into three groups. Defining Analytical Maturity Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  23. 23. Customer Engagement and Maturity Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  24. 24. The Analytics Core Index 1.  Ingesting data • Capturing, aggregating, and integrating data 2.  Analyzing data • Descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics 3.  Applying insights • Disseminating data insights and incorporating insights into automated processes Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  25. 25. Data Sharing and Innovation Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  26. 26. Data Sharing and Influence Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  27. 27. Customer Engagement and The Analytics Core Index Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  28. 28. Customer Engagement by Maturity Level Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  29. 29. Timely Data and Customer Engagement Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  30. 30. Enduring Challenges •  Striking the Balance in Data-Human Partnerships •  Leadership and Culture •  Organizing for Analytics •  Tricky Metrics •  Data Quality Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  31. 31. Learn more: sloanreview.mit.edu/analytics2018
  32. 32. © Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018 Today’s webinar will be available to watch on-demand within 3 to 4 business days.