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Cloud computing and library services

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Cloud computing and library services

  1. 1. CLOUD COMPUTING Uses for Library Services Erik Mitchell, Ph.D. Assistant Director for Technology Services Z. Smith Reynolds Library Wake Forest University
  2. 2. DataHosting Google AppsCommunicationMedia “For
happened”Computers --Nicholas Carr
  3. 3. • PEW INTERNET TRUST The future of cloud computing - Janna Anderson, Lee Rainie 2010
  4. 4. Within five years, all library collections, systems, and services will be driven into the cloud. . . -- Taiga provocative statements 2011
  5. 5. DEFINING THE CLOUDpay for what you use service-focused easy to replicate scalable
  6. 6. RELATED CONCEPTS• Cloud computing “is a phrase that is being used today to describe the act of storing, accessing, and sharing data, applications, and computing power in cyberspace” - Pew Internet Trust• A Web service “is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network” - w3c.org• Applicationprogramming interface (API) “is a specification for allowing programs to exchange data"
  8. 8. FIT WITH LIBRARIES Collaboration Mobility Service Social / Marketing Resource sharing Metadata sharing Object preservation Service licensing
  9. 9. CLOUD COMPUTING IN LIBRARIES { Approach Systems OpenURL resolver, Stats Software manager, research guides, online referenceService catalog Integrated library system, Platforms Interlibrary loan, copyright compliance systems Discovery, digital repository, archives management, Infrastructure website, digital storage, institutional repository
  10. 10. CONTRASTING VIEWS OF CLOUD SOLUTIONS Opportunities Challenges Network foundation adds Lower initial cost complexity Collaboration with partners is Flexible, scalable as needed keySolutions tailored to fit specific Security, connectivity, service needs contingency plans are key
  11. 11. Client hardware Cloud Services Local Server IT 1% 29% 70%YEARLY IT EXPENDITURES
  13. 13. TRENDS AND CHALLENGESContinued open source adoption in light ofCloud-based servicesImportance of Data as a Service - Web-servicebased ILS, Subscription focused servicesSelecting, implementing and managing services(e.g. Duracloud, Omeka, Webscale, Summon)Impact on - organization, finances, strategicdirection, service, data
  14. 14. USE THE CLOUD TO ADDRESS CURRENT NEEDSTips for the beginner Tips for the expert Use Google docs Try hosting services Create and upload a video Experiment with storage Pick a new cloud service Compare support platform and try it service options Read about hosted library- Pick a service and specific cloud services implement it
  15. 15. ALA PANEL ON CLOUD COMPUTING• Yan Han - University of Arizona• Carissa Smith - DuraCloud• Krista Stapelfeldt - Islandora• Chris Tonjes - DC Public Library http://bit.ly/alacloud2011