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The Sinners & Saints of Social (retail version)

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I'll be giving a shorter version of this presentation at the Raymark Retailers luncheon in New York next week, but I wanted to post it earlier. It's the culmination of much of my recent work and research. Let me know if you have more examples (or better ones) and if I missed anything.

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The Sinners & Saints of Social (retail version)

  1. the sinners & saints of social (retail) [which one are you?] by tara hunt @missrogue
  2. about me• 20+ years in online communities• 14+ years in marketing• named by Fast Company as One of the Most Influential Women in Tech• best selling author: The Whuffie Factor (in 8 languages) 2009• professional speaker (over 130 conferences, including TEDx)• writer for INC. Magazine, Harvard Business Review and Forbes• first 100 users on Twitter, blogging since 2003 + worked with over 30 startups
  3. i’m going to tell you the ending before i’ve even begun @missrogue
  4. the moral of the story is that it’s not about you. @missrogue
  5. the sinners @missrogue
  6. the sinners1.greed2.vanity3.sloth4.pride5.envy @missrogue
  7. greed @missrogue
  8. GREED the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep itfor ones self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. @missrogue
  9. http://tomfishburne.com/2011/03/like-us-on-facebook.html @missrogue
  10. ok. so I liked you. now what? @missrogue
  11. @missrogue
  12. @missrogue
  13. @missrogue
  14. @missrogue
  15. @missrogue
  16. @missrogue
  17. @missrogue
  18. @missrogue
  19. @missrogue
  20. O_o @missrogue
  21. i’m sorry i asked. @missrogue
  22. “(Brands are) still posting coupons, sales, and otherpromotions, but largely these conversations are still one-way,” said Singer. “For the first time, many marketers have to engage with their customers instead of talking at them, and it’s becoming a nightmare.” Most Top Brands on Facebook Still Dont Talk to Their Fans (from AT Kearny study) http://socialmediatoday.com/node/925366 http://www.atkearney.com/documents/10192/471598/EAXII_2_Socially_Awkward_Media.pdf/8a9f0274-5ed4-4047-b6ab-fcac959a3495 @missrogue
  23. what is the value of a facebook fan? the short answer:nothing, unless you engage meaningfully @missrogue
  24. NOT meaningful getting there• gratuitous like baiting (using • coming up real dialogue that is cute animals and obvious tied to your brand, applicable to statements to generate likes): your customers and doesn’t seem like it’s grasping for attention: @missrogue
  25. BUT: meaningful engagement goes way beyond facebookwhy people follow brands on facebook friends recommended 6.3% service, support or product news 5.0% interesting content offers & deals 18.3% 37.2% current customer 33.2% fluevog understands that it isn’t about facebook, it’s about customer relationships on ALL platforms - online and offline. integrated isn’t a buzzword...it’s necessary for meaningful relationships http://blog.getsatisfaction.com/2011/06/29/what-makes-people-follow-brands/ @missrogue
  26. don’t be greedy, create meaningful relationships. @missrogue
  27. vanity @missrogue
  28. VANITYexcessive pride in or admiration of ones own appearance or achievements @missrogue
  29. traditional fashion + beauty marketing has been about creating a fantasy image for the customer. @missrogue
  30. @missrogue
  31. @missrogue
  32. stunning. @missrogue
  33. but the web is a different medium (hint: it’s readable AND writeable) @missrogue
  34. loading? why is a youtube page loading*?* webpages should never load...unless they are highly complex interactive applications. even then there better be something incredible at the end of the wait. like blow my mind incredible... @missrogue
  35. oh...i see...the need to control the brand experience. @missrogue
  36. what about the USER experience? @missrogue
  37. it is incredibly vain to value form over function on theweb...and it’s completely unappreciated by anybody but you and your creative firm @missrogue
  38. arguments to help you let go of the youtube vanity1. only 0.5-0.8% will ever hit that pretty 3. that fancy homepage will cost you at landing page. least $200,000 in paid advertising on youtube (min. spend)2. the top 5 ways that people find videos are: 4. 40% of people will abandon a (i) search engines (google.com) webpage that takes more than 3 (ii) embedded videos (blogs, fb, news seconds to load. all that fancy sites, etc) programming increases (iii) related video suggestions abandonment altogether.1 (iv) through their yt dashboard (v) through yt search results. 5. there are 12 years of video content uploaded every day. you have 0.00001% of a chance of your video going viral. make it good. 2 1. http://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time/ 2. http://www.businessweek.com/smallbiz/content/jul2010/sb2010079_119155.htm @missrogue
  39. the fraction of the benefits you will get from “controlling” a smidgen of the brand experience are overshadowed enormously by the annoying user experience.they won’t notice if you don’t have a fancy iframe on your youtube page, but they sure the heck will notice if your page takes forever to load. @missrogue
  40. don’t be vain, be considerate of your audience. @missrogue
  41. sloth @missrogue
  42. SLOTHa reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness @missrogue
  43. note from client:“we would like you to make us a viral video.” @missrogue
  44. O_o @missrogue
  45. 98% paid 98% paid 99% paid In the research I’ve done, an average of 90% of theviews on brand “viral videos” are actually driven by ads with very little organic (or subscribers) resulting. @missrogue
  46. top 10 youtube videos (views) all-time1. 795M - Baby, Justin Bieber 6. 493M - Bad Romance, Lady Gaga2. 623M - Gangham Style, Psy 7. 492M - Charlie Bit My Finger!3. 615M - On the Floor, J.Lo 8. 344M - Never Say Never, Bieber4. 510M - Love the Way You Lie, 9. 342M - Lazy Song, Bruno Mars Eminem 10. 331M - Firework, Katy Perry5. 498M - Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO @missrogue
  47. Gangham Style - PSY Charlie Bit My Finger! 100% earned @missrogue
  48. 6.9 million views. 32% paid for views, 68% earned. cannes lion. what works? great music, animation and message. “Chipotle has replaced the traditional advertising media blitz and cheapingredients with compelling storytelling and quality meats and, as a result, has seen restaurant operating margins hit 25.9%.”http://netimpactmills.com/2012/03/26/getting-back-to-the-start-chipotle-a-healthier-food-system-and-lokey-net-impact-food-justice-week/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMfSGt6rHos @missrogue
  49. sloth tricks best practices• make whatever video you want • create great content that is unique, that will ‘be on brand’ without compelling and entertaining or informative concern for the audience • optimize the first 15 seconds of your video + use great thumbnails• pay a bunch of money for views • consistently upload great, timely content + engage with your audience• show your boss that you have to adjust the content to their needs good ROI on your channel • interact with other vloggers + create relationships + cross content • build a strong, engaged + loyal• customer engagement/benefit/ audience over time. real results? Meh. As long as it • support the growth with advertising looks good on paper! to accelerate (not in lieu of work) @missrogue
  50. sloth tricks best practices• make whatever video you want • create great content that is unique, that will ‘be on brand’ without compelling and entertaining or informative concern for the audience • optimize the first 15 seconds ofN! I your eW video + use great thumbnails in• pay a bunch of money for views uin timely dw • consistently uploadn e great, fa ke ,g content + engage with your audience , erm erm• show your boss that you have gt to adjust the content to their needs rt t good ROI on your channel o lon • interact with other vloggers + create sh relationships + cross content • build a strong, engaged + loyal• customer engagement/benefit/ audience over time. real results? Meh. As long as it • support the growth with advertising looks good on paper! to accelerate (not in lieu of work) @missrogue
  51. don’t be sloth, be engaging, interesting and committed. @missrogue
  52. pride @missrogue
  53. PRIDEthe quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or ones importance @missrogue
  54. do you have control issues?(shhhh...it’s okay...you can admit it here.) @missrogue
  55. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGs4CjeJiJQ @missrogue
  56. chanel’s response? @missrogue
  57. but will it sell more perfume? @missrogue
  58. actually...it just might. @missrogue
  59. is chanel poking fun ofis chanel prideful? it’s own image?• internally they are freaking • they created the ad as a sort of a out...”The ad was supposed to smart parody of their own be deep and mysterious and image...going just far enough that people are making fun of it!” the public will wonder whether it’s for real • they released it to the internet• heads are rolling in Paris; Coco • they let magic happen is rolling over in her grave • they are currently drinking champagne and diamonds in• Choupette has put a hit out on celebration that their once stale that hamster brand is now on the top of everyone’s minds again...bring onAnd of their 5.5 million views, only 16% were the hamster parodies! paid....food for thought... @missrogue
  60. don’t be prideful, learn to laugh at your own ‘image’. @missrogue
  61. envy @missrogue
  62. ENVYa feeling of discontented or resentful longing arousedby someone elses possessions; fiercely protective or vigilant of ones rights or possessions. @missrogue
  63. the webpinterest youtube twitter“facebook is where people spend time sharing stories about the most important things in their lives.” @missrogue
  64. credit: more.com @missrogue
  65. in other words... the world doesn’t revolve around you. you occupy a small (but sometimes dear) space for her. in reality...you are the one obsessed with her. your world revolves around her. time to play it cool. @missrogue
  66. relationship advice from ‘Dating Without Drama’* thatyou can apply to winning your customer’s heart1. don’t be clingy, jealous, suspicious, 4. be yourself. if she rejects you, petty or possessive. If she’s into changing yourself for her won’t win you, she will keep coming back. her over. She’s a busy woman. 5. don’t focus on how to win her2. understand that no one person attention, focus on being you and brand can meet all of another fulfilling your own life. the more person’s needs. fun you are having, the more attractive you will be.3. be confident. know who you are. focus on your positive qualities. *http://www.datingwithoutdrama.com - great site. Paige Parker saved my life. @missrogue
  67. customers can and will be brand loyal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t ‘shop around’. @missrogue
  68. don’t be envious, be confident + open. @missrogue
  69. the saints @missrogue
  70. the saints1.empowerment2.inspiration3.empathy4.self-awareness5.trust @missrogue
  71. empowerment @missrogue
  72. !! nor u re ma nt l ve al d rm a o no lt al W c res NE e th i sta e th n ce crossing the the hero’s return the hero’s journey threshold s at pt + ge tra on + rma n ns ns le em io al fo at en ch t m [helpers, mentors, allies tio te and enemies come forth, n bringing support and challenges] death + rebirthcredit: Joseph Campbell @missrogue
  73. so...who is the hero here? @missrogue
  74. your customer (the hero) @missrogue
  75. you(the mentor) @missrogue
  76. don’t be(the enemy) @missrogue
  77. ! c t!! these stories help grow o duyour brand more than any dea pr l wit ingairbrushed model...as the word spreads about your ros h ew !? a n xt cemiracle solution, you can ace is th “I’ve spent thousands of ne sastart working on the other a try dollars over the years at ro skincare issues of your now loyal and loving on products that claim to wh re res customers! to help me, but they ... mo ed don’t...thanks, but no i ne sta thanks.” no u yo cen free trial!! orshe’s hooked! the hero’s journey trustworthy reviews g a in ce ttl skad t ro sa ba in o r ro ... is ec this is where you have at re time to celebrate! you are on ov the opportunity to improve th nsu helping real people with your product, help the th ery real issues. help her u customer with more than e ill celebrate! merely buying your st product - is there a whole Yell it from the rooftops! solution for her needs? Lifestyle changes? Other something products from other lines changes! that could enhance...? @missrogue
  78. rosacea, scarring, birthmarks and other skin conditions can be emotionally disabling for some people.dermablend did an amazing job being the gandalf to the customer’s hobbit in previously niche brandtelling a story that not only shows the power of dermablend, but the power of being comfortable in one’s own skin. the hero isn’t dermablend. rico and the 18M (combined) video views customers of dermablend are the heroes. Sales increased 230% http://gobeyondthecover.com/ cannes lion winner @missrogue
  79. What is that thing you can do to help make your customers’ lives simpler, less confusing, lessalienating, more efficient, more meaningful and just plain better? @missrogue
  80. empower your customers’ heroic journeys @missrogue
  81. inspiration @missrogue
  82. inspirational content is driven by ideas.great ideas are sharable. sharable ideas are touching, funny, surprising + have purpose. @missrogue
  83. idea: a twist on a familiar tale the guardian took a well-known fairy tale and put it into today’s context, showing how the guardian would explore the story from all sides and how the public would interact with it. zero advertising and 1.2M views. cannes lion winner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDGrfhJH1P4 @missrogue
  84. idea: laughter is good for the soul...and sales a low budget, but incredibly tongue-in-cheek funny and effective youtube video put an unknown razor blade subscription company on the map. $4,500 to make, 7.3M views and 20,000 sign-ups in 10 days to the unknown service. “Sales were thousands of percent higher after the video.” http://www.youtube.com/user/DollarShaveClub?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI @missrogue
  85. yet...so many brands create ads that look like theybelong on television...focusing on products and their benefits...not on connecting with the customer. this is a lost opportunity @missrogue
  86. http://tomfishburne.com/2012/07/our-mission.html @missrogue
  87. In the age of self-expression, branding becomes an evenmore important exercise. If you don’t know who YOU are,then how can you expect your customer to identify with you? @missrogue
  88. what does your brand stand for? who is your customer? who are you? @missrogue
  89. is the content you are creating being driven by ideas? or one of the deadly sins? @missrogue
  90. empathy @missrogue
  91. http://tomfishburne.com/2012/08/types-of-social-media-strategies.html @missrogue
  92. how to really really care about your customers• care starts at the top. with the ceo. if • provide employees with the tools and your ceo doesn’t put the customer at the freedom to go above and beyond for the center, nobody will. customer. don’t give them a script or limitations.• mix front-line employees (store staff, customer service, social media, etc) with • reward your employees for happy product/marketing/executive on a customers + great work. your employees regular basis. make a point of hearing are the direct link between you and your customer stories. customer. the more they are appreciated, the more they will transfer this to the• invite your customers to give feedback customer. and innovate with/for you. (more to come) • listen!!!! and contribute to the conversation. don’t just talk. here is an extreme example... @missrogue
  93. etsy ceo coordinates wedding after #sandywas etsy.com having #sandysales after the storm? nope. ceo chad dickerson was watching out on twitter for ways he could help his community! http://www.dailydot.com/news/same-sex-wedding-nyc-hurricane-internet/ @missrogue
  94. “(companies that care)...returned 750% over 10 years while the S&P overall provided a 128% return...over the last 5years, these same companies provided their investors 205% return, when the S&P lost 13%. And many of these companies are well known--Southwest Airlines, IKEA, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, The Container Store to name a few.” http://www.fastcompany.com/1700501/companies-who-care-outperform-all-others-%E2%80%93-why @missrogue
  95. (truly) caring is not only lovely, but it’s profitable. @missrogue
  96. self-awareness @missrogue
  97. everybody screws up. it’s how you handle it that makes the difference between #fail and #win @missrogue
  98. bodyform feminine products responds to FB post3.2 million views andgrowing...organically http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpy75q2DDow @missrogue
  99. more highly effective apologies... @missrogue
  100. not so effective...“It’s not a big deal. We don’t think it was offensive. We’re sorry if others thought it was…Was it a mistake? I don’t know. If so, we make mistakes at times. We chalk it up to experience...We weren’t out to offend anyone. Our heart is in the right place. It wasn’t that serious. We have to keep the machine alive. We’re not a company that has huge reserves. We have to keep things rolling. This is how we do it.” American Apparel CEO, Dov Charney in BusinessWeek @missrogue
  101. how to #FAIL how to #WIN* 1. ignore the criticism. hide. refuse 1. listen to how people really feel phonecalls. turn off twitter. and tv. 2. act FAST - same day...heck... 2. send out a press release. make within an hour or two is best. sure it’s full of legalese and pr spins. 3. don’t react with a press release. talk directly. humanly. 3. don’t say the words “I’m sorry” or take any responsibility. 4. actually say, “I’m sorry.” 4. dismiss anyone who was upset as 5. say how you are going to fix it being “not in the majority” or “overreactive” 6. watch your tone 5. whine about how you’ve been 7. use the platform that makes unfairly targeted and the internet sense (outcry on twitter? is full of trolls respond on twitter)*Tips from The Art of the Corporate Apology, by Kate Kiefer Lee on Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/katelee/2012/10/04/the-art-of-the-corporate-apology/ @missrogue
  102. turn crisis into opportunity by saying sorry...effectively @missrogue
  103. trust @missrogue
  104. “when creators cede control of the creative process to the community, great things happen.” TED Ads Worth Watching, 2012 @missrogue
  105. trina turk invited fansto create patterns for their fall collection! @missrogue
  106. customers are involved in buying,replenishing and even designing the products they carry!! 600% annual growth rate $20 million sales/year $45 million raised in VC @missrogue
  107. design the shoes!submit your nail designs! name the nailpolish! design the clothes! @missrogue
  108. submit your makeup design! @missrogue
  109. we are living in a DIY culture. involve fans in some of your planning + it’s sure to be a win! @missrogue
  110. the bottom line @missrogue
  111. the moral of the story is that it’s not about you. @missrogue
  112. the cost of sinning the saintly rewardsbig advertising costs and small advertising costs fickle customers and loyal customers @missrogue
  113. !! nor u re ma nt l ve al d rm a o no lt al W c res NE e th i sta e th n ce crossing thethe hero’s return the hero’s journey threshold s at pt + ge tra on + rma n ns ns le em io al fo at en ch t m [helpers, mentors, allies tio te and enemies come forth, n bringing support and challenges] death + rebirth @missrogue
  114. it’s her journey, but your role is just as important and your rewards are even greater in the end. @missrogue
  115. thank you!tara huntauthor, whuffie factor/founder,buyospheree. tara@buyosphere.comw. http://tarahunt.comw. http://buyosphere.comt. @missrogue