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Metrics are a (big fat) lie (Social Media Camp Panel)

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At the 10th anniversary Social Media Camp event, I led a panel with Fiona Birch, Mike Gingerich and Sean Moffitt, where we discussed how analytics can (and will) trip you up if you don't have your priorities in order. This deck only represents the "how they are a lie" part, not the solutions we discussed, but I thought it would still be pretty good to share.

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Metrics are a (big fat) lie (Social Media Camp Panel)

  1. LIE tara hunt - fionna birch - mike gingerich - sean moffitt #SMCamp April 26, 2019 AREA big fat METRICS
  2. Impressions + Reach are a lie:
  3. doesn’t matter [cause they are a lie]
  4. Engagement is a lie:
  5. Conversions are a lie: “While our research revealed that travellers do most of their trip planning and research online, one in three travellers still book offline...though one-third of all travellers’ research happened on mobile, only 13% actually booked on mobile.” Think with Google, 2017
  6. These lies are hurting all of us... The lies hurt: ● brands by focusing on short-term results and hurting their long-term growth ● marketers by making us confused and irrelevant ● ad platforms by creating an unrealistic expectation of performance ● customers by creating a bunch of ridiculous noise, making it even more difficult to find what we’re looking for
  7. So...what isn’t a lie? [introducing the panelists]
  8. Fiona Birch
  9. Mike Gingerich
  10. Sean Moffitt
  11. thank you. truly. Tara Hunt, CEO + Partner @missrogue www.trulyinc.com