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Media education in formal education

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A description of learning pathway to media skills in basic education i.e. grades 1-9

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Media education in formal education

  1. 1. Media education in formal education My Media Playground –seminar 14.-15.2.2013 Tampere PhD Minna Riikka Järvinen Kerhokeskus
  2. 2. SUHO ry
  4. 4. Critical thinking Cooperation Social interaction Abilities to gather, evaluate and control knowledge Competences to use technologySelf-consciousness, courage to participate
  5. 5. Creative and aesthetic skills Communication skillsCritical interpretation skills Safety skills
  6. 6. CRITICAL CREATIVE AND COMMUNICATION INTERPRETATION SAFETY SKILLS AESTHETIC SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS To make own stories to tell and The use of media with the1st & 2nd Identification and acting a the ability to understand the To separate fact from fiction support of an adult. To role with the help of media GRADE structure of the plotline. To Empathy and emotions and advertisements from handle difficult situations.(age 7-8) reflect own experiences and other content Knowledge of the age rating deliberated feelings to a character in a story of media content To understand different3rd & 4th To convey emotions with verbal, Knowledge of genres and points of view presented by Safe use of internet, visual and musical impulse. narrative means. To GRADE Media as a source of pleasure the media, and to verbally understand that media information security and to(age 9-10) keep ones side. Conversation guard ones privacy and joy contents are constructions skills Learning together and peer5th & 6th training. Knowledge of Knowledge of media To discern one’s own media To take others into GRADE freedom of speech and to discourses and structures. needs and to find one’s own consideration and to behave (age 11- understand the difference Ability to analyse and media taste politely on the internet 12) between the private and the manage information public sector7th & 8th Ethical reflection and to analyse To develop ones identity To understand that media GRADE messages. To mirror values and with the help of media. Role To question messages and laws are based on the (age 13- attitudes presented in the play and playing by relating analyse media stereotypes users rights and obligations 14) media to different experiences To relate media content to9th GRADE To express one’s personality and To participate in and former data structures. Diverse, legal and rule style and create different kinds (age 15- of media environments. influence on civic culture and Awareness of the contents’ abiding use of media 16) civic society commercial, political and content and services Knowledge of the copyright ideological aims To find self-expression and using To participate through Critical and cultural Safe, adequate and ones own voice interaction and own activity awareness contextual use of media