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MindTickle HiFli - Online social game for employee engagement

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HiFli creates fun and engagement – employees collaborate within teams and compete against one another across geographies (anytime/anywhere). Game like format and social features motivate employees to participate. Online format is logistically convenient (all operations can be managed by MindTickle). It is highly cost effective compared to traditional alternatives. MindTickle can create a customized demo and discuss pricing once we understand your requirements. Please get in touch! (info@mindtickle.com)

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MindTickle HiFli - Online social game for employee engagement

  1. 1. OverviewMake your Employees Break the Ice, Compete& Collaborate Contact: info@mindtickle.com +91 99203 49419 +1 973 400 1717
  2. 2. Why is Employee Engagement so Important?1. Employees are • Motivation of next gen employees requires new approaches (especially not motivated by for digital natives who grew up with in-classroom online social networks and games) and e-learning methods • Traditional methods do not provide metrics or traceability of ROI and impact2. Traditional team • Businesses are becoming more activities have geographically diverse become increasingly • Offline activities such as off-sites and team dinners are logistically infeasible and challenging and expensive ineffective 2
  3. 3. If you had the choice, what Gen Y prefer?Attend a employee engagement seminar OR play games with friends?Games have the power to engage and excite. What if this power could be harnessed and used for employee engagement? 3
  4. 4. Introducing HiFliA trivia based engaging online game that can be a regular employee engagementevent, a quiz competition across office locations or simply a Friday Fun event 80+% employees prefer HiFli to traditional offline team activities 4
  5. 5. FeaturesEngage employees across geographies, departments, or disciplinesusing MindTickle’s HiFli employee engagement platform Features :  Completely online cloud hosted model  Ice breaking and team building built into the game logic  Gamification – increases participation  Content can be kept generic or also have company updates/knowledge  Integraration with social networks creates virality & buzz 5
  6. 6. BenefitsFeatures BenefitsFor the User Social techniques Creates a social and collaborative learning environment Game mechanics Leaderboard, medals and badges engage the user Light weight learning Audio-visual engagement; Interactive quizzes/ test-to- teach enhances absorption and engagementFor the Organization Secure Hosted/SaaS Hosted on MindTickle’s secure cloud, no IT/deployment Easy Administration MindTickle can manage end to end operations – invitations, reminders or provide self-serve interface Content Absorption Educate employees about company related topics by incorporating relevant trivia in HiFli 6
  7. 7. How does it work?HiFli is a Saas* product and can be instantiated as a closed grouponline game exclusively for your team in a very short period of time Team can be a division, location/city or department – creates a sense of loyalty and healthy competition *Software-as-a-service 7
  8. 8. Success Stories More than 20K users have been engaged by MindTickle 1. Pre-join and post-joining new hire engagement for SAP Labs - Adoption/completion jumped up to 90% - The % of new hires that reported being excited about joining the company climbed up by 300% 2. Employee engagement for Vodafone’s 10K+ team – with 70% active participation across 23 locations in India 3. World’s leading retailer for new manager policy refreshers 4. MakeMyTrip uses MindTickle to deliver its new hire induction on iPads with consistent 100% engagement levels Increase Increase Reduce costs and Participation & Training time taken to Completion Rates Effectiveness deploy and update 8
  9. 9. Customer Testimonials “We worked with MindTickle on MindTickle has given InMobi a large leap ahead in gamifying SAP’s strategy and industry terms of our Induction process. We find the knowledge. The response and MindTickle team to be resourceful, attuned to our adoption of MindTickle employee needs and willing to constantly improve their engagement platform has been client’s experience. We are very happy to overwhelming !! It is rare to witness recommend them.- Head, HR, ImMobi 90% adoption of any learning product, but MindTickle has demonstrated that The content was relevant to our team and at SAP Labs India. We are very pleased international in scope. I loved the way you with the results, and look forward to customized it to our specific organization. That more of such opportunities.” made the game truly amazing - CLO, Yahoo! India MD, SAP LabsFew of our customers: 9