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UBC Vienna key points

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Key points of breakout presentation

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UBC Vienna key points

  1. 1. THEMATIC UNIVERSITY BUSINESS FORUM UNIVERSITIES. BUSINESSES. ALLIANCES FOR INNOVATION Vienna, February 25-26, 2016 Option 3.2. Working for society and regional innovation Attila Pausits, Head of the Centre for Educational Management and Higher Education Development, Donau-University Krems, Austria
  2. 2. Alliances. The new paradigm in economic development José Pietri, Knowledge Alliances 2015 MindShare Consulting (SHIP), France Joe English, Head of Enterprise, Local Enterprise Office Meath, Ireland An Erasmus+ project to that commenced in early 2015 Key objectives • develop university-business training and knowledge alliances • understand how alliances between universities and SME are built and function • develop an alliance master plan and tool kit Four different types of alliances: 1. Value-chain alliance i.e. user, academics and software industry together in an alliance (ES) > success! 2. International alliance (IRE) 3. Regional alliance (the quadruple helix) (DE) 4. National alliance (RO)
  3. 3. Alliances. The new paradigm in economic development Key questions • included why this course of action, who delivers it, which resources are needed, how will resources be secured, what are the targeted outcomes, and what is the timeframe needed? Success factors • Start interaction with establishing common ground e.g. ‘I like chocolate’ • Getting to know each other first (building trusted relationship) • Get beyond a wish-list • Start work with bite-sized actions i.e. not ‘fly to the moon’, but ‘get to the corner’ • Recognise paradigms and negotiate around them e.g. SMEs want it now, unis longer term • A vision of UBC that is like “conducting an orchestra”, each with their role