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SUPORT 2.0 Challenges SME - EN

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SUPORT 2.0 Challenges SME - EN

  1. 1. Agreeing Common Objectives• You need to give as well as take
  2. 2. Agreeing Common Objectives• Be clear on each other’s objectives – misconceptions are what destroy relationships
  3. 3. Agreeing Common Objectives• Aim for honesty and openness
  4. 4. Working with a big bureaucracy MLU
  5. 5. Understanding of Commercial Pressures•HEIs are primarily Government funded
  6. 6. Understanding of Commercial Pressures•Many staff are long-term if not lifetime employees•Fixed academic timetables
  7. 7. Understanding of Commercial Pressures•Most HEI staff have not experienced theconsequences of commercial failure
  8. 8. Timeframe• Important to clarify time and cost inputs and returns
  9. 9. Timeframe• Important to understand the HEI calendar• Build in a slippage margin• Typically a project can take 24 months from initial contact to completion
  10. 10. Costs• Collaboration with a HEI can help your business to achieve accelerated growth• Clarify costs and your needs early on
  11. 11. CostsEXERCISE: Identify the costs to your company of collaborating with a HEI?
  12. 12. Cost exercise - debrief• Opportunity cost?• Can you afford to be out of the loop – away from the market?
  13. 13. Cost exercise - debrief• Time – you cannot delegate this to a junior!
  14. 14. Cost exercise - debrief• Travel• Legal and other professional advice• Training
  15. 15. Cost exercise - debrief• Risk of failure
  16. 16. IPR• What is intellectual property? • Registered rights • Patents • Trademarks • Registered designs • Unregistered rights • Copyright • Know-how • Trade secrets • Unregistered designs
  17. 17. IPR• Be clear: • what it is you want to protect • what it is you want to achieve • what are you prepared to give?
  18. 18. IPR• Take advice!
  19. 19. IPR• Identify a sympathetic internal HEI contact