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Beginnings of a Change Maker by Violeta Imperial

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Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. I started as a Red cross volunteer, trained first aider and emergency medical technician. As team leader in the ambulance services, excitement with the whole team, rush our blood, every time there are calls for fire rescues.   Also as a Rescuer who specialized in water safety. I enjoyed the dynamics of water rescue, swimming 8hrs a day for 1month and for our final exam, 1 mile swim in the ocean. Sometimes dolphins will swim with us, sometimes community of jellyfish.   One of our rescue training is Mountain Search and Rescue or (MOSART). My first mountain climbing experience at Mt. Makiling in U.P. Los Banos. My first encounter with leeches or blood sucking creatures. We don’t have tents, we ate buddle way, and spend the night with out sleeping bags. All these are nothing compare to the beauty of the wild flowers, twit of the birds, glorious sunrise at the summit.  
  2. I started to love nature and started my passion in mountain climbing.
  3. The Red cross assigned me to a Nature Camp called Conserving for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc as Safety officer. Thou I am not a paying camper they asked me to join in the different activities, such as group dynamics, structure learning exercises, environment education talks, team buildings, project workshops facilitated by Miriam PEACE of Miriam College. Unconsciously I got indoctrinated the whole summer in different camps and National Parks. This led to awakening my passion for the environment.     Eventually, CFTFI or Conserving for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc hired me as Finance officer, then Admin officer , it was a magnificent experience. I learned about facilitating group dynamics, giving the synthesis and facilitated project workshops for the participants. But like other NGOs who are is depended on grants, CFTFI died of funds shortage.  
  4. I kept in touched with Miriam PEACE in Miriam College, who keep me in touch with present environment situations. I supported all the seminars conducted my Environment Studies Institute the new name of Miriam PEACE and Dr. Donna Paz Reyes, the Executive Director became my Mentor. Another mentor is Sir Caloy Libosada, just in case your community need Responsible Tourism Development get him.
  5. My passion towards conservation of the environment fuelled me to continue what I love doing.   I used my love for nature and with the supports of dynamic resource speakers, to organized a day nature trip. All at Actual cost and a P 150 registration fee.   At that time I used as My marketing tools, the telephone, Buy and Sell magazine, and I snail mailed different news paper about the event. My passion was the driving force in my marketing.
  6. I Met new travel friends who became my close friends. And close friends started to recommend what I am doing for their family and their friends. Organizing nature trips with local nature guides or experts.   My New Travel friends, who become close friends recommended me to family and their friends, who in turn recommended me to their companies and corporation.   And these companies and corporation required official receipt. That is the start of Nature Awareness and Conservation Club, Inc.
  7.   These same travel friends, who become my close friend who recommend me to their families and friends, who recommended me to their companies and corporation are now my Board of Directors in Nature Awareness and Conservation Club, Inc.   We started day hikes together and open the invitation to other travellers, then overnights. Then long trips with mini group dynamics, talks from local tribe elders about conservation of their natural resources, a group sharing every night, etc. Environment Education using nature, beach, mountains, waterfalls, national parks as classrooms is classic.  
  8. From Day hikes to adventure mountain climbing, we started to try different adventures like scuba diving water rafting, river tubing, wake boarding, surfing, caving, kayaking etc. These extreme adventures with high risk of loosing our lives make us love each other more, protect each other more, strengthened our friendships. Makes life more fun.
  9. Then we included the tree plantings during the trips, adopting baby turtles to be released to the sea, endorsing reef check, coastal clean ups. Respect Creation. All activities are coordinated with local communities or peoples organization, because they are the direct beneficiaries of the things we love to do.
  10. Then book drive, medical mission, meal with tribal communities, and consult the local communities what else they need, that we from corporate world can give as Outreach program. Respect Communities.
  11. Unconsciously, we are also grassrooting while we travel, learning about different cultures in the Philippines. Treasure the best way they practice conservation in their own cultures. Participate in the community rituals. Patronizing the local produce to support the livelihood.
  12. My dream before was, for all the company and corporate outing, include an outreach program in their activities. Now that the dream is real we call it Corporate Social Responsibilities.   My dream also includes for Business Entrepreneurs, to make their business more environment friendly, social friendly and culture friendly. Now we call it Social Entrepreneurship.   Now Nature Awareness and Conservation Club, Inc is provides Corporate Social Responsibilities thru Responsible Tours   Respecting the Creation Respecting the Community Respecting the local Culture
  13. We also share our blessing by conducting seminars on how to run a home based travel business selling Responsible Tours. So much blessing received so much we can give, the demand is big, but the providers are very few.
  14. Active servant leader of Light of Jesus Family Feast Alabang as Team Head for Social Networking Site of Media Ministry and Caregroup Head under Descipleship Pilar
  15. Tell Maitum Tree Planting