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Proposal - Carterton has New Zealand's Most Colourful Street

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Carterton NZ has no unique geographical features or buildings or monuments. Thriving provincial towns have a unique point of difference. Creating the most colourful street in New Zealand as an interactive, educative experience is a low-cost, high-impact way of attracting visitors and consequently more business.

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Proposal - Carterton has New Zealand's Most Colourful Street

  1. 1. What if Carterton had a unique attraction?
  2. 2. David Engwicht - 2014 “Carterton is tidy town with Holloway St being the best example” This was NOT a compliment.
  3. 3. Welcome to CARTERTON New Zealand’s longest speed bump Welcome to CARTERTON Nothing to see here, move on Welcome to CARTERTON Pretty much like any other town
  4. 4. OR Home of “NZ’s most colourful street”
  5. 5. Is it the most cost effective way to get people to stop? • It is big, it is bold, it is brave. • It has to be all or nothing – there is no point in trying to market ourselves as having a slightly colourful street. • Appropriate treatment – Outside private residences, heritage buildings and the Event Centre we propose softer heritage colours
  6. 6. Does it work?
  7. 7. All of these landmarks had significant opposition.
  8. 8. The Vision •Create New Zealand’s most colourful street. • Key elements: –National impact –Has to be the “most” –It is unique –It is first
  9. 9. The Constraint: You can’t have all three Traditionally Elegant Low Cost Impactful
  10. 10. The Constraint: You can’t have all three Low Cost Impactful Traditionally Elegant
  11. 11. The Constraint: You can’t have all three Low Cost Impactful Traditionally Elegant
  12. 12. The Constraint: You can’t have all three Low Cost Impactful Traditionally Elegant
  13. 13. Benefits to Carterton • Unique landmark that brings tourists • The visitor spending dollar • Makes Carterton memorable • Engenders civic pride • Opens up new possibilities
  14. 14. Gaining Carterton’s Identity • Some comments from people in the survey* conducted by Resilient Carterton: – Need to become a destination not somewhere you drive through – Not Greytown! Identifying and developing own unique identity – to generate income for the businesses without compromising the charm of living here and the need to compete with the clearly other attributes of other towns in the Wairarapa – Thinking big – Having a strong identity – Make Carterton the economic centre for the Wairarapa, for events and for business – Make it into a thriving craft market town. Point of difference. – Have a square that shops and cafes surround to encourage people to gather in the square to meet and do activities – A reason to stop * http://resilientcarterton.nz/images/friendly-carterton/Friendly-Carterton---Report---Carterton-Community-Pulse-Survey-v1.1.pdf
  15. 15. Self-promoting Known “must see” destination Stop & visit Photogenic – take photos Post on social media Food/drink Accommodation Shopping
  16. 16. Benefits to People • Accessible • Free • Family oriented • Interactive • Educational • Cultural – bilingual poetry • History timelines
  17. 17. Does “New Zealand’s Most Colourful Street” align with Carterton’s Town Centre Revitalisation Framework?
  18. 18. Carterton Town Centre Revitalisation Framework – page 04 Objectives Increase the vitality and attractiveness of the town centre  Enhance the sense of entry to the town centre  Enhance Carterton’s role as the centre of the Wairarapa  Develop opportunities that attract people to stop and shop  Improve pedestrian accessibility and safety  Enhance and promote the arts in Carterton 
  19. 19. It’s bold, its brave, it’s daring, it’s big bang for little buck It’s about the value to Carterton NOT your personal aesthetic