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Sales Prospecting 101 - Module 5: Objections

Sales Prospecting 101 is a training program that helps a sales person to improve everything they do while prospecting. Working hard alone will not lead to great results. It is more important to work smart and this program gives you the small changes that you can make that lead to big results.

This is the Objections module and it focuses on helping you with getting around objections that you will face while prospecting.

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Sales Prospecting 101 - Module 5: Objections

  1. 1. Dealing with Objections Sales Training Michael Halper
  2. 2. What are Objections • A prospect’s best weapon – Mini stop signs – Used to take control of the call and take it in a direction of their choosing • Common Objections: – I am busy right now. – Who are you with? – What is this in regards to? – I am not interested. – Just send me some information. – We already use somebody. – We are not looking to make a change right now. – We do not have budget/money to spend.
  3. 3. Why this Step is Critical • Bad news: – Face on just about every cold call • Good news: – There are only around 10 objections that we will consistently face – By simply preparing for those, we can see an immediate improvement in performance – Improve mental fortitude
  4. 4. Objections Handling Options 1. Comply 1. Overcome 1. Redirect
  5. 5. Comply • To give in to the objection • Example: Prospect: “I am not interested” Caller: “OK, have a nice day.” • Weakest response - only use as a last resort • At some point, we have to comply • Rule of thumb: Comply after two to three other attempts
  6. 6. Overcome • To defuse the objection • Example: Prospect: “I am not interested” Caller: “OK, but we also have the auto tuning feature and are the global leader doing this for 30 years.” • Downside to trying to overcome: – Very challenging to change someone’s mind – Can be time consuming – Can give life to the objection • Tactics: (not recommended during cold calling) – Isolate, then get to the root – Feel, felt, found
  7. 7. There are 27 minutes and 15 slides remaining in this training module.
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  9. 9. • Sales Messaging Workshop • How to Communicate Value to Build Interest • How to Use Prospect Pain to Generate Leads • Focusing on the Ideal Prospect • How to Effectively Qualify Prospects • How to Deal with Prospect Objections • How to Get Around the Gatekeeper • Building Rapport, Interest, and Credibility • Lead GenerationTools and Processes • Improving Your Ability to Connect with Prospects • Improving Your Mental Strength and Frame of Mind • How to Effectively Manage Sales Cycles • How to Manage Prospect Meetings • How to Get Prospects to Say “Yes” by Disqualifying Them • Improving Your Close Rate • How to Build Email Drip Campaigns Here are the modules that you will have access to with your Scripter Pro subscription:
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