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TabSite Webinar with Mari Smith - Sept 1, 2011

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How to Create a Stampede of Customers via Facebook. Tips on maximizing your Facebook presence, using a Place Page and Facebook Deals to engage and attract your audience.

Hosted by TabSite, the Easy, Powerful, and Social Fan Page Platform and presentation by author and speaker Mari Smith.

Mari is a internationally known social media leader, Facebook guru, and Relationship Marketing expert.

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TabSite Webinar with Mari Smith - Sept 1, 2011

  1. 1. Webinar: Sept 1, 2011 Facebook Marketing: How to Create a Stampede of Local Customers Special Guest:  Mari Smith With Troy Rumfelt And Mike Gingerich Tweet Live with this  Hashtag:  #TabSiteTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite Facebook.com/TabSite www.TabSite.com
  2. 2. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Sept 1, 2011 Facebook Marketing: How to Create a Stampede of Local Customers Agenda: • Intro & Updates • Facebook Changes • Create a Stampede! • Live Fan Page Review • Q & ATwitter Hashtag: #TabSite Facebook.com/TabSite www.TabSite.com
  3. 3. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Sept 1, 2011 Facebook Marketing: How to Create a Stampede of Local Customers 60 Minutes from  Now you will: • Know the latest Facebook changes • Have a Plan for your fan page • Understand Social / Deal Features • Be Pumped to try New Learnings! REMINDER: 1 Attendee will be drawn to win a Free for Life TabSite Gold Plan! 1 Attendee will win Mari’s new Relationship Marketing book!Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite Facebook.com/TabSite www.TabSite.com
  4. 4. Webinar: Sept 1, 2011 Facebook Marketing: How to Create a Stampede of Local Customers Video and Slides Available  later Today We’ll post links at: www.Facebook.com/TabSiteTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite Facebook.com/TabSite www.TabSite.com
  5. 5. Webinar: July 27, 2011 TabSite Latest Updates!• New reveal tab fan‐gating tool:  Like‐Gate• Facebook Send Plug‐in integration• MicroSites for all TabSite users• Enhanced Google Map Widget Coming• And more!Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite Facebook.com/TabSite www.TabSite.com
  6. 6. Webinar: July 27,2011 Sept 1, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite Facebook.com/TabSite www.TabSite.com
  7. 7. Webinar: Sept 1, 2011 Special Guest:  Mari Smith With Troy Rumfelt And Mike Gingerich Tweet Live with this  Hashtag:  #TabSiteTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite Facebook.com/TabSite www.TabSite.com
  8. 8. presents Page 1 1
  9. 9.   Bubbly Scottish-Canadian!  Relationship + Internet = Social Media!  “The Pied Piper of Facebook” Page 2 2
  10. 10. Review of Facebook Changes  Check-ins nixed  Profile publisher:   Location, Tag Friends, Easier Privacy   No Link or Video button  Privacy:   Public = Everyone  Edit on the fly  Edit past posts  Approve tags.  @ Tag any page Page 3 3
  11. 11.   Over 736 MILLION active members  Half log on daily  Average session time = 55 minutes! Page 4 4
  12. 12. Facebook Mobile  250M+ active users access Facebook via mobile  Twice as active!  Embrace Places and Deals Page 5 5
  13. 13.   To help the world connect & communicate more effectively… Page 6 6
  14. 14. “For the first timeEVER, businesses willNOT be able to catchup with just money…because they don’thave the emotionalinvestment. It takestime to build uprelationships.” Page 7 7
  15. 15. Entice NEW customers + reward EXISTING customers = INCREASE in business! Page 8 8
  16. 16. Got a Local Business?  First check to see if you already have a Place Page   Place Pages are created automatically when a customer checks in. OR when you set up a Local Business Page.  If not, by adding your physical address to your Fan Page, it morphs into a Place Page  Then, you may need to merge duplicate Place Pages and/or Fan Pages. Page 9 9
  17. 17. Place Page - unclaimed Page 10 10
  18. 18. Place Page - claimed www.facebook.com/ironhorsevineyards Page 11 11
  19. 19. Place Page - Changes  Check-ins are now “were here”  Editable fields  Recommendations  Also on:   Gowalla   Yelp   Foursquare  Parent/child Place Pages for Franchises or multiple location businesses Page 12 12
  20. 20. Place Page vs. Fan Page?  Primary differences:   Info tab has a Bing map   Friend Activity tab (for check-ins)   Deals Page 13 13
  21. 21. Deals tab  Viral promotion of your Deals *inside* Facebook!  Comments  Share Page 14 14
  22. 22. Showcase Foursquare too!http://apps.facebook.com/placewidget/ Page 15 15
  23. 23. Check-in Deals Page 16 16
  24. 24. Example Check-in Deals  Gap: free pair of blue jeans to the first 10,000 to check in on a certain day  The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas: room upgrade or a free weekend night  JC Penney: $10 off any $50 purchase  McDonald’s: donated $1 per customer to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Page 17 17
  25. 25. How Users Claim Deals  On Facebook mobile, add your location > then look for yellow or green deals tickets.  Deals go in the News Feed! Image source: facebook.com Page 18 18
  26. 26. How To Set Up Your Deals  Go to your claimed Facebook Place Page   Click the Edit Page button   Click Deals in the left menu   Choose from one of the 4 types of Deals you wish to offer (only one type at a time).  See also: http://www.facebook.com/deals/checkin   Click the “For Business Owners” tab for info. Page 19 19
  27. 27. Tips for Check-In Deals  KISS – Keep It Short & Simple!  Example titles:   20% off any purchase over $10   Buy one, get one free.   Check in with 3 friends and get 30% off any entrée  Example claiming language:   Present claimed deal to waiter   Show your phone screen to the cashier Page 20 20
  28. 28. Promoting your Deals: ONLINE  Facebook Page  Facebook ads  Twitter  Email broadcasts  Email signature file  Blog posts and banners  Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp   foursquare.com/business   gowalla.com/business   yelp.com/business Page 21 21
  29. 29.   FIRST build tons of value, social equity  Space out your offers  Clear CTAs  Make it really easy for people to buy from you! Page 22 22
  30. 30. Run promotions  On Facebook: must use a 3rd-party app   See strutta.com, wildfireapp.com, votigo.com, offerpop.com and more… or your own iFrame app  On site: Photo contest   Photos taken on-site/in-store then load to Facebook  On site: Ideas/suggestions contest   Submit new recipe, design, flavor, tip for improvement, etc. Page 23 23
  31. 31. Promoting your Deals: OFFLINE  Retail store? Window signage  Café? Sandwich board  Bookstore? Bookmarks  Restaurant? Menus  Live events   meetup.com, in-store reception Page 24 24
  32. 32. Domino’s Pizza  Promotes customers on pizza boxes  Photo op  See: http://bit.ly/dominos_sm Page 25 25
  33. 33. Granata Pet Food  Check in and dispenser produces a sample for your dog! Source: Neworld Blog Page 26 26
  34. 34. Education is key  EDUCATE yourself + all staff on Facebook, Check-ins, Deals and the power of location- based marketing   See: http://bit.ly/fb_dealsguide  Staff should be able to introduce Deals and answer any questions about redemption, availability, etc.   …you can save an extra 20% when you check in!   …you and up to 8 friends can get this special Deal ___   …next time you visit us & check in, you’ll get ___ Page 27 27
  35. 35. Treat your mobile-savvy customers likeROYALTY!!  They are the early adopters  They have friends on Facebook and Foursquare and other platforms  “Word of mouth on steroids”  Acknowledge & recognize when they come into your store  Give special (additional) bonuses  Get photos for Facebook! Page 28 28
  36. 36. Page 29 29
  37. 37. Facebook Page critiques!! Page 30 30
  38. 38. PRIZE DRAWING! Page 31 31
  39. 39. Got questions? Join Mari on Facebook: www.facebook.com/marismith Tweet Mari: @marismith Subscribe to Mari’s blog: www.marismith.com Page 32 32
  40. 40. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Video and Slides Available  later Today  Upcoming Webinar: Tues. Oct. 4 www.TabSite.com/webinarTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite Facebook.com/TabSite www.TabSite.com