Community Collaboration in Gigabit Playbook Visioning - The Brainzooming Group, Gigabit City Summit

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7. Jan 2015

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Community Collaboration in Gigabit Playbook Visioning - The Brainzooming Group, Gigabit City Summit

  1. Brainzooming™ 1#GigabitCitySummit Brainzooming™ The Community Role in Playbook Visioning Mike Brown The Brainzooming Group January 2015 ™
  2. Brainzooming™ 2#GigabitCitySummit
  3. Brainzooming™ 3#GigabitCitySummit Today’s Presenters Aaron Deacon @aarondeacon KC Digital Drive Mike Brown @brainzooming The Brainzooming Group
  4. Brainzooming™ 4#GigabitCitySummit The Brainzooming  Group • We help smart  organizations improve their  success by rapidly  expanding their strategic  options and creating  innovative, efficient‐to‐ implement plans. Our Process Is: – Adaptable – Multi‐disciplinary – Refined through hundreds of engagements – Growing daily ™
  5. Brainzooming™ 5#GigabitCitySummit “We produce strategic  conversations.”
  6. Brainzooming™ 6#GigabitCitySummit What We’ll Cover • The Benefits of a Different Way of  Creating Community Participation • Your Gigabit City Summit  Workshop on Playbook Visioning • Getting Ready
  7. Brainzooming™ 7#GigabitCitySummit Benefits of a  Different Way of  Creating Community  Participation
  8. Brainzooming™ 8#GigabitCitySummit Sound Familiar? The Mayor said: “Public input and involvement are not only invaluable, they are absolutely essential to ensure this resource is a part of our economic growth now and well into the future.” The chairperson  pledged to have a  process that is open,  inclusive, and sound. But how?
  9. Brainzooming™ 9#GigabitCitySummit One‐to‐Many Task Force Holds Community Forums Makes sense when . . .  • One person has a more informed or  important perspective than all others • Many people need to hear the same  message • No expectation of attendees introducing  new and different perspectives • Presenter time is limited • Want to readily capture a single  message
  10. Brainzooming™ 10#GigabitCitySummit Challenges for a Task Force and Community Forums Typical Task Force Challenges A select committee participates and  struggles to include diverse perspectives Community meetings with one individual  providing input at any one time Difficult to quantify/describe public  participation Protracted meetings and time (perhaps  months) to deliver a report Challenges in getting positive attention Public interest turning to frustration
  11. Brainzooming™ 11#GigabitCitySummit A Similar Situation with Google Fiber An official said: “Google Fiber doesn’t come with an instruction manual on how to use it. We’re looking to groups such as Social Media Club of Kansas City to lead the way in creating a vision for the future.”
  12. Brainzooming™ 12#GigabitCitySummit 45 Seconds Later
  13. Brainzooming™ 13#GigabitCitySummit One‐to‐Many Many Twos and Threes Our Strategy for Visioning
  14. Brainzooming™ 14#GigabitCitySummit The Brainzooming Group strategy for  “Building the Gigabit City” • Create a multiple phase approach to address the opportunity and issues faced by SMCKC. • Design the process around community and global input on the issues • Identify invited participants to ensure both collective diversity and interest/knowledge base within  small brainstorming groups • Leave the door open to other participants (even contrarians and opponents) who self‐identify • Design and facilitate an interactive brainstorming session with 90+ participants focused on seven  targeted topics. • Deliver a comprehensive 120‐page report within 5 weeks as input for Mayors’ Bi‐State Innovation  Team. Downloaded by people in 35+ states, 30+ countries.
  15. Brainzooming™ 15#GigabitCitySummit Mayors’ Bistate Innovations Team  Development of the Playbook • Acknowledges the need for "official" leadership combined with community energy • Builds on organic, grassroots community input • Community‐focused leadership rather than technology expertise • Engage diverse constituents and work with existing community initiatives; reflect the energy of  your city • Allow time for critical stakeholder input, while maintaining a nimble planning process • Don't wait until the planning is finished to start the work
  16. Brainzooming™ 16#GigabitCitySummit Available as Free Download: Available as Free Download:
  17. Brainzooming™ 17#GigabitCitySummit Collaborative Community Visioning Is Different Typical Task Force Challenges Collaborative Community Visioning A select  committee participates and  struggles to include diverse perspectives Open source input through multiple  stages Community meetings with one individual  providing input at any one time Large‐scale event with many people able  to provide input simultaneously Difficult to quantify/describe public  participation Quantifiable and descriptive participant  profile Protracted meetings and time (perhaps  months) to deliver a report Dramatically less time from input to  comprehensive report out Challenges in getting positive attention An event‐based process generating  strong, positive‐media attention Public interest turning to frustration Vibrant, positive public interest in the  ideation event, the report release event,  and afterward through report downloads  & references
  18. Brainzooming™ 18#GigabitCitySummit Why the Collaborative Process Is More Effective • Gains efficiency by allowing multiple people to contribute  and collaborate simultaneously • Uses multiple inputs ‐ both in‐person and online • Provides structured input opportunities (vs. only a “blank  sheet of paper” approach) • Gives visibility to the discussion throughout the process  • Promotes additive input • Offers participants a range of concrete methods to  contribute from which they can choose the one(s) that best  fit their timing and inclination • Applies an event production orientation to the venue,  atmosphere, and ambiance
  19. Brainzooming™ 19#GigabitCitySummit What We’ll Teach at  the Tuesday  Gigabit City Summit  Workshop
  20. Brainzooming™ 20#GigabitCitySummit
  21. Brainzooming™ 21#GigabitCitySummit Three‐Phased Community Visioning Strategy Articulating  the Initial  Direction Cultivating  Broad  Engagement Creating a Shared  Playbook  Vision  Inventorying Big Vision  Statements in the  Community  Devising the Best Path  to Strategic Change  Identifying Diverse  Participants  Building Your Peer  Network  Checking Your  Readiness for Seeking  Large‐Scale Input  Surveying Community  Members for Input  Soliciting Community  Expectations and  Objectives  Understanding Critical  Success Factors  Seeking Input on Focus  Areas  Documenting  Crowdsourced Concepts
  22. Brainzooming™ 22#GigabitCitySummit Inventorying Big Vision Statements • What is the  community already  saving about the  future? • Synthesizing input into  a collective starting  point
  23. Brainzooming™ 23#GigabitCitySummit The Best Path to Strategic Change • Depending on the  current situation  and the extent of  the push for  change, the change  management  approach differs
  24. Brainzooming™ 24#GigabitCitySummit Cultivating Broad Engagement Articulating  the Initial  Direction Cultivating  Broad  Engagement Creating a Shared  Playbook  Vision
  25. Brainzooming™ 25#GigabitCitySummit Identifying Diverse Participants • Anchor Institutions • Varied Voices – Three Experience  Groups – Three Types of  Community Voices
  26. Brainzooming™ 26#GigabitCitySummit Building Your Peer Network • Who are the “lead users” among Gigabit City  Summit attendees? • Who can point you to lead users not in  attendance?
  27. Brainzooming™ 27#GigabitCitySummit Readiness for Large Scale Input • Attitude toward  collaboration • Ways to make the  experience  productive • Efficient strategies  to capture and  report the input
  28. Brainzooming™ 28#GigabitCitySummit Creating a Shared Playbook Vision Articulating  the Initial  Direction Cultivating  Broad  Engagement Creating a Shared  Playbook  Vision
  29. Brainzooming™ 29#GigabitCitySummit Efficiently Gathering Input • Using differing  formats  provides more  productive  experiences and  a more time‐ efficient  process. Format In PersonRemote Individual Small Group Large Group Collaboration One‐on‐One  Interviews Online  Surveys Phone  Interviews Online Collaboration  Platform Sessions Interactive  Visioneering  Sessions Small Group  Sessions
  30. Brainzooming™ 30#GigabitCitySummit “ . . . by pitting multiple scenarios  of the future against one  another and leaving many  different doors open,  you can prepare yourself for a  future that is inherently  unpredictable.  Brainstorming pays off.  And the more possibilities you  can entertain, the less likely  you are to be blindsided.” ‐ Peter Coy and Neil Gross 7
  31. Brainzooming™ 31#GigabitCitySummit Surveying Community Members • Broadest input  opportunity, typically • Input on  opportunities and  challenges in a  community segment • Pre‐existing ideas  and thinking
  32. Brainzooming™ 32#GigabitCitySummit Soliciting Community Expectations • Multiple ways to capture input • Thinking and hopes on impacts • Identifying other participants
  33. Brainzooming™ 33#GigabitCitySummit Understanding Critical Success Factors • Perceptions on  make or break  issues • Ways to shape  strategy  development
  34. Brainzooming™ 34#GigabitCitySummit Seeking Input on Focus Areas • Where value is  being delivered now  through community  services • Ideas to trade‐off  priorities to  enhance overall  community benefit
  35. Brainzooming™ 35#GigabitCitySummit Documenting Concepts • Bringing together all  the thinking into  concepts • Provide  opportunities for  even broader  community  reactions
  36. Brainzooming™ 36#GigabitCitySummit Varied Paths through “Open Sourcing” • Share results • Ask for more information • Combine ideas and concepts • Diversify concepts • Simplify ideas • Enrich concepts • Dissect and narrow them • Brainstorm more • Support strong ideas with resources • Solve ways to accomplish it • Ignore the ideas and start over
  37. Brainzooming™ 37#GigabitCitySummit Getting Ready
  38. Brainzooming™ 38#GigabitCitySummit Available as Free Download: Available as Free Download:Available as Free Download:
  39. Brainzooming™ 39#GigabitCitySummit Questions to Consider Upfront • What organizations in our community are  articulating visions for the future? • Who is involved in our initiative right now? • If we’re not very collaborative typically in  developing community visions and strategies,  what has slowed collaboration? • What don’t we know that we’d like to gain input  on to shape a community playbook vision?
  40. Brainzooming™ 40#GigabitCitySummit Gigabit City Summit Opportunities • Tuesday afternoon workshop • Interaction / collaboration among your  delegation • Networking with the other delegations and  experts at the Gigabit City Summit • Thursday – individual city / metro discussions • Post‐Gigabit City Summit webinar planned
  41. Brainzooming™ 41#GigabitCitySummit Today’s Blog at
  42. Brainzooming™ 42#GigabitCitySummit Free Outside‐In Innovation Tools at:
  43. Brainzooming™ 43#GigabitCitySummit We help make smart organizations  more successful by rapidly: • Expanding their strategic options • Creating innovative plans they can efficiently implement More info on the approach:
  44. Brainzooming™ 44#GigabitCitySummit
  45. Brainzooming™ 45#GigabitCitySummit Thank you for participating today, and  we’ll see you next week!