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Workshopsetup slides

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A few short briefing slides on the higher brain and primitive brain and how to introduce a positive mindset to your meetings or workshops

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Workshopsetup slides

  1. 1. Sysparatem Introductory Framing Positive Mindset Mike Parker Copyright 2015 Sysparatem
  2. 2. 19/06/15Copyright Sysparatem 2015 • Since the mid 90’s it has been possible to MRI & PET scan the brain in action • This has led to some remarkable discoveries relevant to us today • The bit we know as the ‘conscious’ bit is very small and tightly focused • The neocortex is HUGE by comparison • The Amygdala, Hippocampus and Thalamus make up the limbic or primitive brain Sysparatem A Snippet of Neuroscience
  3. 3. 19/06/15Copyright Sysparatem 2015 • This man is operating under the control of his limbic brain • He is manufacturing adrenaline, cortisol and other ‘fight’ hormones • His decision making capabilities have just plummeted • Whatever situation he is reacting too unless it is a physical attack he is just about to make it far worse Sysparatem Mr Angry
  4. 4. 19/06/15Copyright Sysparatem 2015 • This man’s school reports said “appears to be constantly daydreaming” • Daydreaming is a REM state and can use many times as much energy as doing a maths exam • These states access the HUGE cortex, our main solution and planning engine • Superfast parallel processing producing ‘hunch’, ‘insight’, intuition. • Great solution development results in serotonin production Sysparatem Mr Genius
  5. 5. 19/06/15Copyright Sysparatem 2015 • This man is depressed, in the grip of a feedback loop in the limbic brain • His decisions won’t have any quality because he isn’t making any • He isn’t making many chemicals at all notably NIL serotonin • This is thought to be a primitive pattern from “too snowy and dismal to hunt” days – pull the buffalo hide over the head • H Sysparatem Mr Miserable
  6. 6. 19/06/15Copyright Sysparatem 2015 • This man has just had a solution to a whole series of problems fall into place, has hugely helped a colleague and just been paid • Decision making capabilities will be most far sighted, more options will be considered in a shorter time • He is manufacturing ample serotonin and thoroughly enjoying meeting challenges with family and colleagues Sysparatem Mr Happy
  7. 7. 19/06/15Copyright Sysparatem 2015 • Daydreaming a bit is therefore definitely encouraged • Humour is absolutely encouraged irony yes sarcasm no • Firework moments where you suddenly see a whole lot of inter- relationships (issues or solutions) is great • No idea or subject is off the table Sysparatem _________ Workshop