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1 learning technology tools presentation

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Marisela Ferrer. Sample. Learning Technologies for the Classroom Course. Third Cohort. October- December. 2011

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1 learning technology tools presentation

  2. 2. Portable Media Players
  3. 3. Lesson PlanPodcast – Luxury in VenezuelaObjective:Students will produce a podcast promoting a touristic place in Venezuela to a group of people from another English speaking country.
  4. 4. Grammar: descriptive adjectives, present tense.Pre-teaching (before listening) Activate schema by showing a video about different famous touristic places around the world to later engage in a socialize discussion; describing, giving opinions, comparing and asking questions about these places.Teaching (while listening) Have students listen to some podcasts about some landmarks around the world. Ask them to take notes as they listen to it; paying attention to the adjectives used to describe the places and to the intonation they use when describing them. Students will write a podcast following the examples they heard about Venezuela.After Listening: Students will create their own digital audio file using podomatic or Audacity and post it on their blogs. The teacher will facilitate some e-mail addresses of some people who live in the United States (friends of mine) and